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Electron AC Starter Switches 1 Phase Digital OLP3+

1,102 - 2,500
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Electron AC Starter Switches 1 Phase Digital OLP3+

1,102 - 2,500

Why Buy Digital AC Switch Box- Over Load Protector?

ac switch

What is it?

As we know, air conditioners are one of the most expensive and high-energy-consuming electrical appliances in today’s time. Their operation needs to be monitored just for the fact their replacement is not cheap. For monitoring various quantities of the air conditioning systems, motor starters are connected to ensure their safety and long life.

The new OLP 3+ is a cutting-edge microprocessor-controlled technology motor starter with a three-digit display displaying the magnitudes of all the important parameters necessary for the smooth operation of the air conditioner.

Its Features

The most remarkable feature of these OLP 3+ starter motors is that they show time-tested combinations versus voltage, current, and time.

Volt Check:

The OLP 3+ starters keep a check on the voltage line and trip once the safe limit (ranging between 160-270 V) is exceeded. Once tripped, the unsafe voltage magnitude is shown on the digital screen upfront.

AMP Check:

One of the major reasons for the failure of cooling systems is the unchecked current inrush. An AC switch box checks the current supply continuously and halts the output if the current jumps beyond the set safe limit, protecting the compressor from excessive long start-up time or rotor locking. Higher the load, the faster the tripping response. Then, the unsafe current magnitude is shown on the screen.

Time Check:

When tripped, the OLP 3+ extends the duration of the output to another three minutes capacitated from the last compressor operation, restarting the air conditioner automatically. Its activity also includes indicating the number of minutes left for the AC to restart.

Brands to Look for:

Major brands that deal in Electric AC switches are:
⦁ Electron

⦁ Schneider

⦁ Deep Jyot

⦁ Mitsubishi, etc.