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Best Sellers in this Category

Schneider Acti9 Metal Box Enclosure

561 - 561

Legrand Ekinox Metal Box Enclosure for DPX3 160 MCCB 5078 01

2,832 5244 45% off
(3,341.76 incl. GST)
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L&T Exora Metal Box Enclosure IP30

504 - 767

L&T Tripbox Plus Metal Box Enclosure

334 - 561

Legrand Ekinox Metal Box Enclosure

498 - 498

Legrand Ekinox Metal Box Enclosure for DPX3 160 MCCB 5078 01

2,832 5244 45% off
(3,341.76 incl. GST)

Schneider Acti9 Metal Box Enclosure

561 - 561

Siemens Metal Box Enclosure

318 - 352

Siemens Betagard Metal Box Enclosure IP20

494 - 1,142

Metal MCB Enclosures

metal enclosures metal enclosure box Metal enclosures metal enclosure electrical box

When it comes to electricity, the better protection the wires and switches have, the more you feel safe. With metal enclosures, that is precisely the case. It is a complete safety kit that provides optimal support to users.

A metal enclosure box is made of steel with a thickness of 12 mm. It is well-suited for both commercial and residential purposes. It offers great durability, so it has become one of the most wanted boxes in almost every household.

Our Range of Metal MCB Enclosures

Since a metal mcb box is so much in demand, Ampkart is here to offer you the best at affordable prices. With affordability, we also provide quality. Our range of products is –

  • L&T Switchgear Trip box Plus 2 Pole Metal Box Enclosure PHE02DB
  • Schneider Electric Acti9 Pole Metal Box Enclosure A9HMES02
  • Legrand Ekinox Metal Box Enclosure
  • Seimens Betagard 2 Pole Metal Box Enclosure IP20 8GB32100RC02

For a metal box price, you can contact us too or visit our website. Each metal box price is mentioned below every product for your convenience.

Advantages of a Metal Enclosure

Enclosures have been of great use in properties, whether commercial property or residential. A metal enclosure electrical box is of equal importance and demand because of the impeccable features it includes. Some of the advantages of a metal enclosure box are –

  • Metal enclosures are extremely durable. It is proven that a metal mcb box provides maximum durability compared to other mcb boxes.
  • Metal enclosures are said to be corrosion resistant. Most people, especially in commercial properties, prefer a metal mcb box for this advantage.
  • A metal enclosure box is said to have high tensile strength.
  • A 4 module metal enclosure offers accurate dimensions. You can check out the price of a 4 module metal enclosure on our website.

Availability of Metal Enclosures

Today, since a metal mcb has so many advantages, people usually prefer to install these instead of the traditional mcb boxes. Because of the increasing demand, there has been a greater availability. The mcb box price is also quite affordable so that anyone can afford one for their property. If you find it difficult to find one such box in the market, Ampkart is here to provide assistance. We have an array of choices to choose from when it comes to a metal mcb box. You can check out our range of products.

Buy Metal Enclosures from Ampkart

The best place from where you can buy your metal enclosures is Ampkart. We provide quick delivery to customers so that you needn’t worry about installing one and ensuring safety for all your electrical switches and wires. With us, you can be assured of the quality and affordability that we provide.

All our products are warranted by the manufacturers; therefore, you can contact us for an exchange in case your product isn’t up to the mark. With our 100% satisfactory services, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for metal enclosures or any other electrical products. Visit our website to know more about our products and buy the best ones for your property.