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Best Sellers in this Category

Legrand Britzy Modular Socket White

59 - 139

Siemens DELTA vega Modular Socket

94.91 - 298.28

Honeywell Impact Modular Socket 2M White

56 - 97

Honeywell MK Horizon Modular Socket 2M

107 - 227
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Anchor Roma Classic Modular Socket White 2M

100 - 175

GM FourFive Modular Socket with Shutter 2M Glossy White

108 - 215

Honeywell Impact Modular Socket 2M White

56 - 97

Honeywell MK Blenze Plus Modular Socket

121 - 323

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Socket 2M White

132 - 220

Honeywell MK EVO Modular Socket 2M White

51 - 108

Honeywell MK Horizon Modular Socket 2M

107 - 227

Honeywell MK Midas Modular Socket White 2M

129 - 262

Honeywell MK Wraparound Modular Socket White

123 - 1,402

Legrand Arteor Modular Socket

145 - 408

Legrand Britzy Modular Socket White

59 - 139

Legrand Mylinc Modular Socket White

111 - 195

Legrand Myrius Modular Socket White

139 - 411

Schneider Livia Modular Socket with Shutter 2M White

124 - 200

Schneider Opale Modular Socket with Shutter 2M White

194 - 297

Schneider ZENcelo Modular Socket with Shutter

314 - 595

Siemens DELTA vega Complete Unit (3 Uni. Sockets + 20A Switch) 8M

1,143.99 - 1,567.69

Siemens DELTA vega Modular Socket

94.91 - 298.28

Siemens DELTA vega Universal Socket Complete Unit

388.11 - 501.66

Honeywell MK EVO Power Unit (6/16 Socket + 32A DP Switch) 4M White EW422WHI

422 740 42% off
(497.96 incl. GST)

Purchase Our Modular Sockets

Can you imagine having electrical appliances but no socket to push the plug into? Well, that sounds bizarre, isn’t it? In the fast-growing age, where new things are invented at a speedy rate, we have a modular socket that connects devices to electricity. Compared to the traditional sockets, modular power socket are taking over the market.

A modular socket has pretty much become an essential component in almost every household. It successfully allows the connection of devices, tools, and electrical equipment in civil, electric switchboards. A modular power socket has secured holes and safety shutters.

With a socket, you cannot possibly run any appliance on your property. Whether it is a 2 pin modular socket or a 5 pin socket modular, you will need them around your property. Therefore, Ampkart provides the best range of products to meet your daily needs.

5 pin socket modular modular socket price modular socket price

Things to Consider before Buying a Modular Socket

Multiple things need to be addressed when buying things for your home. Especially with electrical items, you must be careful in buying the products you need. Similarly, with sockets, you must consider a few things. Whether it’s a 2 pin modular socket or a 3 pin modular socket, here is what you should know –


A good design doesn’t only mean aesthetics but also ease of use. A good socket like the 2 pin socket modular requires to be used effectively. In addition, you also require a socket to make the surroundings look good.

Child Safety:

Electrical appliances should be extremely safe when you have children and toddlers around. Even a 5 pin socket modular provides the optimal security and safety while using the socket for appliances. Therefore, buy one that provides the guarantee.


Home interior items can be quite pricey when you think of buying them. You must always consider your budget before purchasing sockets for your home since usually, you will need more than 1 for your home. At Ampkart, our modular socket price is relatively affordable than others.

Repair and Replacement:

The best part about a modular lan socket is that it doesn’t require any replacement hassle. It doesn’t affect your home décor in any way; therefore, buy one that is hassle-free to repair and replace.


Since most modular sockets are designed to prevent a shock, here is what you need. You must check the quality of the socket you are buying so that they do not give unwanted shocks to your children. Therefore, one of the most important considerations while buying a socket is quality.

At Ampkart, we can help you with an array of modular sockets for your home and office. Do you want a stylish modular usb charger socket? We can provide one for you with a 100% guarantee.

Our Range of Modular Sockets

If you are wondering where to find the best modular socket, you are in the right place. Here, we offer competitive pricing with qualitative products. A modular socket of 16 amp or a smaller 2 pin socket modular, we have it all. Here is what we have in store for you –

  • Legrand Myrius Modular Socket White
  • Legrand Mylinc Modular Socket White
  • Schneider Electric Opale Modular Socket with Shutter 2M White
  • Legrand Arteor Modular Socket
  • Honeywell MK Midas Modular White Socket 2M White
  • Anchor Roma Classic Modular Socket White
  • Honeywell MK Blenze Plus 10A 3 Pin Universal Socket 2M Black

With us, you will get a range of products that will effectively elevate the appeal of your property. Even our anchor modular socket price is affordable than most in the market, which is why we have built a reputation.

Advantages Of Modular Sockets

You must be thinking about why you need a modular lan socket when you already have a traditional one. Well, we can enlist a few advantages that will encourage you to buy a modular one for your property. Among a few benefits are –


The best thing about a modular socket is that it is extremely safe. Even around children, it is totally safe, leaving very little to no scope for electrocution.


A modular socket looks appealing and meets the need of luxurious home requirements. Whether a modular socket 16 amp or a modular tv socket, they look beautiful. White or black, you will find the colors that will complement the overall theme and colors of your property. Appealing sockets not only make the surroundings look good but also help offer an overall put-together look.

No Maintenance:

With an affordable modular socket price, you will be treated with minimal expense for repair. They do not need any maintenance; hence, they are quite popular among homeowners.


Most modular sockets today are made shock-free. Especially a modular tv socket or a modular usb charger socket that is used by children, it is extremely safe and shock-proof to use. Wouldn’t you want to install such a beneficial electrical appliance on your property?

Buy Modular Sockets from Ampkart

Ampkart is your one-stop solution for all your electrical needs. If you are confused about which socket to buy for your home, we have a wide range to choose from. Our inventory makes you choose the best items for your property. Right from a 5 pin socket modular to 3 pin modular socket, we have everything in store specifically for you. When you buy from us, we will provide you with the following services –

  • We guarantee qualitative products.
  • We provide timely and hassle-free delivery so that you meet no issues at the time of installation.
  • Our products are warranted by the manufacturer itself.
  • We provide a range of affordable products.
  • We do not compromise on our quality or the customer’s satisfaction.
  • We provide unparalleled discounts and offers for our customers to avail.
  • We have different kinds of brands for you.

Whenever you need any electrical item for your property, home, or office, we are here to offer the best products at an unbeatable price. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to us whenever you need qualitative products, impeccable services, and great pricing.