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L&T Manual Changeover Switch On Load

4,204 - 21,060

HPL Manual Changeover Switch Side Handle in Enclosure

1,649 - 31,852
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HPL Manual Changeover Switch Side Handle in Enclosure

1,649 - 31,852

L&T Manual Changeover Switch On Load

4,204 - 21,060


A changeover switch is a transfer switch that transfers house electricity from the commercial power supply to a generator or an inverter or a battery. This transfer happens when the commercial power supply is cut off. There are many types of changeover switches but all comes down to two things that are manual changeover switch and automatic changeover switch. A changeover switch will only be installed if you have secondary support like a generator or an inverter.

In the case of a manual changeover switch, the homeowner has to flip a switch to turn the power from the power supply to get it transferred to the local generator or inverter. Every changeover switch either has two phases and one neutral or three phases and one neutral. The changeover switch with two phases is usually found at households because they hold a capacity of 220 volts which is enough for a domestic purpose. For official purposes like industries or factories, they require a changeover switch which has three phases because it holds a capacity of 440 volts.

manual changeover switch

Why do You Need a Manual Changeover Switch?

In these modern days, almost everyone is using electrical appliances in their homes and even offices. No one can live without their mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. In this busy life if the power supply gets cut off it is really annoying and also troublesome. especially in case of an emergency having a backup is very important. It cannot be more stressed on how important electricity is in our daily life. So, keeping a backup for an electrical supply like a generator or an inverter comes very handy. With these backups, one will always need to install a manual changeover switch.

Other than backup purposes a changeover switch helps in various ways for safety. If some electrical mishap happens or an overload the changeover switch trips down and allows the electric shocks to go via earthing. This prevents the place from all the destruction like fire or short circuit. The changeover switch does not supply electricity when the commercial power supply is given. When the power supply is constant the changeover switch just protects the house, office, or whatever the place might be, from any kind of damage or destruction. That adds up on a major beneficial point because no one wants to play with danger. With a house full of kids it is the most important thing to consider. Safety always comes first.

The Benefits of Installing a Manual Changeover Switch:

• A commercial place always requires electricity. Without electricity, it will stop working. Nowadays, all commercial places have digitalized which means complete use of electrical gadgets and appliances has taken place. It becomes very hard to work in any place without an internet connection or electricity. Therefore, installing a generator or inverter is a must, which means a manual changeover switch will be required.

• The ease of transferring to the backups like generator or inverter when the power supply is cut, with just one push.

• The safety of the house and also the house members is a concern. So, a changeover switch assures that too.

• The earthing and MCB configuration come attached with the manual changeover switch which ensures that any electrical waves trip through the earthing without causing any damage.

How to Repair and Maintain Changeover Switches?

It is not that hard to fix or repair a manual changeover switch because every household uses it and its spare parts are always available. Professional help can also be availed. The shopkeepers may direct the professional helpers or you can just find them on their own. The configuration of the changeover switch is not that tough so it is not a problem to fix a broken part.

If you invest in a good product then it will ensure to provide service for a very long time without any problem. A good investment always comes with its return. It is very important to invest in a good electrical appliance that too when it is being used for household or commercial purposes. No one wants accidents or mishaps in their place. So, a good and high-quality product guarantees complete safety and assurance of the service the product will render to the consumers.

Places to Buy Manual Changeover Switches

Nowadays since the business has also gone online you can purchase a manual changeover switch online. Buying online has its perks like the ease of sitting at home, ordering, and also, you can check for online reviews from previous customers. All the products on an online website come with a full description and features of the product and also clear and detailed images to satisfy all your needs.

If still, this online method does not suit you then you can always go the old-fashioned way that is by visiting a store in person. In this way, you can see the product by yourself and quench your questions from the shopkeeper. Both ways are equally good but you can prefer whichever one you like.

There are many shops that sell these products on the market. These are very common household products, every other house has its installation. This is the one thing that cannot be compromised on so it is very important to make the right choice while purchasing a manual changeover switch for yourself.

You can visit this page and check out all the products they have to offer. The prices are reasonable and this website provides both online and offline services. There is also a helpline number if any assistance is required while online purchases.

Brands to Consider Before Purchasing :

Brands have a lot to contribute to a customer when it comes to buying. Their goodwill and reputation mean a lot to the customers while purchasing anything. Especially when it is as important s getting an electrical appliance for their house. There are many brands in the
market but the top ones for this product are:


• Switchgear

• Electron