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Honeywell MK Wraparound Modular Hotel Key Switch & Card 3M White

114 - 399

Legrand Mylinc Modular Hotel Key Switch & Card White

116 - 1,803

Buy Hotel Key Switch and Card

key card switch hotel key card power switch

Do you have a hotel and look for a key card? Your search ends here. You have come to the right place if you require a key card switch. We, at Ampkart, carry a wide range of key cards, fit for every hotel type. Key technology has changed over time, and almost every hotel has adapted to the changing technology of key cards. It is time for you to walk hand-in-hand with the new trends and install a hotel card.

What is a Key Card?

The key card in hotels has become very prevalent nowadays. Keycards are nothing but reusable chip-based access cards handed over to the guest arriving at the hotel for access into their allotted rooms. They have Radio-Frequency Identification chips fitted. All the information related to the guest, like their length of stay, check-in and check-out time, date, and room number, is fed into the Hotel Key. The card is activated by registering all the same information into the hardware connected to the hotel’s front office.

These keycards are then validated by Radio-Frequency Identification devices or the key card switch placed on the door of the respective room. Programs are written on the key card control the access granted to the cards. The cards are invalidated and deactivated at the time of check-out by deleting all the guest’s information fed into the card.

Features of Key Tag Switch:

When it comes to key card switches, you can rest assured that the inventory of Ampkart houses only the best technologies designed to give you the best experiences of safety locking systems. Every hotel key card power switch exhibit the following features:

  • Our switches come with attractive designs and colors that match every room decor in your hotel.
  • Our Key Tag Switch works as a dependable vacancy sensor every time a guest leaves and removes the card.
  • These switches feature High Inrush Stability Technology.
  • Zero crossing circuit in these keycard switches optimizes relay operation for reliable functioning for a long time.
  • The switches have a modern mechanical latching relay system that is durable for all load types.
  • Every product in our inventory is fully rated and protects the whole circuit.
  • Our low voltage key card switch models are compatible with lighting control panels, Energy Management Systems, and Building Automation Systems.
  • Our keycards are lightweight and efficient.
  • Keycards make the checking out process a lot easier and hassle-free.

The Security Factor:

More and more hotels are relying on hotel key card power switches as they ensure topmost security standards. Here are a few security features that our key card switches exhibit:

  • The foremost security feature provided by a key card in the hotel is that it cannot be picked, unlike traditional locks.
  • If lost or stolen, these keycards can be immediately disabled.
  • Only one central computer system can block access to every door in the hotel.
  • Another great security measure it provides is that the owner can track room access.
  • These keycards can be programmed for a limited period of time only to ensure 100% security.
  • No employee can give out codes to the door for their own convenience.
  • A timed system can be used to lock or unlock the hotel building.

Benefits of Key Card in Hotel:

The Key Tag Switch technology is easy and highly beneficial for hotels of every capacity. This modern locking system has seen a surge in its usage due to its practicality and ability to add a hint of urbanization to every establishment. Here are the most prominent benefits of using a key card:

  • Our key card switches ensure that the circuits are active only when the keycard is inserted inside the switch. This efficiently reduces energy costs.
  • Key Switch Electrical systems are cost-effective, simple, and hassle-free. Only a central laptop or computer is needed to program and control the Key Switch Electrical switch permissions on the necessary doors and even the cards themselves.
  • You just pay for the installation of the hotel key card power switch system network. These cards and switches do not require maintenance like traditional locking systems.
  • Keycards can help save a great deal on key cutting for new staff members. If a few of your hotel rooms have different access, you will either need to have multiple keys or several master keys for new staff members, which can run up a large bill. But, with keycards, you can eliminate this expense.
  • The best part about keycards is that the owners can track the usage and pick out foul play. The Key Tag Switch systems can produce reports to show who accessed a room and at what time exactly.
  • Not only cost-effective, but our keycards also reduce stress and [panic in case a keycard gets lost. While with traditional locks, you will have to invest a lot in locksmiths to change the locks, that is not the case with key tag switches. When it comes to a lost or stolen key card, you simply deny all privileges on the key in question using the central system and activate a new card – it is that easy and cheap.
  • Keycards can restrict unwanted entry into the hotel after a certain time.
  • A hotel card can be branded and customized. Thus, they make a great tool for marketing. You can print anything on the hotel key cards to market and advertise your hotel. Necessary contact information can be printed on these keycards so that they can be returned to the establishment if lost.

Buy Top-Quality Key Card:

Ampkart is a premier destination for shopping for all things electronics. Our inventory carries superior quality keycards and switches that come from industry-leading hotel card key switch manufacturers. As we have been serving the market for several years now, our hotel card key switch manufacturers have the right experience to handle demands of any size. The best part about choosing us is that the key switch price in India is affordable and fits every budget spectrum perfectly. Choose us because we offer wholesale key switch prices in India and the opportunity to claim GST values. We, at Ampkart, believe in delivering only superior quality products and thus ensure the manufacturer’s warranty on every key card and switch that you shop from us.