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Legrand Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

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Legrand Britzy Modular Concealed Metal Box

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Legrand Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

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Legrand Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

69 - 201


Legrand Metal and Plastic PVC Boxes

Legrand has opened up a range of possibilities and globally renowned products for its customers. It strives to provide its clients with the best satisfaction and quality products. 

electrical pvc switch boxes

Legrand is growing really fast to become more efficient, secure, and sustainable and is currently in global demand. It has productively managed to become a worldwide workhouse and launch itself in the line of the world’s best electric brands.

Legrand’s range of metal and plastic PVC boxes objects to go all-out at offering the finest quality products that are sure to exceed your prospects and meet your electric requirements and needs according to your particular customizations.

Electrical Boxes and Its Types

Electrical boxes are the powerhouses of remodels and electrical maintenance, completing the aim of transition ends for cables in the electrical industry.

A few of the pieces that are fitted in metal boxes are outlets, ceiling lights, ceiling fans, light switches, and transition wires.

legrand metal box 12 module

In spite of the brands having a wide variety in shapes, size, and attachment combinations with electrical boxes, they all come under two chief wide-ranging categories- metal boxes and plastic boxes.

Based on one’s preference, economy and ease; choosing between plastic and metal boxes is really an individual selection.

With regard to grounding, it is customarily stress-free to decide between the both and the selection is clear cut and clear mostly.

Metal boxes offer great safety and protection for all electrical applications and they are extra strong, fire retardant, and inept of melting which gives them an advantage over other substantial boxes. People who are resourceful by nature and like to transform new things generally prefer plastic electrical boxes over metal boxes. 

Plastic boxes can be problematic to deal with as the knockouts in metal boxes need additional clamps, whereas electricians who are procedural and routine are expected to prefer either of them. 

Handling of metal boxes can be tough as the edges of the boxes are sharp and can cut your hands if not dealt with, properly.

Plastic electrical boxes have been recently introduced in the arcade and metal boxes have been in usage for a long time.

Plastic boxes can soften and easily distend under enough threshold tension and compression. They are extremely fragile as even light hammering the box in an incorrect manner can twist it out of shape really fast whereas metal boxes are impossible to crush or bend since they can handle the stress relatively better. This is a plus point that metal boxes have over plastic boxes.

2 module pvc box

How are Plastic Electrical Boxes Different?

Plastic boxes dissimilar to metal boxes are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and are attaining outstanding standards particularly for individuals who like to be inventive when it comes to choosing electrical goods for families or offices. 

Plastic boxes are inexpensive and economical because of the built-in clamps for the wires. They are lighter, reasonable, practicable, suitable, and trouble-free to use but they can very simply melt on warming it at passable temperature. 

legrand metal switch box

When Should Plastic Boxes be Preferred?

The use of metal-sheathed wiring with plastic boxes is not at all wise and sensible since if needed grounding measures aren’t taken it can be exceedingly hazardous and risky.

Using NM cables is not sensible when it comes to using the best range of plastic boxes. The main concern is that there should be grounded applications. 

Remodel boxes can also be preferred since they have wings and can be easily attached to the drywall.

legrand switches India

When Should One Prefer Metal Boxes?

Metal conduit exclusively depends on the contact it forms from its metal sheathing to the box to complete grounding.

When a metal-sheathed cable or an armored BX cable or a metal conduit is put through and out of the box, it is logical to use a metal electrical box.

Only those metal boxes should be preferred that have inner basic exposed applications. Metal conduit is necessary for the reason that the wires are visible and the routine installation includes connecting the exposed box directly to a masonry wall. 

Conservatively these boxes are dipped in the wall but incomplete basements need to be addressed, in the meantime they dearth a filled wall system that essentially permits the box to be surrounded by the drywall. 

Metal boxes confirm to reach supreme heights of holding power. If the main issue alarms the stud attachment, using a metal box is always a preferred method and technique since metal boxes are durable and they offer a hard-wearing attachment to the stud.

Some boxes also own pre-attached clamps for decent gripping of the cable whereas other boxes may increase the entire cost for the reason that they come with separate clamps. 

Metal boxes can also be favored with NM wiring or Romex conferring to one’s desires, keeping correct cautionary methods in mind to be guaranteed appropriate grounding and to circumvent risks. Metal boxes are certain to not once wrinkle or bend, owing to their great tension mechanisms and sturdier work material.

NM wiring aids in conferring the grounding wire to the main bow with the help of a screw.


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  • Arteor
  • Mylinc
  • Myrius

legrand switch board

Legrand’s surface metal boxes and plastic PVC boxes, fitted with earth terminals, are factory-made from high quality materials which warrants robustness and longevity.

It targets to attempt at presenting ecological products through the chase of technology. 

In recent times, electrical products have become a tremendously important aspect of it since it holds dangers and hazards if not handled carefully. Their main aim is to make the world a harmless and secure place to live.

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