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Honeywell MK Blenze Plus Modular Switch

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Honeywell MK Blenze Plus Modular Fan Regulator

551 - 732

Honeywell MK Blenze Plus Modular Socket

121 - 323
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Honeywell MK Blenze Plus 1A Modular USB Socket 1M Synthetic Chalk White DW583SCW

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(594.72 incl. GST)

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Honeywell MK Blenze Plus Modular Fan Regulator

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Honeywell MK Blenze Plus Modular RJ11 Telephone Socket 1M

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Honeywell MK Blenze Plus Modular Socket

121 - 323

Honeywell MK Blenze Plus Modular Switch

103 - 687

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Honeywell MK Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

66 - 321

Honeywell MK Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

85 - 232

Blenze Plus Modular Switches and Sockets

Honeywell’s Blenze Plus’ brand new streak of modular MK switches and sockets are all about prevention against the bacterial environment and an initiative to make homeowners feel safer and secure when it comes to antibacterial solutions. Since operating switches require physical touch and many people are bound to come in physical contact with them, it is important to look out for the possibility of potential bacterial infections that could be introduced by an afflicted individual through it.

mk blenze switches

Greasy and dirty hands can even lead to viruses and bacteria on the surface. One must have even noticed discoloration of the switches over a period of time, it’s due to the bacterial growth on the surface of switches and sockets. The newly introduced antibacterial MK witches are all-time solutions to such problems. Modern-day issues need to be dealt with with modern solutions which is why Honeywell has come up with its Blenze range of electrical fittings. But before knowing about the antibacterial benefits of these modular MK switches and sockets let’s provide you with a brief idea about the relevance that these modular electricals hold.

About Modular Switches and Sockets

In comparison to traditional switches, modular sockets and switches are easier to use. Modular MK switches make it easy to repair a defective switch without detaching the whole plate that can be swapped out through a front-loading procedure and thereby enabling easy disconnection of a specific switch on the plate.

mk midas switcheshoneywell mk switches

Modular MK switches and sockets have definitely proven to be worth their cost with their handy usage, anti-wield design, smooth operation, and shuttered sockets. It’s a good investment as you can save your time, money, and energy and be guaranteed safety and products that are reliable. These types of switches have become an important part of our interiors and the primary interface for all our electrical needs. Earlier electricals were looked upon more as utilities but with advancing times people have started considering it as a crucial part of decor planning. Modular switches can be used without any clutter or cable since they don’t have a fixed configuration and do not require replacements, unlike non-modular switches that might fail to meet the electrical needs of the consumers. They have proven to have more durability and better longevity.

honeywell switches

Modular MK switches and sockets are generating more sustainable options in the electrical market and industry. Even if it seems minute, electrical switches have the flow of electricity in control, hence, it’s important to level and power up mid-level electronics. These are the significant benefits that modular switches and sockets hold.

Why Blenze Plus?

Bacteria- Safe – In this era of sudden virus outbreaks, it’s crucial to take precautions. People want to invest in brand new technologies that protect them. The new anti-bacterial technology ‘Bacteria- safe’ incorporated in Blenze Plus’s range of electricals inhibits the growth of broad-spectrum bacteria. We all take child safety features into prime consideration while purchasing electrical goods. Being made from non-toxic materials makes it safe for households with children and completely promotes a risk-free environment.

Security from microbial threats As our consciousness towards hygiene and protection from pollutants has seemingly increased with time, we always search for prospective products that offer protection from microbial contamination and gives us the peace of mind we deserve. These switches are made from sterilized plastic that has silver ions that fight microbes like fungi and viruses by inhibiting their growth. It’s present as an additional coating over the materials. They provide security from all forms of virus and microbial threats. Quality copper components ensure premium anti-bacterial protection. They maintain a healthy environment by facilitating 99 percent of bacterial protection by reducing and inhibiting their growth on these electricals.

mk switches

Varied range– The range varies from fan regulators to communication series to matching front plated thereby offering a complete setup solution for your office or home building with maximum voice and data transfer efficiency by minimizing loss of signals.

Low maintenance costs– The Blenze Plus range brings simple accessible and classifiable designs to your doorstep and augments the feel of your home. They are usually designed to offer low-maintenance properties and are very much affordable and feasible making them the ideal choice.

Heat resistant– These MK modular switches and sockets are heat resistant and even after years of use would look the same without any discoloration and damage thereby acting as a comprehensive safety cover. Safety from accidental hazards like electrocution and shocks is ensured.

Categories to Explore

• Blenze Plus Switches Regular and Antibacterial

• Blenze Plus Sockets Regular and Antibacterial

• Blenze Plus Accessories Regular and Antibacterial

• Blenze Plus Hospitality Modules

Range of Benze Plus Modules

• Communication modules

• Dimmer modules

• Front plates

• Hospitality modules

• Metal boxes

• Socket modules

• Switch modules

• Technology modules

honeywell switches Indiahoneywell electrical switches

Blenze Plus – India’s First Anti-Bacterial Flat Switch

• Sturdy Muscular construction with an easy installation

• Technology modules with universal adaptability

• Single window aperture

• Anti single pin entry shutters along with front-loading and removal

• Precise alignment and secure socket engagement

• RoHS compliant and anti-pull snap

honeywell switches and sockets

Blenze is the next-generation range of art embellished switches designed to blend. It is India’s first fully RoHS compliant range. It is absolutely secure for use with future-proofing and will definitely not disappoint you while meeting and fulfilling your electrical needs. This extraordinary innovatory introduction of MK switches and sockets true to its name does justice to all kinds of interior decors and wallpapers and provides anti-bacterial protection along with it. It is surely the best affordable deal to make in light of recent times.

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