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Honeywell Impact 25A Modular MCB White

200457 incl. Tax

Honeywell MK Blenze Plus 25A 1 Pole Modular MCB 1M

331380 incl. Tax

Honeywell MK EVO 25A Modular MCB 1M White

242558 incl. Tax

Honeywell MK Horizon 25A 1 Pole Modular MCB 1M

265347 incl. Tax

Honeywell MK Wraparound 25A 1 Pole Modular MCB 1M White W26227

560 incl. Tax

Legrand Britzy Modular MCB 1M White

211 incl. Tax

Legrand Mylinc 1 Pole Modular MCB 1M White

221 incl. Tax

Legrand Myrius 1 Pole Modular MCB ‘C’ 1M White

280 incl. Tax

Honeywell MK Citric 25A 1 Pole Modular MCB 1M White CW227WHI

258 incl. Tax

Honeywell MK Midas 25A 1 Pole Modular MCB 1M White SS2627

437 incl. Tax

Choose Our Modular MCBs

Modular mcb switch modular mcb price modular mcb 25 amp

Wouldn’t you want the electrical supply of your property to look safe and attractive? Well, a modular mcb does the job of providing protection and look. These are considered one of the best requirements of electrical connections in industrial, domestic, and commercial sectors.

Modular mcb switch has become a great product that saves time and money. To avoid any harm, the device automatically cuts the power supply when an overload is detected. Such is the benefit of a modular mcb Havells switch.

Our Range of Modular MCB Switches

At Ampkart, you will find some of the best products at affordable rates. A mini mcb modular switch comes at a fairly considerable amount with us. Besides, we have a variety of choices to choose from; therefore, you can come to us for the best quality products. We provide the following list of products –

  • Legrand Myrius 1 Pole Modular MCB ‘C’ 1M White
  • Honeywell MK EVO 25A 1 Pole Modular MCB 1 White EW227WHI
  • Honeywell MK EVO 25A Modular MCB 1 White
  • Honeywell MK Midas 25A 1 Pole Modular MCB 1M White SS2627

Our modular mcb price is relatively affordable so that everyone can easily and conveniently afford our products. We also provide modular mcb havells switches and more. Contact us if you wish to know more about our products.

Advantages of Modular MCB Switches

Why stick with the traditional mcb switches when you have the convenience and goodness of a modular mcb switch. Today all interior designers choose a modular mcb over the traditional ones you have been using for years. Some of the reasons to invest in it are –

  • The first reason most people invest in modular mcb switches is that they offer great design. Modular mcbs like our modular mcb 16 amp come with various designs and ultra-modern switches.
  • Safety is the first and most important thing with electric switches and other electrical items. These mini mcb modular switches do not have any metal screws, making them super safe for use even around kids.
  • Modular switches come in a variety of capacities. Whether it’s the modular mcb 10 amp or modular mcb 25 amp, they are various to choose from.
  • Another great feature of an mcb like the modular mcb 10 amp is easy to replace and install. In addition, a modular mcb is also very easy to operate.

Availability of Modular MCB Switches

Today, most interior designers choose modular mcb switches for homes. The reason being the modular mcb price is also relatively affordable. Because of this, hard-to-find mcbs like the modular mcb 25 amp are easily available in the market. If you wish for qualitative products at affordable pricing, you can buy them from Ampkart.

Buy Modular MCB Switches from Ampkart

Are you looking for a modular mcb 32 amp switch or a modular mcb 2 pole switch? Well, Ampkart is the perfect go-to place for such products. In addition to our quality products like the modular mcb 32 amp, we also ensure timely delivery. Therefore, you do not have to wait to install and complete your property’s design.

We also ensure that every product comes with the manufacturer’s warranty so that if anything goes wrong, we can exchange them. Visit our store, and you will be pleased to see our collection of quality products.