Looking for Wholesale Prices for L&T Switchgear Products?

L&T Switchgear

Looking for Wholesale Prices for L&T Switchgear Products?

Download L&T Switchgear Exora Price List PDF

These L&T Switchgear Price Lists contains:

  • Switching and Control Products – Power Contactors, Control Relays, its accessories and spares like Spare Contact Kit and Spare Coils.
  • Motor Protection Solutions – Thermal Overload Relays, Electronic Motor Protection Relays, Intelligent Motor Management Relays and Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (Rotary and Rocker type).
  • Starters – Motor Starters like DOL Starters, Star Delta Starters, Timers and Spares for Starters
  • Powergear Products – Enclosed Automatic Transfer Switch, On Load Changeover Switch – Disconnectors (Manual and Motorised), Fuse Mounting Kits, Switch Disconnector Fuse Units, Cylindrical and DIN HRC Fuses, DU and DY series MCCBs, Enclosures for MCCBs, Sub & Main Distribution Boards and Air Circuit Breakers (Omega and C-Power Series).
  • Energy Management Solutions – Power Quality Solutions like Capacitors & APFC Controllers, Protection Relays like 3 Phase & 1 Phase Overcurrent and Lockout Relays, Metering Devices like 3 Phase Electric kWh Sub Meter & Trivector Meter, Energy Management Solutions like Energy Meters & Multifunction Meters, and Prepaid and Smart Metering Solutions.
  • Automation Solutions – AC Drives, Digital Soft Starters, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) & Human Machine Interference (HMI) & Servo.
  • Circuit Protection Devices – Exora MCBs, Exora RCCBs, Exora Isolator Switches, Surge Protection Devices, RCBOs, Single Phase Automatic Changeover with Current Limiters (ACCLs), Three Phase ACCLs, Changeover Switches, Exora Distribution Boards like SPN DB, TPN DB, VTPN DB, and Plug & Socket DB.

L&T Exora Electrical Products

Download L&T Switchgear Tripper Price List PDF

These L&T Switchgear Price List contains:

  • Circuit Protection Devices – Tripper MCBs, Tripper RCCBs, Tripper Isolator Switches, Tripper ACCLs, Tripper Automatic and Modular Changeover Switches, Tripper RCBO, Tripbox Plus Distribution Boards like SPN DBs, TPN DBs, VTPN DBs, Enclosures, Plug & Socket DBs.
  • Modular Switchboard and Wiring Accessories – Englaze Modular Switchboard Series, Entice Modular Switchboard Series, enGem Modular Switchboard Series, Oris Modular Switchboard Series, PVC Surface & Metal Mounting Boxes.
  • Other Accessories – Plug Tops, Spike Guards, Extension Tops, and Door Bells.

L&T Tripper Electrical Products

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