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Best Sellers in this Category

Siemens DELTA vega Modular Switch

92.37 - 423.70

Legrand Britzy Modular Switch White

27 - 180

Schneider ZENcelo Modular Switch

200 - 1,236

Honeywell Impact Modular Switch White

26 - 187
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Anchor Roma Classic 10A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch 1M White

106 - 114

Anchor Roma Classic Modular Switch 1M White

48 - 224

GM FourFive 10A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch Glossy White

114 - 202

GM FourFive Modular Switch Glossy White

51 - 292

Honeywell Impact 6A Modular Bell Push Switch White

43 - 68

Honeywell Impact Modular Switch White

26 - 187

Honeywell MK Blenze Plus 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch

166 - 326

Honeywell MK Blenze Plus Modular Switch

103 - 687

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Switch White

80 - 177

Honeywell MK EVO 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch White

55 - 87

Honeywell MK EVO Modular Switch White

31 - 207

Honeywell MK Horizon Modular 6A Bell Push Switch 1M

82 - 107

Honeywell MK Horizon Modular Switch

54 - 397

Honeywell MK Midas 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch 1M White SS2605BA

126 164 23% off
(148.68 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Midas Modular Switch White

79 - 433

Honeywell MK Wraparound 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch White

150 - 288

Honeywell MK Wraparound Modular Switch White

73 - 433

Legrand Arteor 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch

178 - 286

Legrand Arteor Modular Switch

106 - 802

Legrand Britzy 6A Modular Bell Push Switch with Indicator White

74 - 112

Legrand Britzy Modular Switch White

27 - 180

Legrand Mylinc 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch White

102 - 203

Legrand Mylinc Modular Switch White

51 - 332

Legrand Myrius 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch White

182 - 275

Legrand Myrius Modular Switch White

96 - 758

Schneider Livia 10A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch White

125 - 168

Schneider Livia Modular Switch White

68 - 394

Schneider Opale 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch White

178 - 255

Schneider Opale Modular Switch White

115 - 636

Schneider ZENcelo 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch

284 - 543

Schneider ZENcelo Modular Switch

200 - 1,236

Siemens DELTA vega 10A 1 Way Switch (Complete Unit)

137.28 - 472.85

Siemens DELTA vega 10A Modular Bell Push Switch

116.94 - 184.73

Siemens DELTA vega 10A Modular Bell Push Switch (Complete Unit) 2M Snow White 5TD0741-1NL1

159.31 188 15% off
(187.99 incl. GST)

Siemens DELTA vega Complete Unit (3 Uni. Sockets + 20A Switch) 8M

1,143.99 - 1,567.69

Siemens DELTA vega Modular Switch

92.37 - 423.70

Buy Effective Modular Switches

With its massive appeal, a modular switch board is a crucial part of any home or business’ electrical fittings. With modular switches replacing traditional switches, the switch and socket industry continues to undergo a paradigm shift. Today, a switch is much more than a button for turning electrical appliances on and off. A modular electric switch does precisely this function. It is a part of modern living spaces. An electrical switch must blend in with the surroundings of people’s homes by considering their aesthetics, ease of use, and design.

Earlier, electricians would usually suggest a normal monotonous white electrical switch board. However, today the world has found a new modular switch socket that will surely lend the perfect elegance and appearance your property needs. The only reason behind this is the new invention of electrical switch board design in India.

A modular electric switch is a new version of a traditional switch. They have become quite popular among interior designers in recent years due to their advantages over conventional switches. Ampkart has a range of modular switches to elevate your interiors. We also offer modular switch price that fits all budgets and pockets. Our range of mk modular switches is very much in demand!

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Difference Between Modular and Non-Modular Switches

If you think your non-modular switches were doing just fine, here are some of the differences between a modular switch board and a non-modular switch.

Modular Switch

A modular switch socket is a modern switch that can be found in any home, office, or business. Over conventional non-modular electrical switches, they have a number of advantages. They differ from traditional ones in terms of aesthetics and ease of use. A modular push button switch offers a hassle-free electrical solution.

Pros of Modular Switch

  • They have higher and better safety and flexibility
  • They offer easier maintenance
  • A modular switch has better cable management

Non-Modular Switch

In every veteran home and office, you’ll find non-modular switches. In spite of the fact that a modular switch or Press Switch has many advantages over non-modular switches, they still have the upper hand in some parameters. They offer a classic design and have a lower price tag. Usually, they are more commonly chosen in the market compared to modular switch.

Pros of Non-Modular Switch

  • A non-modular switch is relatively more compatible with older electrical wiring.
  • They are more economical as compared to the modular ones
  • They offer more robustness

Our Range of Modular Switches

At Ampkart, you will be treated with such a wide range of products that you will be spoilt for choice. Here is where you should be whenever you need electrical equipment and items. Whether it is a Schneider switch or a modular press switch, we can provide you with a list. Here are some items we have in store for you –

  • Legrand Myrius 6A 1 Way Bell Push Button Switch 1M White 6730 20
  • Schneider Electric Opale Modular Switch White
  • Legrand Arteor 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Start
  • Legrand Arteor Modular Switch
  • We also include Schneider switch and other brands like Anchor and Honeywell.

You can know more about the modular switch price or a 6 amp modular switch price with us. We provide a range of affordable products.

Advantages of Modular Switches

There are several reasons why you must opt for a modular switch. We can help you with a list of reasons and advantages –

Safety and Security:

The most important consideration while buying electrical items is that they should be safe, protecting users from electrocution. Well, modular switches provide precisely that. Unlike the non-modular switches, modular ones do not have any metal screw exposed. They are built with high plastic material, making them safe for use. Even with children around, it isn’t harmful to anybody.

Designs and Multi-Functional:

Modular switches are available in many designs and variants. This is the best feature of modular switches; they offer versatility and designs.

Ease of Operation:

The advantage of using modular switches is that they require no multi-plug adapters for appliances. To suit your plug, these modular switches can be easily changed with zero hassle.


An electric switch price isn’t as expensive as one would think. Many do not go for modular switches thinking it will cost them a lot. On the contrary, Ampkart can provide you with a list of switches at a reasonable electric switch price. You can buy whichever ones suit your property and need best.


Durability is one advantage that attracts many people into buying modular switches. A really unique advantage of a modular switch is that it can last a lifetime. What are you thinking? Grab yours from Ampkart today!


Modular switches provide easy application and replacement. If, by any chance and due to circumstances, there is a need to change the switches, modular switches provide easy replacement. Therefore, you wouldn’t even need the hassle of electricians. You can do it yourself too sometimes!

Buy Modular Switches from Ampkart

Ampkart is one of the best platforms to buy any electrical equipment that you’d want for your property. In addition, we also keep our prices really affordable. Our electrical switch price will blow your mind away. If you thought modular wasn’t for you, think again! Our range of products guarantees quality and will spoil you for choice. Among some of our relentless services are –

  • Authenticity is guaranteed.
  • You will get easier search options with us
  • Our products are warranted by the manufacturers
  • We never fail to satisfy our customers with our quality
  • Our timely delivery and punctuality is everything
  • We offer amazing discounts and offers to our customers

What more could you possibly ask for? Whether it’s a 6 amp modular switch price or more, we are here to guide you through an array of choices. You can conveniently book the one you like. With our experience, we are undoubtedly, one of the best online markets for electrical equipment. Do not hesitate to reach out to us whenever you search for qualitative electrical modular switches.