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Schneider ZENcelo Modular Fan Regulator

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Schneider ZENcelo Modular Socket with Shutter

314 - 595

Schneider ZENcelo Modular Switch

200 - 1,236

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Schneider ZENcelo LED Modular Foot Light 2M White IN8490FLW

2,205 4501 51% off
(2,601.90 incl. GST)

Schneider Electric ZENcelo Switches

The switch is a very essential entity of a “Power System” irrespective of the purposes. The switch is an electronic device that helps to enable or disable the flow of electricity. It can bring the flow to a halt or it may restart the flow of electricity as per the command given. It works on a binary system – 0 or 1 where 0 means no power i.e. switch is turned off and electricity is not flowing through, or 1 which means power is there and hence the switch is turned on.

zencelo switches

The functionality of the switch is to administer the flow of current. Schneider Switches and Sockets are the basic entities of a power system as stated and hence need to be chosen very wisely. Modular switches are widely used over traditional switches in households. The latest variety of Schneider switches available in the market is comparatively more reliable, easy to use, and safe. It is of utmost importance that the switches must be bought from a reliable company which has a mark in the industry. One such industry is “Schneider Electric”. It is the leading company in the globe in the domain of power transmission and automation. The company offers a wide range of switches with appealing design and promised quality which can fit the need of every individual.

schneider zencelo

ZENcelo It is a range of switches which are built with a flat design
   It is a Corrosion-resistant series.


ZENcelo is among the top range switches. It is indeed the first switch in the world which was built with a flat structure with perfection. It has simplicity and elegance which undoubtedly is eye-catchy! This range is resistant to corrosion, heat, and impact. Basically, these switches are created for those who use electromechanical switches. These provide a decent and elegant touch to the indoors of your home or office or any other area. The iso motion press technique is its master card which makes it simply unique from all others. The design particularly has the heart of all!  

zencelo switches price

Schneider Electric is one of the global providers in the electricity domain. Schneider Electric has cemented itself into a big business around the globe in the domain of automation and Digital Transformation and Energy Management in homes, industries, and other residential or non-residential areas. It is a company which has dominated over the globe which makes it an international leader in “Power Management”. They offer modern digital solutions and software.

Moreover, “Schneider Electric” has also marked itself in e-commerce for providing service to their customers without any trouble. There are a variety of services that are offered by Schneider Electric through their e-commerce websites starting from selling Electric switches and sockets such as OPALE, LIVIA, NEO, ZENcelo, and other Schneider switches


The switches have a fully flat structure, initially, this wasn’t thought but now fully flat switches are in the market which easily fits your home or workplace with the least effort. ZENcelo doesn’t give privilege to the rich upper class only but is a privilege to all who know about it!

schneider electric switches


ZENCELO is a switch with a fully flat surface that was never thought of until it became a reality and came to market. It is clear of all unnecessary lines and blended. Without a doubt, ZENcelo is becoming the new favorite of all!  
In terms of design, it is far from other designs. The clear and non-intrusive design is impressive which can easily adapt to any interior. It is way more classic as compared to other designs.  
In terms of technology, the iso-motion press makes it more advanced. This enables the switch to be in the same position in the ON as well as of position. For these kinds of switches, there are indicators whose color changes upon being turned ON to “marigold”. It gets to the previous color when in the OFF state.  
The Schneider electric switches are designed for utmost clearance in cleaning with minute details but at the same time, its functionality is built keeping in view of the security concerns for you and your family!  
The switches are highly durable.  
The switches make it very simple and easy for you to turn them on or off with just a soft touch and make you feel comfortable and the whole process seems hassle-free.


These switches are very easily installed since they contain front loading modules, wiring diagrams marked with laser terminals. All these details are installed in the switch to make the process easy and simple.  

schneider switches price

The Schneider electric switches are available in different colors such as grey, black and white. The sheath is also available in different colors such as silver and white for different models. Under various designs, styles, and finish modular Schneider switches are available. The design is much appealing to fit your interior and make it look classy!

These are suitable to be used in home or office places. Switches are created and developed in all the possible designs which people can desire to buy. Those who are building their new homes, offices, and other residential areas can look for the designer class of switch offered by Schneider Electric at an affordable price.

schneider zencelo switches

 The backside wiring of the switch is done very precisely to ensure that there is no cause of an electric shock thereby minimizing any risk associated with it.


This switch is a perfect example for any residential or non-residential environment such as hospitals, hotels, rooms, etc. Most importantly, switches are tested and validated as per the safety standards mentioned globally.

 All the essentials for electrical fitting are available in a reasonable range that one can easily afford. It has promised security and makes it easy for you and your family to handle. Children are also safe with these Schneider electric switches and sockets and can easily handle them without any trouble.

Because of all these reasons Schneider Electric is ruling over the hearts of millions. In addition to being stylish in looks, it is Safe and Secure as well. It has very smooth operations and also has hassle-free operations.

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