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L&T Exora TPN DB Box

2,561 - 8,678

L&T Tripbox TPN DB Box

1,999 - 5,492

Legrand Ekinox TPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43

3,182 - 7,049

Schneider Acti9 TPN DB Box Metal

2,639 - 7,851

Siemens Betagard TPN DB Box Horizontal

3,216 - 8,818

Siemens Sinova TPN DB Box Metal

2,368 - 6,288

TPN DB: for a Safer Today and a Better Tomorrow

4 way tpn db box tpn db 6 way tpn db double door 8 way tpn db Box

A TPN is a 4 pole device with a 4th pole as neutral. At the same time, a TP+N denotes a three-pole device that is devised with an external link and can be isolated when the need for the same arises. This current 4 way tpn db box helps in supplying electricity in all the poles and makes it possible to use a larger amount of electricity at one go. But what specifically catches a person’s attention is the reliability, longevity, and utility of the products.

Many renowned brands like Siemens, Legrand, L&T, and Schneider manufacture tpn db worldwide. These distribution boxes are in huge demand, so we have come up with our online platform to bring to you the most recent types of distribution boxes. You just need to surf through our website to learn in detail about the specifications of the units and then pick the 4 way tpn db or others that you will find suitable for your use.

Check out the 4 way tpn db price and that of the other units to make a comparative study of all to fit your budget. However, let us tell you that Ampkart sells only original electronic goods and items, and thus, the amount paid for them will be a genuine deal.

Types of TPN DB

Though we sell several other tpn distribution boxes, we have spoken about the top three products here. These three products will give you a brief account of what to expect from the other items in this range.

L&T Switchgear Trip box 8 Way TPN DB Box Double Door BH308DDB:

The lightweight 8-way TPN DB looks modern and is also made with the latest technology. You have to purchase it to learn more about its features. The high-grade materials that it is built with ensuring safety and reliability.

Schneider Electric Acti9 TPN DB Box Metal:

Schneider brings you its bestselling distribution boxes with a promise of a secured environment at home and office. You just cannot ignore these distribution boxes that are made with a metallic cover and are safe for use. These are easy to install and great to use.

Legrand Ekinox TPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43:

Legrand is another giant supplier of electronic goods and gives you the ease of installation and moderating electricity supply. The very look of the double-door distribution box promises authenticity and quality.

Just explore the wonderful world of the tpn db box as it will bring you face-to-face with the latest technological wonders and inventions.

Our TPN DB Offerings

‘Few’ is a word that does not belong in our dictionary, and so, we have gone beyond where others would not dare to and have brought in electronic items from the top brands of the world. Therefore, surf through our range of products on our exclusive website and make your choices. Here are some of the bestselling 6, 8, 12, and 4-way TPN DB double doors from the leading brands:


  • L&T Switchgear Tripbox 4 way tpn db Box Single Door BH304SDB
  • L&T Switchgear Tripbox 6 way tpn db Box Single Door BH306SDB
  • L&T Switchgear Tripbox 8 way tpn db Box Single Door BH308SDB


  • Schneider Electric Acti9 4 way tpn db double door Metal IP43 A9HTND04
  • Schneider Electric Acti9 6 Way TPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43 A9HTND06
  • Schneider Electric Acti9 12 Way TPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43 A9HTND12


  • Legrand Ekinox TPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43
  • Legrand Ekinox 4 way tpn db box Double Door Metal IP43 5076 70
  • Legrand Ekinox 8 way tpn db double door legrand Box Double Door Metal IP43 5076 72

Advantages of TPN DB

The range of 16 way tpn db is made to fit your needs and usability. Besides, these are also beneficial when used in commercial and residential areas. Once you learn about their numerous advantages, you will be compelled to buy from this array of products.

  • The commendable efficiency of the tpn db box is a feature to buy it.
  • The endurance power of the tpn db is much higher than its contemporaries.
  • The sturdy, metal body of the 6 way tpn db double door prevents it from getting damaged or battered.
  • The ready-to-use device gives you the ease of quick and hassle-free installation.
  • Its childproof features give you peace of mind as you need not fear any open plug points or wires.
  • The outer cover of the 6 way tpn db double door keeps it safeguarded against moisture. Thus, preventing short circuits.
  • These devices are developed with the latest technological wonders that make them competent to bear heavy electrical loads.
  • The flawless finish and pleasing appearance of the 16 way tpn db make it the ultimate device to safeguard your home or office from fires or short circuits.
  • These distribution boxes are a one-time investment. You need not replace them, and they are fit for rough use.

Though these are very low on maintenance, you must get them checked at once in a while by an experienced technician. This will help you understand the distribution box’s lifespan and keep them going well.


If choosing from our 8 way tpn db double door legrand and others is getting difficult because of the unending options, then try to compare them before zeroing in on the selected few. However, you must fall back on us for

  • 100% guarantee of our products
  • Easy modes of online payment
  • Easy order tracking process
  • Quick and scheduled delivery
  • Complete product satisfaction
  • Attractive discounts and offers
  • Multiple products
  • Affordable prices of the 4 way tpn db price and all the distribution boxes
  • Zero complaints and many more.

Visit and shop from our online store today to believe our words. You must make the most out of our range of products and buy tpn db whenever needed. Feel free to purchase a single unit of 6 way tpn db or place a bulk order.