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C&S Electric 3 Pin Plug Top White

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C&S Electric 3 Pin Plug Top White

30 - 97.45

Plug Tops – Everything You Need to Know about Plug Tops

plug tops

One of the most widely used names in the electrical field is the plug. We all have surely heard of this name at least once. Now if any of you have little to no knowledge about plugs, let us help you in understanding and knowing everything that you need to.

A plug is a small electrical device that consists of a cover made of plastic, rubber, or other insulating material and has metal pins attached to it. The pins are made from Brass, as Brass is a good conductor of electricity.

Depending on this they are named two-pin plugs, three-pin plugs, etc. These pins are designed to get fit into the socket and carry powers from the electrical load to the appliances. Now as you now have a brief idea about plugs, you should also know about plug tops.

What is a Plug Top?

A plug top is a part that covers the terminals of the plug. The plug tops are made up of insulated materials, like rubber, plastics, polycarbonate, etc. The insulating materials make them safer to use.

Plug Tops are high utility products. Using this you can perform multiple tasks, like converting a simple wire into an extension cord. Rather than plugging the bare ends of a wire into a socket, using a plug top makes it safer and stable.

Plug tops come in different types likes, 2 pin plug tops, 3 pin plug tops, in different colors like black, white, off-white, and sometimes transparent as well.

What is a Multi-Plug?

Multi-Plug is an electrical device that divides a single electrical source into multiple. With the help of that, we can use the electrical output for different purposes connected to a single source. Sometimes a multi-plug can be a conversational plug as well, as it changes a two-pin to a three-pin plug, Indian socket to an international socket, etc.