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Rated Current (A)

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Breaking Capacity (kA)

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Rated Residual Current (mA)

Armor Type

Conductor Type

Light Colour


Module Width

Horse Power (HP)


No. of Poles

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No. of Way

No. of Phases

Unit Size

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L&T Tripper MCB 6kA ‘C’

1501,706 incl. Tax

L&T Tripper Isolators

342965 incl. Tax

L&T Exora MCB 10kA ‘C’

1788,616 incl. Tax

Siemens Betagard MCB 7.5kA

64712,288 incl. Tax
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Schneider Acti9 Isolator

5092,267 incl. Tax

Schneider Acti9 MCB 10kA ‘C’

2419,269 incl. Tax

Schneider Acti9 RCCB

2,1806,285 incl. Tax