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V-Guard Superio Flexible Copper Cable FR PVC Insulated

77313,714 incl. Tax

What are Domestic Cables and What are They Used for?

domestic wires

It contains wire carrying current along with neutral wire which completes the loop and ground wire. Therefore, a cable is described by the total number of wires of which it is built up and their gauge values as well. The basic use of cable is in the transmission of power, telecommunication signals, and also to carry electricity as well.

A wire cable is not a single conductor but it contains multiple conductors i.e. A cable contains a group of conductors. Cables are either twisted or bonded to form a single case. Concerning safety, measures are taken appropriately.

wire for home electrical

A cable is a fixed wire which is used to supply power to different circuits in the home, these circuits can be socket circuits or lighting. The more current a circuit will use, the thicker the wire will have to be, otherwise, there will be a possibility that wire may melt if a fuse of not correct amperage is used in order to protect the circuit. In electronics, wires are insulated with various layers.

home electrical wire


By covering the wire, electrical shocks while touching the external surface of the wire and shorting to other wires can be prevented thereby extending the safety measures. There are different materials that are used in insulation such as Silicon, Teflon, rubber, PVC, etc. There are certain other factors too that are calculated during insulation such as temperature ranges which are usable, chemicals, resistance to wires, mechanical flexibility, and cost. Various forms, colors, and other standards of domestic cable lead to serious confusion for an average person.

home wiring cable

The category of cable which is used for domestic wiring indoors is known as twin core and earth, this consists of 3 wires two of which amongst all are colored insulating material and the earth wire which is also known as CPC or Central Protective Conductor runs between the two insulated wires. 

The colors of insulated wires are either Red/Brown for live and Black/Blue for the neutral wire. All three wires are covered in oval-shaped PVC which is white or grey colored in general. Before we work on any electrical circuit we must ensure that it is isolated correctly and cannot be switched back even accidentally. In case if you feel that you are not sure what you are doing, call an electrician immediately.

best wire for home wiring

The current carrying capacity of any cable can be affected greatly by various factors such as the length of the wire. A long-length cable would require a thicker cable to be used. Calculation of thickness of cable wire is the duty of an electrician as it is a very complex process! There are parameters that are involved such as voltage drop, diversity, and others that need to be calculated too! Electricians work on these things and can often advise you on the correct thickness which needs to be used along with correct regulations. Do not take a chance on this and also do not guess!

Twin Core and Earth

  Pre March 2004 Post-March 2004
Live Red Brown
Neutral Black Blue
Earth Green and Yellow  

Wattage Ratings and Core to Current Ratings are Given Below:

Core size mm2 Current(A) Wattage(KW) at 240v
1.0 14 3.25
1.5 18 4.25
2.5 24 5.75
4.0 32 7.75
6.0 40 9.75
10 53 12.9



1.0mm2 Twin core and earth


This is used for lighting circuits for up to 1200 watts. Core and earth wires are available to enable two or three-way switching.



2. 5mm2 Twin core and earth



This is used for socket ring circuits or for storage heater/immersion heaters up to 20 AMPS

4.0mm2 Twin core and earth



It is used for some shower circuits and also used for radial socket circuits.


6.0mm2 Twin core and earth


It is used for circuits of 30 AMP and is also used for cookers of up to 13 KW and some of the shower circuits.


10mm2 Twin core and earth


It is used for cooker circuits of above 13 KW and also up to the load of 45 Amp. Showers that are high-powered often use this cable.



Earthing wire is used for grounding/earthing the electricity supply in the home. Presently the thickness used for earthing wire for the purpose of domestic wiring is 16 mm2. It is the main connection between the consumer unit and the earth.

10mm2 – It is the main bond from the consumer unit to the gas, metal water, and oil service pipes.

4.0mm2- for supplementary bonding

3-Core and Earth

3 core cables are found between switches two or more and are made up of three solid cores coated by a PVC sheath and also accomplished with an earth conductor made up of copper.

Pre March 2004 Post-March 2004
Blue Grey
Yellow Black
Red Brown
Green and Yellow  


Wattage ratings and core to current ratings are given below:

Core size mm2 Current(A) Wattage(KW) at 240v
1.0 12 2.75
  1. wires and cables

Armoured Cable:

These cables are generally used when electricity is to be transferred either underground or overhead. They consist of inner cores which are PVC coated and are also protected by plastic insulation which covers all inner cores. 

Armoured cable commands installation under proper regulations as the safety implications for the installation which is incorrect are certainly serious.

Wattage ratings and core to current ratings are given below:

Core size mm2 Current(A) Wattage(KW) at 240v
1.5 18 4.25
2.5 24 5.75
6.0 41 9.9
10.0 56 13.5
16.0 85 20.5
25.0 104 23.25

cables and wires

Two points must be noted:

Broken strands- it would mean that the cable is unable to carry a current which can lead to overheating.

Earth wires which are twisted together and are frayed– the common method of installing such cables are served in the initial stages but are found to be dangerous at the later stages.

Safety Note on Solid Core Cables:

Cables that feature solid-core must never be repurposed after use. Since cables flex and blend which can often lead to damage when flexed multiple times.

Gloster cables are one brand that has emerged as one of the best and trustworthy brands due to its reliability and long-term liability.