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Honeywell MK Wraparound Modular Socket White

123 - 1,402

Honeywell MK Wraparound Modular Hotel Key Switch & Card 3M White

114 - 399

Legrand Mylinc Modular Hotel Key Switch & Card White

116 - 1,803

How does Our Modular Hotel Items Help?`

3 Pin Socket Hotel Key Card shaver socket Key Switch hotel card key switch price in India

The use of metal keys for hotel rooms is a thing of the past. Today most high-tech hotels use Key Switch, allowing guests easy access to rooms. At Ampkart, you will find the best Hotel Key switch that your guests will love.

The hotel industry has always been a trendsetter in digital technology. Key cards have become extensively popular in the hotel industry and provide the best security and access control.

What are Key Cards?

Although the overall concept is the same, there are technology variations in the key card switch used by hotels. The main idea behind key cards is to provide digital access control and offer guests a simple way to get into their room.

That means you don’t have to manually lock/unlock your doors to get inside your room. Key cards unlock your room by scanning the card reader installed on doors. Besides, a Key Card gives you access to other areas, including swimming pools, lounges, and other guest rooms, with updated permission.

The only drawback to the Key Switch Electrical technology is that they can demagnetize. That’s why you should never place your key cards next to your credit cards and keep them in a separate place.

How do Hotel Key Cards Work?

There is no need to bang your head to understand how a Key Switch works. So, let’s conceptualize the process through a few simple steps.

  • You arrive at the hotel and check in at the reception.
  • The receptionist provides you with a Hotel Key Card
  • They will link the Key Card with your room via the digital system
  • Unlock your hotel door either by sliding the card into a card reader or tapping it against the reader
  • Your Hotel Key Card can also provide power to your room using a little reader next to the door.

What are the Key Components of a Hotel Key Card?

There are different technologies deployed for using a Key Switch card. But there are some universal features applicable to all types of cards:

  • Card Assigners that are linked to the computers in the reception. It allows the blank Key Cards to be assigned to your room when you check in.
  • A Key Card is a physical component that gives access to your room. It also stores your data and scans when you get inside a room.
  • Door Reader grants you access to a hotel room by scanning the Hotel Key.
  • Power Devices help save energy by letting you access the control modes through the card reader or key card.

What are the Different Types of Key Card Systems and Switches?

Metals with front row teeth are increasingly replacing traditional keys in hotel rooms. Apart from that, many hotels are using shock-proof Legrand hotel Key Tag Switch for better safety. There are four different kinds of key card systems, and let us discuss them here:

Hole cards

Hole cards are the first introduced key card systems. It would correspond to a lock and open a door when inserted into a slot in the door. However, it fell out of favor due to its limited coding capability and fragility.

Barcode Cards

Barcodes corresponding to a particular locking pattern are devised under this key card switch system. You can unlock a door by placing the barcode under an electronic scanner.

Magnetic Strips

Most hotels and offices use a magnetic strip Key Card. It looks like a credit card and comes with a thin metallic strip on the back. You can unlock any door by swiping this card on the door scanner. It is very difficult to duplicate magnetic strip cards and provides an additional layer of security to a key card in the hotel.

RFID Cards

RFID cards are the latest addition to the Key Switch technology. RFID cards have a radio sensor chip embedded inside the card. When brought into proximity of a correspondingly programmed reader, the door unlocks.

Our Key Card at Ampkart

We have a different key, key switch, and wraparound pin sockets. Some of our collections include:

Honeywell MK Wraparound Hotel Key Switch –

It serves as the master power control for hotel rooms. Plus, this Key Switch comes with a 30-sec time delay for the guest’s convenience.

Legrand Mylinc Hotel Key Card –

The key card switch and magnetic strip card come in six beautiful colors. Plus, it features soft curves and a minimalist design with a screwless finish.

Honeywell 3 Pin Socket –

The Honeywell 3 pin socket has the best-in-class security. You will love the seamless design, screwless technology, and awesome ergonomic finish.

Advantages of Our Hotel Key Card+Switch

Our energy saver Hotel Key Card and switches are specially designed for your hotel and office. When the guests enter the room, it will sense when the card is inserted into the special energy saver socket. Besides, our hotel card key switch price in India is low and caters to all commercial budgets. Plus, some of the top benefits of using a Hotel Key Card include:

  • A Key Switch Electrical card is lightweight and extremely easy to carry.
  • Guests can check out from the hotel and save time without the complicated process of handing over keys.
  • You don’t have to change locks or worry about finding the master key.
  • A key card stops unwanted entry of guests into the hotel room
  • You can also personalize your Key Switch according to your brand and create a distinct identity.

Buy Online from Us

Ampkart is a trusted place to buy your next hotel key card. You will find a variety of selections when you shop with us online. Plus, we are known for the best quality with excellent warranty policies. When you choose us, you will receive:

  • The best line-up of Key Tag Switch
  • Huge deals and promotional discounts on a key card in the hotel
  • Affordable key card and shaver socket price ranges
  • Outstanding 1-year warranty on brand names
  • Doorstep delivery and free shipping
  • Prompt customer support

If you want to purchase a hotel key card, Shaver Socket, or a key switch, visit our website and simplify your shopping. For any questions, contact our team, and we will respond to any inquiry within 24-hours.