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Legrand 2M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 07

94 inc. GST

Legrand 3M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 08

94 inc. GST

Legrand 4M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 09

128 inc. GST

Legrand 6M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 10

200 inc. GST

Legrand 8M (H) Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 42

234 inc. GST

Legrand 8M (S) Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 31

232 inc. GST

Legrand 9M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 29

274 inc. GST

Legrand 12M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 11

350 inc. GST

Legrand 16M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 13

400 inc. GST

Legrand 18M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 12

443 inc. GST

Legrand Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

94443 inc. GST

Legrand 2M Surface PVC Box 6733 02

61 inc. GST

Legrand 3M Surface PVC Box 6733 03

72 inc. GST

Legrand 4M Surface PVC Box 6733 04

83 inc. GST

Legrand 6M Surface PVC Box 6733 06

107 inc. GST

Legrand 8M (H) Surface PVC Box 6733 08

162 inc. GST

Legrand 8M (S) Surface PVC Box 6733 05

155 inc. GST

Legrand 9M Surface PVC Box 6740 99

182 inc. GST

Legrand Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

61182 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc Hotel Key Switch White 6755 60

1,620 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc Hotel Key Card White 6730 38

97 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc Hotel Key Switch & Card White

971,620 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc RJ45 Computer Socket with Shutter 1M White

240334 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc Cat5e RJ45 Computer Socket with Shutter 1M White 6759 66

240 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc USB Socket White

488800 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc USB Socket 1M White 6759 71

488 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc USB Socket 2 Gang 2M White 6759 72

800 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc Socket White

105176 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc Step Fan Regulator 100W White

286381 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc 6A 1 Way Bell Push Switch 1M White 6755 04

94 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc 6A 1 Way Bell Push Switch with Indicator 2M White 6755 06

186 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc 6A 1 Way Bell Push Switch White

94186 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc Switch White

52300 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc 6A 1 Way Switch 1M White 6755 01

52 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc 6A 2 Way Switch 1M White 6755 02

91 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc 6A 1 Way Switch with Indicator 1M White 6755 03

103 inc. GST

Legrand Mylinc Switches and Sockets


A switch is an electrical device that is connected to the electrical circuit and use to connect or disconnect conducting electricity to the electrical device.


1. Mercury tilt switch

The mercury switch is made up of drops of mercury inside a glass which is connected to two or more devices. When the two contacts ask and are connected by mercury when the bulb is tilted to make mercury roll on to them. It can be used where arcing is dangerous because of the presence of explosive vapor as the entire unit is sealed.

2. Knife switch

It consists of a metal blade with an insulating handle for operation and a fixed contact. When the flow of current and switch is closed current flows through the hinged pivot and blade and by fixed contact. Generally, it is made up of copper steel, or brass. It is used in a circuit that has the highest voltage.

3. Foot switch

It is a rugged switch and is operated by foot pressure. It is used in the control machine too.

4. Reversing switch

It is an Legrand modular switches that has four terminals that are capable of being connected in two different phases to reverse the current flow in different directions.

5. Light switch

It is a wireless switch which allows remote control facilities of lamps and torch switch.

6. Electronic switch

It is an electrically operated switch which is used in houses.

All Legrand switches have different operating systems and controlling facilities such as some can be operated manually and some can be operated automatically.


The plug socket is a fundamental part of every flat, building, and home. It provides power to home appliances and all the electrical devices.

A socket is a fixed device on every building, it is connected to several wires which provide its electricity by an electrical meter. Sometimes to reduce the risk of electric shock, plug and socket systems have some extra safety features in addition to all contacts of energized socket. These may involve plugs with insulated sleeves, all sockets, automatic shutters to block apertures of the socket when a plug is removed. Socket can be also surrounded, decorative or protective cover which can be integrated with its socket. Single-phase sockets have to current carrying connections connected to the electrical power supply.

Universal sockets 

It is also known as multi-standard sockets. There are many special-purpose plugs and sockets found in residential, industrial,  commercial, or institutional buildings such as

* Clean earth for use with a computer system.

* Emergency power supply

* Uninterruptible power supply for critical support equipment

* Isolated power for a medical instrument which is used in wet condition

* Balanced or technical power which is used in audio and video production

* Theatrical lighting

* Sockets for electrical clothes, dryers, electrical ovens, and air conditioner with the higher current rating.

The plugs and sockets used to power the electrical stove by a single-phase line to be rated for greater current values than those with a three-phase supply. Plugs and sockets generally have either grounded or earthed three-pin or undergrounded to open connection.


Legrand is one of the best switch company and it is from a French industrial group based in Limoges in the limousin region. In 2001, it was the largest global producer of Legrand switches with 20% of the global market and in cable management of 15% and it generated 75% of its turnover internationally. The company is founded in 1860 in France. It is the one of best and extra trusted companies in the field of electrical equipment companies. It is also known as a global specialist in electrical and digital infrastructures.

Its adorne collection which later gained popularity by Legrand. They have many fresh new ideas and one of the best-looking lighting switches, dimmers, and receptacles available. These are not like every day alter nary switches. It is the collection that brings a new world of convenience and stylish finishing touch to any space.

Characteristics Of Mylinc

* Stylish, smart, dimmers switches,  receptacles, wall plates, and accessories.

* Modern, cozy, comfort style cottage and a more traditional style.

* Distinctive switches, dimmers, and receptacles.

* Screws are available less on wall plate in 32 finishes such as cast metals, leather an array of vibrant colors, and customizable wall plates.

* Wood, metal, leather artisans, crafts rich and natural materials by hand.

* Legrand modular switches and dimmers are also used as single pole or threeway

* All customizable wall plate made by Legrand allows using your own pattern or material such as wallpaper to create a beautiful and stylish design which fits your personal style.

* Legrand Switches and dimmers are an option from a simple touch, a satisfying click, or simple wave of hand use, which make its delightful and easy to operate lights.

* One style wall plate are able to support any kind of dimmers, switches, or USB ports and the wall plates fit all switches.

Mylinc products are able to transform the wall and let you serve, regulate, charge, control, and many more.

Legrand is an adaptable electronic device company to any type of bulb-like fluorescent, a low voltage, incandescent and LED.

It is a superior switch company.

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