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Flora 5-40A 1 Phase kWh Electric Sub Meter Channel Type

504 850 40% off
(594.72 incl. GST)

L&T kWh Electric Sub Meter LCD Digital

1,420 - 7,176
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Flora 5-40A 1 Phase kWh Electric Sub Meter Channel Type

504 850 40% off
(594.72 incl. GST)

L&T kWh Electric Sub Meter LCD Digital

1,420 - 7,176

HPL kWh Electric Sub Meter Counter

805 - 2,373

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An electric sub-meter or generally known as a power monitor or subsidiary meter is an electric meter box that checks the electricity usage on your private installations other than the revenue meter, although the consumption records of both- the revenue meter and the electric sub meter are recorded in the revenue meter only.

This smart supplying and regulating solution works towards energy conservation, reducing utility costs, increasing property value, evens out the rents, and shedding the administrative overwork. Also, our sub-meter price is nominal and pocket-friendly.

electric meterelectricity meter


The sub-meter used for utility monitoring has proven to be helpful for landlords, property management firms, or multi-tenant property owners and its secure meter. The foremost of its uses are:

It can be used to check on energy withdrawal on indoor and outdoor lighting, kitchen equipment, and more.

The property owner can keep an account for each tenant’s personal usage other than the basic utilities supplied by the owner.

An electric meter box can be installed to supply electricity, water, or gas with billing recorded as per personal consumption if exceeds the limit of the revenue meter.


While installing a Submetering system, one should keep in mind the following points:

An electric meter setup should cater to the need to minimize the energy expenses and check on its over-usage. Hence, it is a prerequisite to collect sufficient data regarding the energy consumption of the entire complex, be it residential or industrial. The readings, or as technically called “scooping”, will help you pick the best electric meter box that will be compatible with your energy needs.

The system should be designed in such a way that needful alterations can be made in the set in the future if needed, that too, at a reasonable cost. For example, You might be expanding the building complex and need the new extension to be sub-metered to the same routine meter. Thus, you got to plan before installing a sub-meter.

Consulting an engineer is highly recommended so that the cumulative analysis of the building complex, the average energy consumption, and probable future adjustments can be achieved efficiently to meet your present and future needs as well.


Organizations with high energy demands can certainly reap benefits from installing a smart sub-meter, especially, if your present system is inefficient and you are harping both technical and monetary losses. Submeter price also affordable for all.

If you are a multi-tenant property owner, your tenants will be provided with accurate bills. You would no more be held accountable for bill hikes since only individual consumption will attract any rev.
It is apt for residential complexes as that many numbers of electric connections make it cumbersome to keep a sorted account of energy consumption.

For instance, a cooperative residential society with a floor count of six and 3 phase meters has been faced with frequent load shedding problems and unusually hiked electricity bills per apartment and calls upon the members to look for a viable, economic, intelligible solution. They can collectively decide upon installing a smart utility submetering system. Submetering the area wing by wing will not only put an end to the persistent electricity issues but will also be economic, in the sense, over-usage will be checked and fair bills would be generated sifting through the monetary dips caused earlier.

If you own an industrial site, you will have a better understanding of the energy usage of your property, and how you can curb energy loss.
When faced with a sudden spike in the billing, you will have the data to refer to; and prevent future losses.
As a tenant, you will be kept informed about your billing portion and how it has gone low or spiked so high as you have the right to check the readings.


Modbus Sub-Meter:

It is a high accuracy device and is best for industrial usage. It is known for its precision in the compliance of the site.

2. BACnet Power Sub-Meter:

However backed in responsive latency timing, the BACnet electricity meters require precise planning before installing so as to work seamlessly with the work unit.

Pulse Power Sub-Meter:

Pulse power sub-meters are the “hooked and play” kind and can be easily accessed when connected intelligently to the web. You get the most apparent outputs in pulses reassuring no energy wastes and spikes.

NOTE: The whole process of installing an amp meter device takes around 6 to 8 hours and requires specific equipment like fuses, terminal blocks, and extra wires, thus, let a qualified electrician handle it for you.

With Utility Submetering that includes a master meter, you can maintain and regulate the supply of electricity, potable or non-potable water, cable televisions, HAVC, and natural gas through an AMR, that is, Automatic Meter Reading technology.


HPL, Indotech, Larsen &Tourbo (L & T), Boucheron and Treman Roman.