Looking for Wholesale Prices for Schneider Electric Products?

Schneider Electric

Looking for Wholesale Prices for Schneider Electric Products?

Schneider Electric Price List PDF 2024

Download Schneider Electric Wiring & Lighting Price List PDF

These Schneider Electric Price List contains:

  • Acti 9 Distribution System – Miniature Circuit Breakers MCBs, Residual Current Devices, RCCBs, Accessories for MCBs and RCDs, Surge Protection Devices, Control and Command Products, Isobar Distribution System, Acti 9 Isobar Assembly, Acti 9 Distribution Boards, Distributions Boxes, SPNS DBs, TPN DBs, VTPN DBs and Modular Distribution Boards.
  • Other Distribution Boards – Weather Proof Kaedra Enclosures, Pratika Industrial Plus & Sockets – IP44/ IP67, Electra Metal Clad Plus & Sockets, 56 Series Industrial Plugs and Sockets – IP56/ IP66.
  • Modular Switchboard & Wiring Devices – Wiser Odace Lighting Products, Metal Boxes and Mounting Boxes, Modular Switches and Sockets series in various models like Livia, Clipsal X, Opale, Unica Pure, ZENcelo India, ZENcelo BS, AvatarOn, NEO, ULTI Impress and Weather Proof Kavacha Series with a wide range or wiring accessories like regulators, bell push switches, modular hotel items, modular plates cover, etc.
  • Control System – EzInstall 3 – ULTI ZIGBEE, Hotel Series, Wiser, Surface and Flush Mount Occupancy Sensors, Dimmable Sensors with Light Regulation, Wall Mount Sensors, Hotel – ELV Dual Motion Sensors, Timers and Time Switches and Analog Timers.

Schneider Electrical Products

Schneider Modular Switches & Sockets

Schneider ZENcelo Switches & Sockets (13)

Schneider Opale Switches & Sockets (13)

Schneider Livia Switches & Sockets (14)

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