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Honeywell MK Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

66 - 321

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Pop Up Boxes

2,040 - 4,953
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Honeywell MK Citric Modular Pop Up Boxes

2,040 - 4,953

Honeywell MK Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

66 - 321

Honeywell MK Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

85 - 232

Honeywell MK Metal and Plastic PVC boxes

pvc switch box

• Honeywell MK’s range of metals and plastic PVC boxes is the newly added list of products to the more sustainable section of electrical goods. It aims to strive at introducing environmental products through the pursuit of technology.

Their primary goal is to make the world a safer and secure place to live and in recent times, electrical products have become an extremely important aspect of it since, it hold risks if not handled carefully. Achieving a relatively comfortable, more innovative, productive, and energy-saving system is what Honeywell wants to look forward to.

• Fitted with earth terminals, MK’s surface-mounted metal boxes and plastic PVC boxes are manufactured from high-quality materials which ensure durability and longevity.

• But before we talk about its benefits and the different models, it’s important to know about the significance that metal boxes and PVC boxes hold.

electrical pvc switch boxes

Electrical Boxes and Its Categories

• Electrical boxes are more of the powerhouses of remodels and electrical repairs, acting the purpose of transition ends for electrical cables.

• A few of the items that are installed in metal boxes are outlets, ceiling lights, ceiling fans, light switches, and transition wires.

• Even though there is a wide variety in shapes, sizes and attachment combinations with electrical boxes, they all fall under two major broad categories- metal boxes and plastic boxes. Based on one’s preference, economy and ease; choosing between plastic and metal boxes is really a personal choice.

• Metal boxes offer high security and safety for all electrical applications and they are extra strong fire retardant, and incapable of melting which gives them an edge over other material boxes.

• With respect to grounding, it is usually easy to decide between them both and the selection is clear cut and obvious mostly.

• People who are creative by nature and like to innovate new things generally prefer plastic electrical boxes over metal boxes and they can be difficult to deal with as the knockouts in metal boxes require supplementary clamps, whereas electricians who are technical and practical are likely to prefer either of them. Handling of metal boxes can be tough as the edges of the boxes are sharp and can cut your hands if not dealt with, properly.

• While plastic electrical boxes have been newly introduced in the market, metal boxes have been in use for a long time.

• Plastic boxes can melt and easily distend under enough threshold stress and pressure. They are so brittle that even light hammering the box the wrong way can twist it out of shape in no time whereas metal boxes are impossible to crush or bend since they can handle the stress relatively better. This is an advantage that metal boxes have over plastic boxes.

pvc modular switch box

When Should One Prefer Metal Boxes?

• Only those metal boxes should be preferred that have interior exposed applications.

• Metal conduit entirely depends on the contact it forms from its metal sheathing to the box to complete grounding. When metal-sheathed cable or an armored BX cable or a metal conduit is put through and out of the box, it is advisable to use a metal electrical box.

pvc electrical switch box

• Metal conduit is needed because the wires are exposed and the procedural installation involves connecting the exposed box directly to a masonry wall. Conventionally these boxes are recessed in the wall but unfinished basements need to be addressed since they lack a full wall system which basically allows the box to be enclosed by the drywall.

Metal boxes can also be preferred with NM wiring or Romex according to one’s needs, keeping proper precautionary measures in mind to be assured of proper grounding and to avoid risks. NM wiring helps in attaching the grounding wire to the main bow with the help of a screw.

Metal boxes ensure to reach maximum levels of holding power. If the major issue concerns the stud attachment, using a metal box is always preferred since metal boxes are strong and they provide a durable attachment to the stud.

• Some boxes also possess pre-attached clamps for good gripping of the cable whereas other boxes may drive up the total cost because they come with separate clamps. Metal boxes are sure to never wrinkle or bend, owing to their high-stress components and stronger work material.

pvc switch board box

How are Plastic Electrical Boxes Different?

• Plastic boxes unlike metal boxes are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and are gaining eminent standards especially for people who like to be innovative when it comes to selecting electrical goods for households or offices.

Plastic boxes are cheaper because of the built-in clamps for the wires. They are lighter, affordable, feasible and convenient, and hassle-free to use but they can very easily melt on heating it at sufficient temperature.

pvc box for switch


When Should Plastic Boxes be Preferred?


Using NM cables is not advisable in the case of plastic boxes. The main concern is that there should be grounded applications.

The use of metal-sheathed wiring with plastic boxes is not at all advisable since if necessary grounding measures aren’t taken it can be highly dangerous.

• Remodel boxes can also be preferred since they have wings and can be easily attached to the drywall.


A Few Categories to Explore

• Horizontal PVC surface box wraparound plus
• Metal flush mounting box wraparound plus
• Plastic PVC surface box wraparound plus


Types of Modules

• 1M
• 2M
• 3M
• 4M
• 6M
• 8M
• 9M
• 10M
• 12M
• 16M
• 18M

Honeywell MK’s evolving and environmentally friendly range of electrical boxes that come with compact and flushed designed plates and glossy finished looks, aim to meet the ever-changing demands of the customers in the electrical industry and field.

It leads to providing quality, safety, and reliability as an initiative towards achieving a more sustainable environment.