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Honeywell 7 inch Video Door Phone i-Shield with ABS Housing ME-RD7W4D-NC

9,321 17999 48% off
(10,998.78 incl. GST)
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Honeywell 7 inch Video Door Phone i-Shield with ABS Housing ME-RD7W4D-NC

9,321 17999 48% off
(10,998.78 incl. GST)

All You Need to Know About Video Door Phone

video door phone

Video door phones are perfect examples of advancement in technology. They are a clear depiction of its vast influence. A video door phone is a security device that lets you see the person ringing the doorbell outside your home. A video door intercom system manages calls that are made at your apartment, office, and home’s entrance. The terminal is very well equipped with a speaker and camera and visitors can simply make a call by pressing the button. These intercoms are available at prices that are quite affordable. At many junctions, these play a very important role by minimizing the probability of the occurrence of any incident.

How Does Video Door Phone Work?

Isn’t it amazing that we can find out who is at our door without even allowing them to step inside? When it comes to security, this device is an absolute boon. If you want to video door phone priceprotect your place from theft and other felonies, then nothing can be better than the “Video Door Phone”. You can keep your workplace and your home safe by using this great technology.

Safety and Convenience are the two main utilities of video door phones. Its features allow you to hear and see someone standing at the other side of the door. Such a model is well equipped with special infrared illumination. It thus makes it very simple to monitor and control the entrance even at night. This system perfectly prevents unauthorized entry, keeping your home, and loved ones safer than ever before!

Video Door Phones can also have a feature by which they can talk to and interact with people coming to your door on their own. Also, an interactive camera identifies people at your door from memory. After all, when it comes to the security of your family, no chances should be taken.

Video Door Phone Consists of Indoor and Outdoor Elements:

  1. External: Outdoor device has a camera that is enabled with night vision, there are multiple buttons to make a call. A microphone is also present to facilitate communication.Video Doorbell
  2. Internal: Indoor device has a monitor for the audio-visual output.

Both of these elements work in synchronization in order to ensure safety. Through the indoor monitor, you can clearly identify visitors and also decide whom you want to engage with. The feature of capturing images can prove to be beneficial as well, especially in case of a break-in since it gathers strong evidence of all entries. There are other features as well such as night vision, remote access, compatibility, and other surveillance equipment which ensures that the device provides foolproof security and user convenience. Also, using the call feature, you can contact the person first via phone before he steps in.

A Video Door Phone with a Smart Control System has the Following Features:

1. Automatic Candid Photography
2. Alarm Reminder
3. Remote Communication
4. Remote monitor and control
5. Super night vision
6. One video door phone will be able to connect with multiple mobile phones. All these mobile phones can be logged in to the same account.

 The Process of the Video Door Phone is Mentioned:

1. You can answer your doorbell with your mobile phone.
2. You can open your door with a click on your mobile with password protection.
3. Night vision- You can see the visitors clearly even at night with a camera.
4. You can see and talk to the visitor through your mobile phone.
5. A message alert will be sent to the concerned person’s phone number.
6. You can pair up to 8 mobile devices.

Why should You Not Delay Buying a Video Door Phone?

Easy to install: It is very easy to make a door camera with a screen ready for use. There is absolutely no need to make any arrangements or procure a million wires or get heavy equipment. Installing these wireless video door phones is perhaps one of the simplest things to do. When you buy one of these devices, you can arrange for professionals to visit your residence or office and install the device at appropriate places, Alternatively, you can get it installed by your local electrician.

Alarm Signal: There is a feature in the device through which you can be alerted via your mobile phones if any suspicious activity were to take place. You simply hwireless video door phoneave to feed in the mobile number which should be contacted in case of an emergency and it will send the alert on the number provided.

Modern Look: Not only does a door camera with a screen provide extra security but also makes your home feel modern and appealing. This device gives new recognition to your place with the obvious benefit of protection from any threats. A good night’s sleep will never be better.

Improved Security: Without a doubt, this device can improve the security of your home and workplace. This system of video door phones can easily be installed even in strategic areas without any trouble. In general cases, you have a security guard to keep an eye on people visiting your home but we all are well aware of human errors that lead to multiple thefts.

With this audio-video functionality and the integration of proper CCTV cameras, rest assured for a home that is safe to the highest standard. If you are looking to buy this device, check out our online platform for the video door phone price.