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L&T HRC Fuse Link Cylindrical HF Size 14 X 51 80kA

114 - 335
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L&T HRC Fuse Link Cylindrical HF Size 14 X 51 80kA

114 - 335

Cylindrical HRC Fuse

Hrc fuses

Have you ever imagined how so many appliances in your housework smoothly with no interruption of electrical connection? Well, the fuse does the job. The current flow in your electrical network is always within a fixed limit. If you overuse the limit, a fault could cause severe damage to your appliances. Fuse is an electrical device used in this electrical network to prevent such damages.

An HRC fuse (high rupturing capacity fuse), on the other hand, is one of the types of fuses in which the fuse wire carries short circuit current to a certain limit. HRC fuses are made of glass or similar chemical compounds. An HRC fuse has features like if there is a high fault current. Therefore, such fuses are a great choice for properties that prevent damages to your appliances.

Our Range of Cylindrical HRC Fuse

Ampkart has an impressive range of HRC fuses that can best be used in properties. Here is what we have in store for you:

  • L&T Switchgear 2A HRC Fuse Cylindrical HF Size 14 X 51 – 80kA
  • L&T Switchgear 4A HRC Fuse Cylindrical HF Size 14 X 51 – 80kA
  • L&T Switchgear 6A HRC Fuse Cylindrical HF Size 14 X 51 – 80kA
  • L&T Switchgear 8A HRC Fuse Cylindrical HF Size 14 X 51 – 80kA
  • L&T Switchgear 10A HRC Fuse Cylindrical HF Size 14 X 51 – 80kA
  • L&T Switchgear 16A HRC Fuse Cylindrical HF Size 14 X 51 – 80kA

The HRC fuse price is listed along with the products. Ampkart ensures that customers are treated with the best products at affordable rates. Our most popular HRC fuse 32 amp price range attracts many buyers. You can also avail of the affordable HRC fuse 63 amp price range that promises quality and performance. You can visit our store to explore some more ranges of products.

We also provide affordable prices of fuse amperes like our very popular HRC fuse 200 amp price range. This is one of our quality products mainly purchased by property owners who can avail themselves of at cheaper costs, thanks to our budget-friendly price ranges.

Advantages of HRC Fuses

HRC fuses come with their own set of advantages, the reason why most people prefer it over any other fuse. Some of them include –

  • The HRC fuse price is cheaper than circuit breakers of the same braking capacity.
  • The installation process of HRC fuses is easier, and the construction is hassle-free.
  • HRC fuses require minimum to zero maintenance. In this regard, siemens’ HRC fuse can also be a great choice. The siemens HRC fuse is hassle-free and rarely requires maintenance.
  • The reason why most people choose the HRC fuse over others is that the breaking capacity is high.
  • Unlike other fuses that may deteriorate or burn with time, HRC fuses prevent such breakdowns.
  • HRC fuses like the 250-ampere fuses are not affected by the environment. Our HRC fuse 250 amp price range is ideal for buyers looking for an affordable option.
  • HRC fuse can be used for large and small values of fault current.
  • HRC fuse is best for overload protection, preventing your appliances from a breakdown or severe damages.

Buy HRC Fuses from Ampkart

Find your way to buying the most authentic and efficient HRC fuses from Ampkart. We also include fuses with higher amperes for those looking for higher amperes. We carry a range of fuses at extremely affordable prices for all. For residential buildings, most customers require average amperes. Therefore, we also provide you with average fuse amperes for your convenience. Our high rupturing capacity fuses are consistent in performance and work effectively. You can explore the variety of amperes we provide. With our timely delivery, we ensure satisfactory services to our customers.