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Rated Current (A)

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Breaking Capacity (kA)


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Rated Residual Current (mA)

Armor Type

Conductor Type

Light Colour


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Module Width

Horse Power (HP)

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No. of Poles

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No. of Way

No. of Phases

Unit Size

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Best Sellers in this Category

Electron Automatic Changeover Switch

88024,065 incl. Tax

L&T Exora Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

1,80941,548 incl. Tax

L&T Tripper 30A 1 Phase Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

1,877 incl. Tax

Muller 3 Phase 4 Pole Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

6,40088,000 incl. Tax
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HPL Main Switch Fuse Unit

1,40113,995 incl. Tax

HPL Manual Changeover Switch Side Handle in Enclosure

1,71833,179 incl. Tax

HPL TPN Main Fuse Switch Unit with HRC Fuse

16,95327,399 incl. Tax

L&T Main Switch Disconnecter Fuse Unit TPN

2,33241,747 incl. Tax

HPL HRC Fuse Link BS Bolted

611,900 incl. Tax