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Honeywell MK Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

66 - 321

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Pop Up Boxes

2,040 - 4,953

Siemens Modular Surface PVC Boxes Snow White

57.62 - 186.43
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C&S Electric Modular Concealed Metal Box

64 - 220

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Pop Up Boxes

2,040 - 4,953

Honeywell MK Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

66 - 321

Legrand Britzy Modular Concealed Metal Box

57 - 194

Legrand Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

85 - 394

Schneider Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

64 - 264

Siemens Modular Concealed Metal Boxes

59.32 - 261

Siemens Modular Surface PVC Boxes Snow White

57.62 - 186.43

Honeywell MK Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

85 - 232

Legrand Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

69 - 201

Purchase Top-Tier Electrical Mounting Boxes Online

You will need mounting boxes in almost all types of electrical wiring. Besides, these junction boxes find most use in commercial areas. It is also crucial to specify the model equipped with commercial-grade features and built to withstand tough conditions. Unlike electrical or breaker panels, a surface box can be metal or plastic. The material, however, depends on the application of the switch box.

Apart from commercial applications, you can also use a metal box for residential purposes. All the most commonly used boxes are available at your local home centers. But Ampkart has the widest range of metal boxes in different settings. So, when you shop with us, you will get to choose from the largest collection.

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Where is the Power of a Surface Box?

A metal switch box acts as the pivot for the electrical wires bypassing them. Also, it has different color wires showing the elements clearly, such as black for heat, white as a neutral channel, and green wire for earthing. Sometimes you will also find other wires that power the lighting.

The Romex wire runs through the sub-panel or main electrical panel of the surface box electrical. It is normally used for residential areas, but you should always use the same wire diameters for seamless performance. Besides, you should also install the surface box correctly and comply with your area’s building codes. The 3 module surface box prevents dirt, dust, and moisture from entering the electrical circuits.

Purchase the safest switches boxes from Ampkart. We have different boxes that will suit both residential and commercial requirements. Plus, our customer service team is always there to help you with installation, mounting, and other requirements.

How to Install an Electrical Box?

Always turn off the power before installing an electrical switch box. Make a hole to serve a passage for the wires. After that, secure the Romex wire with a clamp, then cap wire with nuts.

Besides, you should always purchase a new wire while installing a metal box. It will prevent injuries and short circuits and protect your central boxes from flashings. If you haven’t found the perfect electrical box yet, shop with us and get the best deal. We have the latest collection of top-quality mounting boxes at slashed prices.

Metallic VS. Plastic Junction Boxes

An electrical switch box can be made either of plastic or metal. Choosing between a PVC and metal is the first big decision you need to make for your commercial or residential application.

When should You PVC?

PVC is the standard type of surface boxes for residential use. It is very lightweight, easy to carry, and comes with built-in clamps. Besides, it doesn’t conduct electricity like a metal. You should use PVC when:

  • You have non-metallic cables leading in or out of the surface mount box electrical.
  • You are completing a DIY installation since it is easier to month PVC boxes on the walls.

When should You Choose Metal Boxes?

Metal boxes are mostly used in commercial areas. Besides, these mounting boxes are fireproof, non-melting, and super-durable. It’s also impossible to crush or bend the metal boxes. You should use metal boxes when:

  • When you have metal-covered cable wiring running in and out of the box.
  • When you are working in the basement or places without a drywall

What are the Different Types of Metal Boxes?

A surface box electrical comes in various types. You should have a thorough understanding of these boxes’ various sizes and shapes before you shop with Ampkart online. So, let us look at some of them:

Rectangular Boxes

You can fit single light fixture switches inside a standard rectangular concealed box. They are generally 2X3 inches in size and come in new and old work designs. Besides, you can also purchase a concealed box with built-in clamp mounting.

Gang Boxes

Gang boxes are bigger, and as the name suggests, they can hold two, three, or four devices mounted sideways. A gangable design 3 module surface box allows you to remove the sides and form larger boxes.

Round Pan Electrical Boxes

Ampkart has a good selection of pancake-shaped surface mount box electrical that you can use for wall-mounted light fixtures weighing less than 20 kgs. You should also ensure that the fixture wires are properly connected and fitted within the round pan box.

Octagon and Round Electrical Boxes

Octagon and metal mounting boxes are roomier and are excellent for any fixtures. Round boxes often have ears for fastening to the walls or ceiling in old work applications.

What Type of Electrical Boxes do We have?

Ampkart is a leader in the electrical design space and has the finest collection of switches, boxes, metal sheaths, cables, panels, and other items. When you shop with us, you will receive the best deals on your purchase. Plus, you will receive safety tips and an excellent warranty when you buy a metal switch box from us. Our online stock includes collections like:

Schneider Electric Metal Boxes –

The Schneider collection comes with a concealed mounting and a thickness of 1 mm. Plus, our surface mount box electrical has a weld-free design that minimizes corrosion.

Legrand Modular GI Metal Boxes –

The Legrand metal switch box has concealed wiring and is suitable for modular switches and sockets.

Legrand 4mm PVC Boxes –

The PVC 3 module surface box has a unique layout and is extremely lightweight. Plus, this surface box has the best safety features.

Legrand 8mm PVC Boxes –

The Legrand surface box electrical has a coated finish to prevent hazards. Plus, the product comes in a cool finish and free delivery.

Why should You Buy from Us?

When you shop with Ampkart, you will get the finest deals and a proactive customer support team. We have the best surface mount box electrical for your home and office. Some of the top benefits of buying our products include:

  • Supreme quality materials
  • Excellent warranty options
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Hassle-free payment gateway
  • Stress-free shopping

So, shop for the finest electrical switch box from us and make your home safer.