Looking for Wholesale Prices for Siemens Products?


Looking for Wholesale Prices for Siemens Products?

Download Siemens Electrical Installations A-Z Price List PDF

These Siemens Price Lists contains:

  • Betagard Circuit Breakers – 5SL6, 5SL4, 5SL7, 5SP4, 5SL5 series of MCBs with both C curve and D curve. They also contain 5TL1 Siemens Isolator Switches, 5SV & 5SM3 RCCBs, and RCBOs with A, C & D curve.
  • Betagard Accessories – Accessories like Aux contact blocks, Shunt release, Fault signal contact, Handle locking devices, Pad Locks, etc.
  • Betagard Distribution Boards – 8GB SPN DB, TPN DB & Phase Segregated DBs, Flexi DBs, Vertical Busbar DBs, Beta Changeover DBs, Wire Boxes & Modular Device Boxes, Industrial Plug and Socket DBs, Simbox WP DBs and accessories for Betagard DBs.
  • Sentron Devices – Sentron Surge Protection Devices, Surge Arrestors, Changeover Switches & Insta Contactors, Twilight Switch, Voltage Relays, Indicators, Fuse Monitors, and Time Switches.

Siemens Electrical Installation Products

Download Siemens Low Voltage Control Price List PDF

These Siemens Low Voltage Control Price Lists contains:

  • Switching Devices – Contactor Relays, Power Contactors, Energy Efficient Contactors, Vacuum Contactors, 3 Pole Duty Contactors, Solid state switching devices, Contactor Spares, etc.
  • Protection Devices – Thermal Overload Relays, Microprocessor based overload relay, Motor protection circuit breakers, Accessories for 3RV, 3VS, 3VU.
  • Motor Starting Devices – Digital Soft starter and accessories, 3RM1 Starter, Agricultural and Industrial starters like DOL Starters and Star Delta Starters, Spares for Starters and Water Level Controllers.
  • Timing and Monitoring Devices – Electronic Timers, Current Monitoring Relays, Line Monitoring Relays, Thermistor Motor Protection Relays, Insulation Monitoring Relays, Timing and Monitoring Relays, and Plug in Relays.
  • Commanding and Signalling Devices – SIRIUS Act 3SU, Signalling Columns, Indicating Lamps, Push Buttons, Push Button Stations, and Accessories.
  • Detecting Devices – Position Switches and Mechanical Safety Switches.

Siemens Low Voltage Control and Power Distribution Products

Download Siemens Low Voltage Power Distribution Price List PDF

These Siemens Power Price Lists contains:

  • Air Circuit Breakers – Sentron Air Circuit Breakers, Sentron ACBs, Sentron Automatic Transfer Controller & Accessories for Sentron ACBs.
  • Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) – Siemens MCCBs, Sentron MCCBs, and Accessories for 3VT1 MCCBs.
  • Energy Management Systems – Smart 7KT Multifunction Meter, Sentron Power Manager Software, Energy Management Software, DIN Rail Mounted Meters.
  • Load Break Switches – Fuse Switch Disconnectors, Switch Disconnector Fuse in SS Housing, Switch Disconnector, Main Control & Emergency Stop Switches, Rotary Switches and Control Switches.
  • Fuses – HRC Fuses, DIN HRC Fuses, Fuse Bases, DIN Isolating Links, BS Fuses, Fuse Holders and Accessories, Fuses for Semiconductor Protection, and Cylindrical Fuses.
  • Power Quality Solutions – Power Capacitors, Harmonic filter Detuned Reactor, Capacitor Duty Contactors, Heavy Duty Power Capacitors and Automatic power factor correction relay.
  • Numerical Relays and Auxillary Relays

Download Siemens Sinova Retail Products Price List PDF

These Retail Siemens Sinova Electrical Products Price List Contains :

  • Circuit Breakers – 6ka MCBs, RCCBs, Isolators or Switch Disconnectors
  • Distributions Boxes – SPN DBs and TPN DB Boxes with Single Door and Double Door Options
  • Changeover Switches – 1 Phase Auto Changeover Switches cum Current Limiter (ACCL)

Siemens Sinova Retail Products

Siemens Delta Vega Modular Switches & Sockets

Download Siemens RAJA+ Agriculture Starters & Controllers Price List PDF

These Siemens RAJA+ Agriculture Starters & Controllers Price Lists contains:

  • Starters – Direct On-Line Starters, Automatic Star-Delta Starters, Automatic Direct-On-Line Starters, Fully Automatic Star Delta Starters
  • Controllers – RAJA+ Controllers & FASD, Direct-On-Line Controllers, Direct-On-Line Controllers with WLC, Fully Automatic Star Delta Controllers with WLC
  • Spares – Contactor, Coils, Overload Relays, and Other Spares like Timer, Contact Block, LMRA, Sensors, VA Meters and Switches.

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