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 Schneider Electric LIVIA Switches

schneider livia switches

 One can easily switch to the modern era of electrical products with the LIVIA range. LIVIA originated from the Latin word “Olive” which is commonly known to depict symbols of peace. LIVIA switch enables a life that is full of style, peace, and a pleasant environment. This category of switch has a well-crafted interior design along with high and reliable functionality. The product is available in a wide range which is affordable. With growing years Schneider Electric switches have built an empire and have established its business as one of the leading businesses in the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and other related domains. Schneider Electric is a Multi-National Company (European) that provides automation digital solutions and energy for sustainability and efficiency. It addresses offices, homes, data centers, buildings, industries, and infrastructure. Today, Schneider Electric is a global leader in Automation Systems and Power Management. The company is in building automation, home automation switches, and sockets, industrial control systems, industrial safety systems, electrical grid automation, critical power and cooling for data centers, etc.

 schneider electric livia switches


The switches are available in different colors such as grey, black, and white. The sheath is also available in different colors such as silver and white for different models. LIVIA switch has no indicator present in the switch. In this model, you will directly come to know whether the switch is turned on or off as the level of sheath and switch is different and after being turned on one may easily identify whether the switch is turned on or off. The backside wiring process in this model is simple compared to other Schneider switches models which are a little advanced. Models as per your choice and concern are available which can easily fit your home and keep your house decorated with its elegance and soft look.

 The Key Features are:

  • No Light Reflection From Surface: The Schneider electric switches are available with a very reliable and smooth finish.
  • Patented Photo Etching Process: The Schneider electric switches are available with advanced technology and can also easily fit your designer house and are of Soft White Color Gels with any Interior. They very easily get matched with your home’s background and décor.
  • High Durability: The Schneider switches are highly durable.
  • Soft Click: The Schneider electric switches enable you to turn them on or off very gently and softly and make you feel comfortable while handling them.

Schneider switches with more than 1 module are also available with the same features and promised quality. The maximum of those will be of the same model where the level of sheath and switch are the same and the indicator will let you know whether it is turned on or off. The sockets enable you to insert in it smoothly without the use of a pencil and promise ease of access to it.

All the essentials for electrical fitting are available in a reasonable range that one can easily afford. It has promised security and makes it easy for you and your family to handle it. Children are also safe with these switches and sockets and can easily handle them without any trouble.

Because of all these reasons Schneider Electric is ruling over the hearts of millions. In addition to being stylish in looks, it is Safe and Secure as well. It has very smooth operations and also has hassle-free operations. Moreover, the structure of the switch is very decent and structured along with all the key features.

Antibacterial Range Aesthetics Thickness Performance Easy Installation 360 degree Fan Controller
The favorite LIVIA switches are developed with antibacterial properties now! It is built with silver ion technology which makes the LIVIA switches and the cover plates completely disinfected. The switch is sleek in its body structure and possesses a classy finish. Its design and structure certainly make it dust-free and easily cleanable. The plates have 2.7 mm

Thickness from all 4 sides makes the wall look decent and classy. It is easily adapted to in-home or office workplaces.

These switches are designed by copper bridges which makes them durable and reliable.

The arc shield in its structure gives additional safety to it!

These switches

Are very easily installed since they contain front loading modules, wiring diagrams marked with laser, IP 20  protected switch terminals. All these details are installed in the switch to make the process easy and simple.

The rotator fan controller of 360 degrees is installed for easy usage and controlled speed regulation with a uniform variation. These regulators are present in 1 module as well as 2 module sizes.


Silver Ion Technology: An antimicrobial technology that is based on active ingredient silver which can be incorporated into textiles, coatings, polymers, and others to protect the product against any bacterial growth. This technology is used by Schneider Electric for developing and creating switches and sockets which makes them free from bacteria throughout the lifespan of the switch.

schneider electric switches and socketsschneider electric switches

What are The Benefits?

1. The Schneider electric switches are of soft white color with a surface design which makes them free from dust and also easy for cleaning.
2. For additional safety, there is a spark shield that is inbuilt in the switch.
3. The rotational regulator with a 360-degree rotator knob is present for controlling the speed of the fan and maintaining uniformity. The variation of speed is uniform which makes it more comforting for us.
4. The structure is built in honeycomb design which adds additional strength to the plate.
5. The Schneider switches are in a germ-free environment.
6. The surface of the switch is disinfected throughout the life of the switch.
7. Most importantly, switches are tested and validated as per the safety standards mentioned globally.



LIVIA has a complete range that spreads over wiring devices with sockets and switches, communication plates, and outlets. Schneider electric switches and sockets along with other wide range of products can be used in offices, hotels, residences, hospitals, and other areas.

schneider switches price