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Siemens Betagard Plastic PVC Box Enclosure IP20

108 - 205

Buy PVC Enclosures from Us

pvc enclosure

You must’ve heard about the enclosure for your electrical wires and meters. Have you considered installing a pvc enclosure? A premium quality pvc enclosure box ensures utmost durability and utility. If you do not want to go for metal and steel-like boxes, pvc mcb enclosure is your go-to choice.

Among the many benefits that an mcb box provides, one of them is safe from unexpected electrocution, especially with kids around. A pvc mcb box can be an affordable solution to covering all meters and electrical wiring. Every household today has an mcb box. However, with new developments in the industry, there has been a demand for pvc enclosures for electrical.

Our Range of PVC Enclosures

At Ampkart, you can get a range of choices and options when it comes to a pvc enclosure. Keeping affordability in mind, we have pvc enclosure box price that suits every pocket and budget. We have a collection for you in-store –

  • Siemens Betagard 2 Pole Plastic PVC Box Enclosure Enclosure IP20 8GB0002
  • Siemens Betagard 4 Pole Plastic PVC Box Enclosure IP20 8GB0004
  • Siemens Betagard 6 Pole Plastic PVC Box Enclosure IP20 8GB0006
  • Siemens Betagard Plastic PVC Box Enclosure IP20

Whether you wish for a 4 module metal enclosure or a pvc one, we are here to provide it all at affordable prices.

Benefits of PVC Enclosures

You must be thinking, why do you need a pvc enclosure box? Well, we can guide you through a few advantages of choosing a pvc mcb box over other materials –

  • The pvc box is lightweight as compared to the metal or steel ones.
  • The pvc material looks more attractive as they come in colors. Metal or steels aren’t that versatile in design.
  • Pvc enclosures for electrical can be easily installed and modified.
  • PVC is relatively cost-effective; therefore, you can go for pvc enclosure box price if your budget is low.
  • PVC is fireproof, which means they are self-extinguishing.
  • Pvc mcb enclosures are ideal for outdoor use.

Availability of PVC Enclosures

Interior designers these days go for both style and functionality, and a pvc box does precisely that. They protect your switches and wires from outdoor exposure while making them appear pleasing. Besides, mcb box mcb box price in pvc is relatively cheaper than other materials. If you do not find one in the market, you can turn to Ampkart from an affordable mcb box mcb box price range. Here, we provide an affordable pvc box enclosure price that fits your budget and your requirements.

Buy PVC Enclosure from Ampkart

Ampkart is your go-to hub for mcb boxes. Whether you want PVC or a 4 module metal enclosure, we are here with the best material and products. Besides, we also provide timely delivery so that you do not struggle with delayed installation. Our products guarantee 100% quality, and they come with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Services Include –

  • Quality products
  • Years of experience
  • Affordable products
  • Transparent services
  • 100% satisfactory services
  • Timely and hassle-free delivery

Whenever you are in search of good-quality mcb enclosures, do not hesitate to reach out to us.