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Honeywell MK Citric Modular Pop Up Boxes

2,040 - 4,953
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Honeywell MK Citric Modular Pop Up Boxes

2,040 - 4,953

Top-Tier Pop Up Boxes for Home or Office

Pop-up Boxes help you easily connect your laptops, mobile phones, and electronic devices in your meeting rooms. An electrical pop up box comes with stainless steel traps and an aluminum base. Our pop up boxes come with an ergonomic design that adds to the aesthetics of your home.

electrical pop up box pop up box electrical electrical pop-up boxes India
Also known as cable cubby, a pop up box electrical is an efficient way to access tabletop electrical outlets and switch sockets. Besides, it helps to avoid the mess of cable wires.

Features of a Pop Up Box

The legrand pop up box 8 module offers integrated solutions for commercial and residential projects. The pop up boxes provide high value-added solutions to electrical professionals. The major characteristics of a pop up box electrical include:

  • Slim design for perfect integration into the conference table just like our
  • Soft opening for comfort and safety
  • It comes with a push and slides feature to avoid accidental opening by foot
  • Pop up boxes comes with socket outlets
  • You can use the flush-mounting box for concrete floors or the kits for the raised floors
  • The bottom box works to prevent disconnection and electrical leakage.
  • It comes with a beautiful panel resistant to scratches and high temperatures.
  • The electrical pop-up boxes india also come with a socket panel made of aluminum alloy and good insulation.
  • You can retrofit electrical pop-up boxes india to existing desks without any hassle.

What are the Benefits of Pop Up Boxes?

Office spaces are today ergonomically designed to ensure the safety of staff. The increased use of electrical appliances has made the office a dangerous place. The mounting boxes are ideal since they ensur that you can connect your gadgets and keep the place tidy. A few advantages of using pop up boxes are:

  • Easy to install on a wood or concrete surface
  • An electrical pop up box comes in different shapes and sizes for high-end business connectivities
  • You can press the mounting boxes softly, and they will pop up for your meeting.
  • The legrand pop up box 8 module price boxes are great for desktops and raised floors.

Our Different Types of Pop Boxes

At Ampkart, we have an excellent collection of pop up boxes for home and office. You can buy them online, and they will be delivered free at no additional charge.

Legend 8 Module Pop Up Box –

The ergonomically designed legrand pop up box 8 module provides easy use and rapid connection solutions for mobile applications, PCs, and audio/video systems. It features full metal construction and comes in finish-matt aluminum.

Honeywell Pop Up Box –

The Honeywell pop up box electrical has a double rocker design that helps to shield the Arc effectively. Also, the grid plate design ensures there is no warpage and cracks on the metal box.

Buy the Best Pop Up from Us

We have kept the legrand pop up box 8 module price affordable for small businesses. Ampkart has been a leading dealer of electrical pop up boxes that come in different shapes and sizes. So, please pick up the best legrand pop up box 8 module only from us and take your next office conference to a different level.