Looking for Wholesale Prices for Legrand Products?


Looking for Wholesale Prices for Legrand Products?

Legrand Price List PDF 2024

Download Legrand Price List PDF

These Legrand Price Lists contains :

  • Power Switchgear – DMX3 Air Circuit Breakers, DRX & DPX MCCBs & Accessories, Multi function Meters, Digital Meters, Contactors, Thermal Relays, Modular Power Contactors, and Heavy Duty Capacitors.
  • Protection, Controlling, Signalling, and Metering Products – DX3 MCBs, DX3 Isolator Switches, DX3 RCCBs, Dx3 RCBOs, DX3 Time Switches & Contactors, DX3 RCDs, SPDs, Automatic Changeover with Current Limiters (ACCLs), DX3 Changeover Switches, Push Buttons & indicators, Lexic Dimmers & Power Contactors, Lexic Time Delay Relay and Time Lag Switches.
  • Distribution Boards (Distribution Boxes) – Ekinox ETPN ETPN DBs, Ekinox TPN DB, EKinox VTPN DB, Ekinox TPN DB – Phase Selector, Ekinox P17 Tempra Industrial Plug and Socket DB, EKinox Metra Plug & Socket DBs, Metal Enclosures, Cable End Boxes, Meter Boxes, PPT Kits and Accessories.
  • Legrand Modular Switchboard and Wiring Accessories – Modular Switches and Sockets, Switchboards, Bell Push Buttons, Regulators and Wirings accessories of Arteor Modular Switchboard Series, Myrius Modular Switchboard Series, Mylinc Modular Switchboard Series, Lyncus Modular Switchboard Series, Britzy Modular Switchboard Series
  • Cable Management System and Accessories – Raceways & junction boxes for screed floors PVC, Metal and Accessories, Pop Up Flush Mounting Boxes, DLP PVC Trunking, System Trunking, and Trunking Accessories
  • VDI Structured Cabling – Cat 8 Patch Panels, Cat 8 cables and chords, Audio Video Patch Panel Chords and Cables, Cat 6 and Cat5e Cables and Chords.
  • Movement Detectors and Door Phones – Movement Detectors and Video Door Entry System.
  • Tempra Pro, Hypra and Industrial Plus & Sockets – IP66 and IP67 Tempra and Hypra Industrial Plugs and Sockets.

Legrand Electrical Products

Legrand Modular Switches & Sockets

Legrand Arteor Switches & Sockets (13)

Legrand Mylinc Switches & Sockets (20)

Legrand Myrius Switches & Sockets (15)

Legrand Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

85 - 394

Legrand Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

69 - 201

Download Legrand Retail Price List PDF

These Retail Legrand Price Lists contains:

  • Circuit Breakers – DRX MCCB, DX3 MCBs, DX3 Isolators, DX3 RCBOs, RX3 MCBs, RX3 Isolators, RX3 RCCBs, RX3 accessory.
  • Automatic changeover with current limiter (ACCL)
  • Distribution Boards (Distribution Boxes) – Ekinox SPN DB’s, Ekinox ETPN DB’s, Ekinox Flexy DB, Ekinox ETPN DB’s, Ekinox TPN DB-VTPN DB’s, Ekinox TPN DB-Phase selector DB’s, Ekinox TPN DB – 7 segment DB’s , Ekinox Metra plug & socket DB’s, Ekinox P-17 Tempra plug & socket DB’s, Ekinox Metal enclosures, Ekinox cable end box, Ekinox DBs metre box, Duo Boxx TPN DBs – ETPN DBs, Duo Boxx SPN DBs – flush mounting, Ekinox distribution boards.
  • Modular Switchboards, Switches, Sockets and Cover Plates –  Legrand Arteor, Myrius Nextgen, Mylinc, Lyncus, Britzy Modular Switchboard Series.
  • Cable Management System and Accessories – Legrand Arteor Pop Up Boxes, Pop-up type flush-mounting boxes, Power & data desk grommets, DLP-S PVC trunking and accessories, Floor boxes for carpet, Heavy duty in-screed floor box and Floor access unit.
  • Industrial Plugs & Sockets – Tempra Pro, Hypra Industrial Plugs & Sockets, P17 Tempra Pro- LV, Metra plugs and sockets, P17 Tempra – Flush Mounting Boxes.

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