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Variation: Siemens Water Level Controller Relay 7UG0885-1JU20

1,571 inc. GST

Siemens Sensors for Water Level Controller Relay (Pack of 3) 7UG0985-0YY00

495 inc. GST

Siemens Water Level Controller Relay and Sensor

4951,571 inc. GST

Water Level Controller

Save water or pay later.

Water is the most significant resource for survival yet we as humans tend to overlook this, mindlessly wasting it. There’s no doubt water needs to be preserved.

Water Level Controller (WLC)

A  water tank level controller is fundamentally an electronic device which is utilised to control the functions of your pump and simultaneously controlling the flow of water itself. The creation of these devices has helped solve the issues by regulating the supply of water.


They are employed in various systems like water tanks, pumps, swimming pools, agriculture and are useful for both domestic and industrial purposes.

How does Water Controller work?

The operation of water level controller is based on the fact that water conducts electricity.
As the water controller or fall the sensing probes and circuits of the controller detect the same. These signals are used to switch ON or switch OFF the pump motor as per requirements.

Water Level Sensors

The automatic water level controller detect the level of water. These measurements can be done inside tanks or it can be the level of a river or a lake and can be used to determine the amount of water within a closed container or in open channels.
The sensors send information to the control panel to trigger an alarm or indicator.

Types of sensors

• SS Sensor

• Magnetic Sensor

• Carbon Sensor

• Ultrasonic sensor

• Float Switch

The number of sensors:

Generally, one gets 3 sensors along with a automatic water level controller but you can also find a water controller with 5 sensors as well (it will work more efficiently). Well, it depends upon one as to how many sensors he/she would require.

Main advantages:

These appliances are very beneficial. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.

• Prevents wastage

The main function of these devices to regulate water flow. When the water is at its minimum level it automatically refills the tank and when the water reaches below a certain specified limit it automatically turns the water flow off in order to prevent overflow of water from the tank.

• Negates Dry Running

With the help of these devices the possibility of the tanks getting overfilled can totally be negated. The motor switch automatically turns off when the underground tank is empty thus preventing dry running.

• Power Saving

These devices are very useful since they help save not only water but also electricity. This happens because the main function of these devices is to regulate water supply, thus minimising electricity usage. In the times when energy conservation is an urgency water tank sensor sure prove beneficial.

• Cost Effective

Water tank sensor also facilitate savings. Since these devices conserve both water and electricity by optimising the use water flow, this results in minimum wastage and maximum savings. They substantially help save a good amount of money over time.

• Automated

An additional benefit of automatic water level controller is that its work automatically. The exasperation involved with monitoring something like a water tank is minimized from slim to non along with ensuring the correct water levels. These devices have timer switches dispensing manual labour.

• Customised Running Schedules

These automatic water pump controller also prevent the running of water during odd hours. The timer switches help in scheduling the flow of water in the tank. The water level is also maintained in the absence of any manual monitoring.

• Optimize Water Usage

The best part about these gadgets is optimum water utilisation. Water us required more during the day as compared to the night. The controller regulates water according to its need thus avoiding overflow or underflow and thereby achieving heightened water usage. This also ensures the correct level of water at all times.

Types of WLC’s:

• Semi-Automatic Water Level Controller

Semi-automatic water level controller has MANUAL ON and AUTO OFF function. It needs operator to switch ON the motor pump manually. Once the tank is full, the motor is switched OFF automatically. This model also has the features of dry run, low and high voltage cut off.

• Automatic water level controller

Automatic water-level controller for overhead tanks that switches on/off the pump motor when water in the tank goes below/above the minimum/maximum level. The water level is sensed by two floats to operate the switches for controlling the pump motor.

Different varieties of water level control devices can be bought from online stores at affordable rates.

Best water level controllers in India

The popularity and usage of these devices have skyrocketed as it helps to save power, water and life of the pumps.

One of the most popular brand that you can get easy access to for water level controller and sensors is Siemens.