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Honeywell MK Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

66 - 321

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Pop Up Boxes

2,040 - 4,953

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Switch White

80 - 177

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Socket 2M White

132 - 220
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Honeywell MK Citric 2.1A Modular USB Socket 1M White CW586WHI

792 1,390 -79100% off
(934.56 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Citric Cat6 Modular RJ45 Computer Socket 1M White CW493WHI

389 682 42% off
(459.02 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Fan Regulator White

326 - 400

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Plate Cover + Frame White

80 - 190

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Pop Up Boxes

2,040 - 4,953

Honeywell MK Citric Modular RJ11 Telephone Socket with Shutter 1M White CW490WHI

95 166 42% off
(112.10 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Socket 2M White

132 - 220

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Switch White

80 - 177

Honeywell MK Citric Modular TV Coaxial Socket 1M White CW451WHI

138 242 42% off
(162.84 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

66 - 321

Honeywell MK Citric 25A 1 Pole Modular MCB 1M White CW227WHI

245 430 43% off
(289.10 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Citric 25A Modular Motor Starter Switch 2M White CW217WHI

418 734 43% off
(493.24 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Citric 6A 1 Way Bell Push Modular Switch White

127 - 217

Honeywell MK Citric LED Modular Foot Light 2M White CW530WHI

384 674 43% off
(453.12 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Citric Modular Electronic Chime 2M White CW225WHI

454 796 42% off
(535.72 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Citric Modular False Blank Plate 1M White CW441WHI

27 48 43% off
(31.86 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Citric Red Neon Modular Indicator Light 1M White CW595WHI

130 228 42% off
(153.40 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

85 - 232

Honeywell MK Citric Switches & Sockets

honeywell citric switches

The innovative range of modular MK switches and sockets is generating a more sustainable way to meet our electrical requirements. Modular switches are relatively easier and convenient to use compared to conventional switches. As minute as it might seem, electrical switches have the flow of electricity in control, therefore, it’s important to power up mid-level electronics with a touch of modernity. That is exactly what modular switches and sockets are for.

They provide all the primary interfaces for all our electrical needs and hence become an important part of our interiors. Formerly electrical equipment was seen more as utilities but with advancing modern times people have started considering it as a crucial part of decor planning.

honeywell mk switches

Modular MK switches and sockets have definitely proven to be better than the traditional range of electricals with their anti-wield design, smooth and soft operation, handy usage, and shuttered sockets.

Therefore, at this one-stop solution which would fulfill all of your needs you can save your time, money, and energy and be assured of safe and reliable products.

So make the right choice and get your customized modular switches and sockets for your place so that all your varied safety needs can be easily taken care of.

But before that, it’s important to know how these modular electricals work!

honeywell switches

What are Modular Switches?

• Modular MK switches make it possible and easy to repair a defective switch that can be exchanged out through a front-loading procedure without detaching the whole plate and thereby enabling easy disconnection of a specific switch on the plate.

• Unlike non-modular switches that have a fixed configuration and require alternatives and replacements if they fail to meet the electrical needs of the consumers, modular switches can be used without any clutter or cable. They have proven to be more durable with better longevity.

mk honeywell switches

Why Should You Prefer These, Over Traditional Electronics?

Easy customization– Suiting the customer’s requirements modular switches can be super easy and uncomplicated to customize as per their specifications and interests. They come with a relatively undemanding and handy setup.

Safe and secure to operate – One of the main reasons why you should prefer modular switches is the safety that it brings along. Modular electronics have gained a lot of eminences lately because of the better security and reliability for home appliances that it provides. They are processed and refined out of high-quality materials. This– ‘safe to operate’ quality and ‘affordability’ bring forth not just these products but simplistic solutions to serve multiple purposes. It’s free of shock risks and safe for households with children.

mk switches

Stylish and sophisticated designs– Many people like to maintain the elegance of their decor and prefer electric fittings that match the wallpapers and the interiors of their homes. Having versatile design, brand new styles, soothing colors, elegant and appealing finishes are what gives them an edge over other electronics. Designer and glass switch plates are also available for those who want to renovate their interiors.

Multi-faceted– Since modular switches and sockets are detachable and easy to remove according to the convenience of the customer, they offer massive pliability. Modular switches have various utilizations, including automation and data transmission but most importantly following out heavy-duty applications. They can be installed in different parts of the building to carry out different applications.

Feasibility– A prime lookout and concern nowadays is for the connectivity that wall sockets provide. Modular switches offer multiple pin types and save many people from the trouble and unnecessary hassle.

honeywell switches India

Few Categories to Explore for Modular Switches

• Modulator indicator switches
• Decorative modular switches
• Modular switch socket combination
• Modular touch switches, etc.

Honeywell MK Citric Range of Sockets

honeywell electrical switches

• Honeywell is a well-renowned brand for electrical fittings when it comes to quality and durability. It provides a wide premium range of sockets under different collections. One such elegant collection of sockets is the Citric range of sockets. The dust-free shuttered sockets are usually available in white color.

• It is influenced by the finest modular designs and cover frames, available at low and affordable prices. These modular sockets are neatly designed to fit in assembly plates that fit snugly on the wall.

honeywell switches and sockets

• With safety being given its due importance, it is designed in a way that provides for good mechanical strength.

• These pin sockets are made from UV stabilized polycarbonate material (flame–retardant) which prevents any discoloration. It also deals well with high withdrawal pull and a good contact grip is assured.

Product Categories for Sockets

• 6A sockets
• 16A sockets
• 13A sockets
• 25A sockets
• 32A sockets

Range of Number of Modules for Modular Sockets

• 1 Module
• 2 Module
• 3 Module

Citric- Modular Switches Features

Modular 1M, 2m

Soft Operating Force – Comes with a soft operating system. The person has to apply minimal force while operating soft switches.

Installation of attachments in any way in the plates is easy due to the rotation of modules.

Big Known Brands for Modular Switches

• Some of the famous brands in the industry of modular switches that provide a reliable, secure, and durable range of electronic fittings are Honeywell, Anchoramch products Anchor, Legrand, and Havells. Most of these leading companies have a remarkable global presence in the market. They produce a wide range of pliable products that have been trusted by people and have become some of the most preferred products used by the audience.