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RLF Modular Step Fan Regulator 1M for Siemens DELTA vega Plate

572792 inc. GST

Schneider Electric Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

77312 inc. GST

Schneider Electric 2M Concealed GI Metal Box MR1102

77 inc. GST

Schneider Electric 3M Concealed GI Metal Box MR1103

101 inc. GST

Schneider Electric 4M Concealed GI Metal Box MR1104

117 inc. GST

Schneider Electric 8M (S) Concealed GI Metal Box MR1109

205 inc. GST

Legrand 2M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 07

101 inc. GST

Legrand 3M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 08

101 inc. GST

Legrand 4M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 09

134 inc. GST

Legrand 6M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 10

213 inc. GST

Legrand 8M (H) Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 42

248 inc. GST

Legrand 8M (S) Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 31

246 inc. GST

Legrand 9M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 29

293 inc. GST

Legrand 12M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 11

373 inc. GST

Legrand 16M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 13

427 inc. GST

Legrand 18M Concealed GI Metal Box 6890 12

470 inc. GST

Legrand Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

101470 inc. GST

Legrand 2M Surface PVC Box 6733 02

66 inc. GST

Legrand 3M Surface PVC Box 6733 03

77 inc. GST

Legrand 4M Surface PVC Box 6733 04

90 inc. GST

Legrand 6M Surface PVC Box 6733 06

115 inc. GST

Legrand 8M (H) Surface PVC Box 6733 08

171 inc. GST

Legrand 8M (S) Surface PVC Box 6733 05

163 inc. GST

Legrand Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

66194 inc. GST

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Pop up Boxes

2,1906,440 inc. GST

Honeywell MK Citric 3M Pop up Box EP03AL

2,190 inc. GST

Honeywell MK Citric 4M Pop up Box EP04AL

3,360 inc. GST

Honeywell MK Citric 6M Pop up Box EP06AL

5,310 inc. GST

Honeywell MK Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

66324 inc. GST

Honeywell MK 2M Concealed GI Metal Box MB200001

66 inc. GST

Honeywell MK 3M Concealed GI Metal Box MB200003

79 inc. GST

Honeywell MK 4M Concealed GI Metal Box MB200004

91 inc. GST

Honeywell MK 6M Concealed GI Metal Box MB200006

130 inc. GST

Honeywell MK 8M (H) Concealed GI Metal Box MB20008H

145 inc. GST

Honeywell MK 9M Concealed GI Metal Box MB200009

193 inc. GST

Honeywell MK 12M Concealed GI Metal Box MB200012

209 inc. GST


modular switch board price

What is a Modular Switch Board?

modular switch board box

Modular switches are the more gauche and deft versions of the traditional ones. This new range of electrical switches for homes is comparatively safer, more convenient, and easier to use. These sophisticated modular switches not only add to the ease of operation but also are multi-functional in the sense that they updo the aesthetic appeal. 

They are put in use everywhere starting from households to offices. Best modular switches are now more opted for mainly because of their designs. Modular networkings give more flexibility as the requirements for the networks change. These modular switches are easy to install and repairs do not take much hassle or time either.

Advantages of Using Modular Switch Board:

Safe to Operate:

One of the most promising functions of modular switching is safety. The conventional switches took use of heavy wiring and metal screws and hence were prone to electric shocks or mishaps. Whereas, the modular switches are totally unexposed to metallic components preventing any chances of accidents. The shuttered sockets add to the safety quotient of the switches.

Elegant Design:

Best modular switchboards in India comes in a variety of designs, finishes, styles, and colors. They are modern, stylish, and designed to perfectly compliment the space of installation, houses, or offices. Their versatile designs go in with every kind of interior even make room for personalization. 

modular electric switch board


This new-age modular switchboard is used in several other operations as well, such as security, automation, data transmission, and so on. With their ease of use and installation, they can be installed in any desired part of the complex for any desired function. However, their main purpose is to carry forth heavy-duty applications.


The modular switch is very efficient and more ergonomic. It is important for the people who use it daily and also for the people who install it and repair it. Different ampere can be assigned to different switches on the same board. 

Why Pick Modular Switch Board over Non-Modular Ones?

best Modular switches are very easy to set up and can be personalized or customized in accordance with your preferences, taste, purpose, and specifications. Safety terms in modular switches are highlighted mainly.

Non-modular switches come in inflexible, rigid configurations and demand uniform replacements from time to time with little to nil decorative appeal. In this configuration, the safety of the circuit is not assured.

Best modular switches are designed in a way that they do not require cables and, thus their fixing and replacement are neat and uncluttered. The modular switches can be assigned to different ranges of amperes. Like for geysers, 16 amp will be fitted and for ordinary lights and fans amperes ranging around, 5 will be fitted.

In the case of Non Modular switches, the wiring is cluttered and there is always a high chance of risk of short circuits or any mishappening. Besides that the nonmodular switches for the home take up more space on the wall than the modular switchboard ones and the visual appeal is not even close to the modular ones. The repairing and space issue also adds up as a disadvantage.

For high safety purposes, modular switches are now attached with MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) which helps during any abnormal condition in the electrical network like overload or short circuit. The wirings are usually done with copper which gives the best electricity flow. So this is a major benefit for modular switch configuration. 

Electric shocks are often felt if the switch box comes in contact with even little water. This is not the case in a modular switchboard.

Hence, the best modular switches in India are not only chosen for their good designs and sophisticated looks. It is chosen for its safety purposes. Attaching MCB to the configuration also assures the safety of no short circuits because the MCB allows auto trips which is less dangerous. 

Smart Wiring Accessories

Smart wiring accessories give high flexibility in installation and also complete control of the configurations.


modular switch socket boardSockets are a hole in a piece of electrical equipment where another piece of equipment can be connected. It is mostly made of polycarbonate FR, which is a high-grade retardant engineering plastic. They have hard hardened phosphorus bronze contacts. Each socket has a spring-loaded protective safety shutter.

Sockets come with switches to control them. Sockets can have different amperes as well.

Regulators and Dimmers

Modular Regulators and Dimmers

Regulators and dimmers are made of the same material as that sockets, Regulators as a smart accessories, have features that cannot be found in conventional regulators. They promise no radio frequency interference, negligible power loss, and suffice to say that these smart regulators provide good ventilation for proper heat dissipation and no humming sound. 

Regulators are used to control the speed of the fan and whereas, dimmers are used to control the brightness of the light.

Dimmers are connected to a light fixture. These regulators are dimmers that give ease of usage and visible appeal.

Regulators come with the modular switchboard that I connected with a fan but the switches with light fixtures may not come with a dimmer. Dimmers are new in the market and have to be customized accordingly.

Switch Plates

modular switch socket board

Switchplates, unlike the old metallic plates, are made from fire retardant UV established high-performance engineering plastic to ensure zero fire hazards or shocks. With the ease of installation and removal, these plates are suitable for all common boxes. Besides protecting the switches, the plates basically level up the visual deal. Who does not like good decor for their room? The switch plate gives a concrete and complete look for the best modular switches. 

Switch Boxes

Switch boxes are boxes that contain the working part of an electrical switch. All the wire configurations and detailing stay inside the box and the switch is connected with it. The switch box may contain only switch or switch and socket both. 

modular switch board box

Brands to Look for Modular Switch Board:

There are many brands in the market for switches and sockets but these are some of the top-rated ones to go for 



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