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L&T HRC Fuse Link DIN HN 100kA

359 - 1,927
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L&T HRC Fuse Link Cylindrical HF Size 14 X 51 80kA

114 - 335

L&T HRC Fuse Link DIN HN 100kA

359 - 1,927

Siemens HRC fuse Link DIN 120kA 3NA

330 - 2,343

HPL HRC Fuse Link BS Bolted

56 - 1,834


hrc fuse

The HRC or the High Rupturing Capacity fuse is the type of fuse that carries short circuit heavy current for a good time period. If the HRC is not present then it either blows off or melts down. The structure of HRC fuses is either of glass or some other type of chemical compound.

This structure is completely airtight to avoid any kind of interference from the atmosphere. These types of fuses are very reliable and have inverse time characteristic, that basically just means that if the fault current is high then rupture time will be less and if the fault current is not so high then rupture time will belong.

hrc fuses

When the fault current flows through the fuse element of HRC (High Rupturing Capacity) the element melts and gets vaporized. The internal part of the HRC configuration has filling powder in it. The quantity of this filling powder is such that the chemical reaction between the silver vapor and the filling powder forms a high resistance substance which is very helpful to quench the arch.

The Different Types of Fuses

Fuses can be divided into two different categories.

DC (Direct Current) 

AC (Alternating Current)

HRC fuse falls under AC because of its high voltage handling capacity. Along with HRC fuses, there is another fuse under AC high voltage category and that is called Expulsion Fuse. The low voltage fuses under the AC category are Cartridge, Drop out, Rewireable, Striker, and Switch fuse.

Other than this, the other fuses that fall under DC are Cartridge, Automotive, Resettable, Semiconductor and Over voltage suppression fuse.

HRC Fuses can be Further Divided into Three Types Which are:

hrc fuse price

NH type fuse– this fuse is used for protecting the short circuits and overload for low voltage to medium voltage.

din type hrc fuse

Din type fuse- this fuse is accessible to a broad range of rated currents and are used in different fields for different reasons including their feature at different temperature.

hrc fuse 100 amp

Blade type fuse- this fuse is used in cars to give protection from short circuits.

Characteristics of HRC Fuse

A fuse starts working when its element dissolves because of the heat that is generated through the resistance of the fuse. If the flow of the current increases then the heat that is generated also increases. So, a fuse element can be softened quicker for huge fault current and while on the other hand, it will take a little bit more for the lesser value of fault current.

Advantages of HRC Fuse

• HRC is way cheaper than other fuses.
• Easy configuration and very simple to use.
• Maintenance and repairing are not necessary.
• High voltage capacity.
• The performance is consistence and long-running.
• Easy to operate.

Why is Installing HRC Important?

A fuse is a protective device that protects the circuit board from severe damages that can be caused by an overload of current or short circuit faults. The HRC fuses are installed to protect the circuit from short circuits in high voltage switchgear. HRC can break up to about ten times the fuse trip current.

The Uses of HRC Fuse

• HRC fuses are used to protect the circuit from short circuits in HV switchgear.

• HRC fuses are many times used for backup safety.

• HRC fuses are also helpful in providing protection to heavy electrical devices like motors, transformers, automobiles etc.

• HRC fuses are used for short circuit protection in high voltage switchgear ranging from 50 to 60 Hz frequency.

• HRC fuses have domestic uses as well it is used by residential houses in electric meters.

• HRC fuses are used for the protection of industrial distribution systems and as well as underground distribution systems.

A Long Time Service Operator

This type of fuse does not need much repairing or maintaining because these fuses run for a very long time. Electronic appliance does not go smoothly all the time so even if there is a fault that can be fixed at a very less price. The configuration is so simple that anyone with little idea of electronics and fuse can repair it. Otherwise, professional helpers are always available.

Market Availability for HRC Fuse

Every other households and even industrial places have fuse installed. It is a matter of safety for everyone. So, the market is all stocked up with HRC fuse. There is absolutely no worry about that. These stores that sell these fuses can also help you to install it if you cannot find a professional helper by yourself.

Thinking of Buying an HRC Fuse for Yourself?

You can get HRC fuses in the market easily. Since many stores have also started their business online you can also purchase these online. For online purchases there are many benefits. Like for example, you can check out the reviews from the other buyers of the product you want to get. You can also check the review for the of the website as well. Also, online purchasing gives you the ease of buying products online and getting them delivered at your desired location.
All the websites have detailed description of all the products along with clear pictures of the products and its parts. They also provide a customer helpline number for any customer who may face any difficulty.

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