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Honeywell MK Midas Modular Plate Cover + Frame White?

74 - 385

Siemens DELTA vega Modular Plate Cover + Frame

83.05 - 483.02

Legrand Mylinc Modular Plate Cover + Frame White?

74 - 410

Legrand Myrius Modular Plate Cover + Frame White

145 - 709
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Anchor Roma Tresa Modular Plate Cover + Frame Solid White

78 - 301

GM FourFive Casaviva Modular Plate Cover + Frame Glossy White

75 - 301

Honeywell MK Blenze Plus Modular Plate Cover + Frame?

105 - 638

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Plate Cover + Frame White

80 - 190

Honeywell MK EVO Modular Plate Cover + Frame White

40 - 236

Honeywell MK Midas Modular Plate Cover + Frame White?

74 - 385

Honeywell MK Wraparound Modular Plate Cover + Frame White

105 - 520

Legrand Arteor Modular Plate Cover + Frame White?

130 - 797

Legrand Mylinc Modular Plate Cover + Frame White?

74 - 410

Legrand Myrius Modular Plate Cover + Frame White

145 - 709

Schneider Livia Modular Plate Cover + Frame White?

75 - 385

Schneider Opale Modular Plate Cover + Frame White

104 - 504

Schneider ZENcelo Modular Plate Cover + Frame?

188 - 4,589

Siemens DELTA vega Modular Plate Cover + Frame

83.05 - 483.02

Siemens DELTA vega Universal Socket Complete Unit

388.11 - 501.66

GM FourFive Casablanca Modular Plate Cover + Frame Glossy White

80 - 222

Modular Plate Cover – Beautifying Your Home

Modular Plate Modular Switch Plate Switchboard Cover plates

In today’s time, modular plates have become a style statement for most households. Earlier, they used to look vague but have turned into stylish designs since then. The pleasing design of a Modular Plate improves the look of your apartment in more ways than one. Different modular plates are available online, which differ in their sizes, design, and safety. You can now buy a strong modular electric board from major brands like Anchor, Siemens, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, and Legrand by visiting our Ampkart website.

An important facet of Modular Plate cover is their hidden screw designs that enable a seamless look. Our product switch board price range features dual-orientation switch plate covers that you can place horizontally or vertically.

Concealed wiring and stylish modular plates practically metamorphosed the look of your home. It now allows you to style your home to perfection by showcasing the plethora of easily available offerings online from Ampkart.

The decor of your house plays an important role during a Cover Plate purchase. That’s because modular boards come in different types of designs and allow you to select the one that complements the look of your home. So, you will have the option to choose from different types of shapes and designs according to the room size.

Our top-tier varieties of switchboard covers leave nothing to the imagination. That’s right!!! We have carefully selected the most sophisticated modular switches that are aesthetically pleasing and the safest to buy. So, give a refreshing change to your rooms by purchasing a Modular Switch Plate from Ampkart.

Different Types Of Modular Plate Cover

At Ampkart, you will find a huge collection of Modular Plate covers for your home. Also, you will find them in different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit the look of your home. These modular switches are manufactured by top brands like Anchor and Honeywell and will last for a long time.

Our different types of modular switch board include:

Legrand Myrius Front Cover Plate – Legrand’s 6 module switch board, comes with a simple user interface and is extremely easy to use. Plus, the minimalist design catches the attention of everyone.

Schneider Electric Opale Front Cover Plate –

The Schneider Front Cover Plate has a smooth satin-coated finish. It is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Plus, you can easily snap in and snap out the front loading models with indented screws.

Honeywell MK Midas Modular Plate Cover –

The Honeywell Midas series is designed to fit the classic needs of your stunning apartment. Plus, the switchboard is large and is built for singular use. Also, the switchboard price is very low and can be easily purchased by anyone.

Anchor Roma Tresa Modular Plate Cover –

Add style to your interiors with our classic Anchor Roma Tresa Switchboard Cover. The polycarbonate switches are super safe and can be installed anywhere inside your home. You will feel safe knowing that it is water-resistant and designed to keep the children around your home in mind.

Siemens Delta Vega Modular Plate Cover –

The metallic aluminum frame comes with ISI marking, the first upgrade to the latest BSI standard. Plus, the universal Rocker design brings a combination of safety and aesthetics to the Switchboard Cover plates. What’s more, the elevated clamps provide unique safety features for your children.

Our Modular Plate Cover Offerings:

At Ampkart, we carry a good selection of modular switch board that come with pleasing designs and styles. We are the market leaders in all types of electrical sockets, wirings, switches, and modular boards. That’s why we can offer our customers robust quality, beautiful designs, and 100% guaranteed safety designs. When you visit our website, you will have a chance to look at some stunning designs that include:

  • Legrand Myrius 1M Modular Plate Cover+Frame
  • Legrand Myrius 6M Modular Plate Cover+Frame
  • Schneider Electric Opale 2M Modular Plate Cover + Frame
  • Honeywell MK Wraparound Plus 4M Modular Plate Cover + Frame
  • Honeywell MK Wraparound 5M Modular Plate Cover + Frame
  • Anchor Roma Tresa 4M Modular Plate Cover + Frame Solid
  • Schneider Electric ZENcelo 18M Modular Plate Cover + Frame

This is just a sneak peek. Our store also carries a myriad of other products like the popular 12 modular switch board. So, visit our website and look at the finest collection of Switchboard Cover plates.

Advantages of Our Modular Plate Cover

We have carefully selected the best range of electric plate covers for your home at the best switch board price ranges. That’s why there is no looking back once you view our collection. Plus, our 6 module switch board comes with some outstanding advantages that include:

  • The modular Switch Plate comes with self-extinguishing properties and has gone through 800 degrees glow test.
  • You can easily change the modular switch covers with newer plates without discarding the entire plate. That means you can match the Switchboard Cover with your changing interior.
  • The Modular Plate is made from standard polycarbonate material, protecting them from discoloration.
  • Also, it is very easy to assemble the Cover Plate as it comes with a combination of inner and outer plates and a neatly covered assembly.
  • The Switchboard Cover has a dust-free glossy finish and comes in pure white or solid white color combinations.
  • Safety is an important factor for the selection of a Modular Plate. A traditional Switch Plate had metal screws and wiring that created the risk of electrocution. But the modular plate covers are bereft of any outside wiring and pose no risk to children.
  • The modular electric board lasts longer than traditional switchboards. Also, they have noise-free operations and are more efficient in their mechanism.

Buy Modular Plate Cover From Us

We are the leading retailer of modular switch plates in India. That’s why we have a huge collection of brand-name items that you can purchase from our website. When you visit us online, you will have a rewarding experience buying a Modular Switch Plate from us. Plus, we believe in a customer-centric approach, and you can connect with us anytime for any clarifications. When you buy from us, you will receive:

  • Top-line products
  • 100% quality satisfaction
  • Classic Ampkart warranty on all modular plate covers
  • Regular deals and discounts
  • Savings to your cart
  • Safety online checkout experience
  • Hassle-free buying process

Ampkart is your one-stop destination for any electric equipment requirement online. We have a tailored customer policy and understand the needs of our customers better than anybody else. So, shop with us and purchase the best Modular Switch Plate at affordable rates. You won’t ever be disappointed with your bargain when you deal with us!