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Schneider Electric Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

77312 inc. GST

Schneider Electric 2M Concealed GI Metal Box MR1102

77 inc. GST

Schneider Electric 3M Concealed GI Metal Box MR1103

101 inc. GST

Schneider Electric 4M Concealed GI Metal Box MR1104

117 inc. GST

Schneider Electric 8M (S) Concealed GI Metal Box MR1109

205 inc. GST


Metal boxes are basically covering inside the wall that protects the wires of the switches installed. Metal boxes are very important to install because it gives a clean and concrete look of the wires, it acts as an extra protection for the wiring, it is less messy and clutter free for the switch wiring. Metal boxes are ultra strong and gives the greatest level of security to the house.

These boxes also come in plastic material but plastic is not as convenient as metal. Only metal boxes can protect the wiring from fire or water or even from melting. There are many brands that sell metal box. Metal boxes comes with installing modular switches. Metal boxes are not usually paired with non modular switches. Metal boxes comes in many different sizes as well.


The advantages of using or installing metal boxes are:

• Metal boxes gives protection towards the wiring of the switches.
• Metal boxes prevent from melting.
• Metal box is not affected from fire or water.
• Metal boxes give a concrete structure to the wiring of the switch.
• Metal boxes make less clutter of the wires.
• Metal boxes are a great safety measure for the house or office.
• Metal boxes are easy to install.
• Metal boxes can easily be opened too if any fault occurs in the system.
• Metal boxes are the greatest level of security.


The wiring configuration is so much better in modular switches that it hardly gets broken. If any faults occur the metal gives an extra protection as well. The installation charges are not very high. It comes at a reasonable price. Also, if it needs repairing or fixing charge, those are very less too. The metal box provides extra protection for the wiring so not much gets broken easily. But investing in a good modular switch and a metal box always ensures the long time life of the wire and the performance.


Metal boxes are like a package deal with the modular switches. With installing modular switches, you have to get metal boxes for the wiring of the switch to be protected. Modular switches are now found at every other household and even in official places. Using modular switches are safe and also leaves a good look at your place. Hence, the market has metal boxes for its customers. There are many shops in the market that sell modular switches with metal boxes. Some shops also provide help to install it.

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There are many brands in the market that are selling metal boxes. One of the most top rated brands are Schneider. They sell all kinds of electrical appliances. Schneider is a multinational company that provides electronic and digital solutions worldwide. It brings the people latest and most advanced technology for residential and official purpose as well.

Schneider in their range of switches and sockets also have metal boxes. Their metal boxes are the ideal solution for hassle free, safe and secure installation of wiring devices. They have variety of designs and shapes. Their products are high quality. They have gained their customers trust over the decades.

If you are thinking of installing metal boxes then you should take into consideration both online and offline mode. The offline mode is the old fashioned buyer to seller direct marketing. You can visit the store in person check out the products for yourself and then make a choice. But in online shopping you do not have go through the trouble of going to the store in person. You can do everything online by sitting at your home.

In online shopping you can get the ease of purchasing the same product you want just by sitting at your house. You just have to find a trusted website that sells your desired products and then check out their products. All the products come with complete and proper description and also, they attach clear pictures of the products too. With online shopping you get a plus point of reading the reviews and seeing the ratings of the previous customers, this gives an assurance and trust to the customers about the products and the website.

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