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Legrand Britzy Modular Switch White

27 - 180

Legrand Britzy Modular Socket White

59 - 139

Legrand Arteor Modular Socket

145 - 408

Legrand Mylinc Modular Switch White

51 - 332
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Legrand Britzy Switches and Sockets (14)

Legrand Arteor Switches & Sockets (13)

Legrand Metal Box and PVC Switch Box (3)

Legrand Mylinc Switches & Sockets (20)

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Legrand Arteor 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch

178 - 286

Legrand Arteor Modular False Blank Plate 1M

30 - 30

Legrand Arteor Modular LED Foot Light 3M

572 - 660

Legrand Arteor Modular Plate Cover + Frame White?

130 - 797

Legrand Arteor Modular RJ11 Telephone Socket with Shutter 1M

152 - 261

Legrand Arteor Modular RJ45 Computer Socket 1M

321 - 561

Legrand Arteor Modular Socket

145 - 408

Legrand Arteor Modular Step Fan Regulator 100W

575 - 818

Legrand Arteor Modular Switch

106 - 802

Legrand Arteor Modular TV Coaxial Socket 1M

157 - 186

Legrand Arteor Modular USB Socket 1M

1,112 - 1,284

Legrand Britzy 1.5A Modular USB Socket 1M White

562 986 43% off
(663.16 incl. GST)

Legrand Britzy 25A Modular Motor Starter Switch 2M White

319 560 43% off
(376.42 incl. GST)

Legrand Britzy 6A Modular Bell Push Switch with Indicator White

74 - 112

Legrand Britzy Modular Concealed Metal Box

57 - 194

Legrand Britzy Modular False Blank Plate 1M White

17 30 43% off
(20.06 incl. GST)

Legrand Britzy Modular Foot Light 2M White

270 474 43% off
(318.60 incl. GST)

Legrand Britzy Modular Front Plate Cover + Frame White

52 - 252

Legrand Britzy Modular MCB 1M White

219 - 219

Legrand Britzy Modular Socket White

59 - 139

Legrand Britzy Modular Step Fan Regulator 100W White

271 - 345

Legrand Britzy Modular Switch White

27 - 180

Legrand Britzy Red Modular Indicator Light 1M White

67 118 43% off
(79.06 incl. GST)

Legrand Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

85 - 394

Legrand Mylinc 1 Pole Modular MCB 1M White

227 - 227

Legrand Mylinc 16A Modular Motor Starter Switch 2M White 6759 65

321 642 50% off
(378.78 incl. GST)

Legrand Mylinc 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch White

102 - 203

Legrand Mylinc LED Modular Foot Light 3M White 6755 97

420 840 50% off
(495.60 incl. GST)

Legrand Mylinc Modular Cat6 RJ45 Computer Socket 1M White

297 0% off
(350.46 incl. GST)

Legrand Mylinc Modular False Blank Plate 1M White 6755 90

26 52 50% off
(30.68 incl. GST)

Legrand Mylinc Modular Plate Cover + Frame White?

74 - 410

Legrand Mylinc Modular RJ11 Telephone Socket 1M White 6755 41

100 200 50% off
(118 incl. GST)

Legrand Mylinc Modular RJ45 Computer Socket with Shutter 1M White

244 - 355

Legrand Mylinc Modular Socket White

111 - 195

Legrand Mylinc Modular Step Fan Regulator 100W White

320 - 428

Legrand Mylinc Modular Switch White

51 - 332

Legrand Switches & Sockets

legrand switches India

Legrand is a global brand that specializes in electrical and digital infrastructure. It is one of the top brands in the electrical industry growing at a very fast rate due to its quality products that guarantee safety and satisfaction. They have been electrifying homes all over the world with their top-notch futuristic products.

Conventional Switches

Conventional Switches also referred to as traditional switches are old designed simple switches that have exposed wires and metal screws that can be seen through the naked eyes. These designs increase the risk of any mishap or shock making them highly unsafe especially for kids.


Modular Switches

Legrand Modular Switches are advanced conventional switches. These switches being an up-gradation of traditional switches eliminate all their drawbacks. These are more durable, safe, easy to use, fast, and stylish.

legrand switch board


In this 21st century where things move at a lightning speed, change islegrand modular switches mandatory. Constant change and modernization have become a defining factor in how we live our lives and also how we utilize our homes. This lifestyle requires technical facilities that solve our modern-day problems.

Trends such as professional flexibility, demographic change, number of connected devices, and how we use our energy and resources all have to be taken into consideration while fitting technical devices in our homes. To ensure that buildings retain and increase their value they need to be futuristic. Legrand has developed smart solutions for every aspect of modern residential buildings.

Legrand is Well Known to Live Up to These Expectations of:

Adaptation – Allowing you to adapt your living environment at a time to suit changing situations and lifestyles.

Comfort, safety, and energy efficiency – Morden homes must meet these essential requirements.

Independence – The use of connected solutions helps to safeguard people and avoiding loss of independence.

Future-proof Installations – Allowing people to benefit from upcoming technologies, developments, and innovations.

legrand switch socket

Reasons to Choose Legrand


Legrand focuses on prioritizing the safety of its users. This is ensured by the international level quality standard seen in each product they offer. The switches and sockets are no exception. Most of Legrand switches are made of high-quality polycarbonate material that is very sturdy and durable. Legrand also offers antibacterial switches under its Myrius range.

Legrand Modular Switches and sockets being a modern-day device ensure the safety of its users in the absence of the drawbacks of traditional or classic switches and sockets.


Legrand manufactures a wide variety of switches and sockets. These are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, materials, sizes, polish, etc. Legrand allows everyone legrand electrical switches Indiato set up their homes as they want to, thanks to the extensive variety for every segment and virtually in every standard including in finishes. From classic, functional plastic right through to more unusual materials like leather, concrete Swarovski crystals.

Ultimate Choice: 

Whether you’re on a budget or going for a more luxurious feel, Legrand switch offers you the widest possible variety of different finishes, shapes, colors, materials- from standard finishes through to top-quality, leather, glass, stone, natural materials are handcrafted rich, natural materials made of wood, metal or woven metal.


The portfolio of variety extends to customization. Legrand offers end-to-end custom-built solutions, whether exclusive materials, markings, or engravings. In close cooperation with the customer, the brand strives to truly unique projects to life.

 Legrand Sockets

Legrand designed all sockets to match the interiors of your room, the international standard of adapters for a global citizen like you, and put little shutters over them to prevent electrical shocks – a much-needed feature especially when there are children around. For today’s connected generation, we have USB sockets too. Wherever you are, experience the advantage of Legrand.


Legrand Sockets – Key Features:
Shuttered for child safety
Innovative bi-material support frame (provides IP 20 electrical safety)
Captive never-to-lose screws
Multiplug support – These sockets even support all kinds of plugs and don’t require specific adaptors.
High Performance – Since these switches and sockets are made of durable redundant materials they can resist high voltage power draw.
Easy Installation & Replacement – These switches are easy to install, replace, and remove due to its flexibility.
Usage: Legrand sockets can be used across residential, office, factory, and hotel and hospital buildings.





Legrand Core Brands


 “Fuelled by innovation, crafted to perfection, and powered by technological imagination; are a few ways in which Legrand can be described.”

L Y N C U S Change to today

Lyncus is a range that is the outcome of designing. This range offers products that are sleek, minimalistic, and in sync with technology that makes this range stand out.

Combi Twin USB

Today’s homes have many gadgets per person. Now you can charge 3 devices at a time with this twin socket.legrand switches and sockets



Rbest legrand switchesRockers with a Twist

The new rockers come in chic colors with a signature pinch that amplifies the aesthetics of your home




The adorne collections range of high tech, high style solutions combines accessible, flexible, and smart designs to inspire creativity.

If you’re looking legrand switches and sockets Indiafor style without even having to customize it adorne is your stop. Adorne makes devices to match any taste from modern to comfort, classic or traditional.

Paddle Switches 

The paddle design features a simple up and down motion allowing you to turn lights on and off with ease.

Whisper Switches 

The whisper features an innovative cross between traditional toggle and paddle switch features classic, elegant lines and fluid motion.legrand switches prices

Outlets (Receptacles)
· Tamper-resistant design
· Patented shutter system
· Full & plus size versions available

legrand socket pricelegrand switch socket
   More is on

legrand switches and sockets

  • More simple

Simple user interface on the outside to make it convenient and easy to use.legrand electrical switches India

  • More durable

Highest quality, finest material and have been thoroughly tested for durability and endurance. The ISI mark guarantees long-lasting performance.

  • More Value

Sets new standards of convenience and comfort, and legrand switches price that too in the most affordable way. Myrus gives you more value for money.

  • More Wellness

Myrius antibacterial products offer anti-bacterial protection. The composition of the product contains Ag+ ions which eliminate the proliferation of bacteria on contact. Smooth and straight product design eliminates dust accumulation. It is self disinfecting throughout its lifetime.

B R I T Z Y    NoProblemSwitch

best legrand switches

  • Tight switch, complicated switch, loose switch, socket problem, all these problems are solved by this no problem switch.legrand switches and socketsOne switch solves multiple problems
  • Easy to install due to its climbing facility thereby eliminating the problem of wiring.
  • Stronghold solves the problem of loose sockets. This ensures that the socket doesn’t detach from the wall easily under any circumstances.
  • They’re made of high-quality polycarbonate material, eliminating the danger of spark or shock.
  • Long-lasting smooth performance with value for money.

legrand switches and sockets India