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Best Sellers in this Category

L&T Tripbox Plus Metal Industrial Plug & Socket DB Box for MCB

848 - 2,336

L&T Exora Metal Box Enclosure IP30

504 - 767

Legrand Ekinox SPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43

1,297 - 2,430

L&T Exora Metal Industrial Socket

149 - 348
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L&T Exora Industrial Plug & Socket DB Box for MCB

1,346 - 10,546

L&T Exora Metal Box Enclosure IP30

504 - 767

L&T Exora Metal Industrial Plug Top

138 - 348

L&T Exora Metal Industrial Socket

149 - 348

L&T Exora SPN DB Box

982 - 2,509

L&T Exora TPN DB Box

2,561 - 8,678

L&T Exora VTPN DB Box for MCB Double Door Metal IP43

7,761 - 16,153

L&T Tripbox Plus Metal Box Enclosure

334 - 561

L&T Tripbox Plus Metal Industrial Plug & Socket DB Box for MCB

848 - 2,336

L&T Tripbox Plus VTPN DB Box for MCB Double Door

6,741 - 11,893

L&T Tripbox SPN DB Box

646 - 1,924

L&T Tripbox TPN DB Box

1,999 - 5,492

Legrand Ekinox Metal Box Enclosure

498 - 498

Legrand Ekinox SPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43

1,297 - 2,430

Legrand Ekinox TPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43

3,182 - 7,049

Legrand RX3 6 Way SPN DB Box Single Door IP20

875 1458 39% off
(1,032.50 incl. GST)

Legrand RX3 8 Way ETPN DB Box Single Door IP20

3,137 5228 39% off
(3,701.66 incl. GST)

RLF Metal Box Enclosure

170 - 212

Schneider Acti9 Metal Box Enclosure

561 - 561

Schneider Acti9 Metal Industrial Plug & Socket DB Box Single Door IP30

1,529 - 3,346

Schneider Acti9 SPN DB Box Metal

1,087 - 2,742

Schneider Acti9 TPN DB Box Metal

2,639 - 7,851

Schneider Acti9 VTPN DB Box for MCB Double Door Metal IP43

7,725 - 13,152

Siemens Betabus Vertical Busbar DB Box for MCB IP42

5,430 - 9,482

Siemens Betagard Plastic PVC Box Enclosure IP20

108 - 205

Siemens Betagard SPN DB Box

756 - 2,174

Siemens Betagard TPN DB Box Horizontal

3,216 - 8,818

Siemens Industrial Plug & Socket DB Box for MCB IP20

3,453 - 5,454

Siemens Metal Box Enclosure

318 - 352

Siemens Sinova SPN DB Box Metal

864 - 2,653

Siemens Sinova TPN DB Box Metal

2,368 - 6,288

Siemens Betagard Metal Box Enclosure IP20

494 - 1,142

Buy MCB Box from Ampkart

mcb box mcb board mcb box price 3 phase mcb box

You have come to the right place if you want to buy a reliable mcb box. Ampkart is one of the leading suppliers of quality MCB boxes. From mcb box 16 way to 2 way. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our collection of top-quality MCBs.

What is an MBC Box?

A Miniature Circuit Breaker box or mcb box is nothing but an electricity distribution box. The mcb board is designed to automatically switch off the electrical circuit if any abnormality like short-circuit or overload occurs in the electrical network. To put it in simpler words, the 8 way mcb box is an electromechanical device designed to guard electrical cables and check electrical load to control overcurrent. MCBs are safe and are essential to avoid electrical hazards. The best part about an MCB, be it a 2 way or a 3 phase mcb box, is that they can quickly restore the current supply. Working on the bi-metal respective principle, the mcb box is the most preferred choice for securing a home from short circuits and overloading.

How does MCB Box Work?

Modern society cannot do without electricity, and electricity cannot do without an mcb box. It is present in every modern society, generally installed in the passage of every apartment. Every society has a meter room that supplies electricity to the apartments. The current from the meter room passes through concealed wiring to the mcb board fixed in every apartment. The electricity is then distributed to each room in an apartment through the MCB. Wait no more and check out the mcb box 6 way price now.

Top Features of MCB Board:

You can rest assured that every mcb box we sell comes with nothing but excellent features that are designed to impress and ensure safety in your homes. Here are the top features of our 2way, 4 way mcb box, 8 way mcb box, etc.:

  • Every mcb box is highly resistant to heat. The heat generated inside the MCB can be dangerous. That is why we ensure to curate MCBs made of heat-resistant materials capable of withstanding any temperature condition.
  • We ensure that every product exhibits a solid quality built like our durable and effective mcb box 16 way. Amkpart is the proud dealer of MCBs that are made of top-quality materials like high-impact plastic.
  • Every mcb box is designed for easy and secure installation.
  • Our MCBs, like the 4 way mcb box, can cater to commercial and residential needs.
  • Our MCB boxes are durable and ensure superb airflow.

What is a 2 Pole Mcb Box?

A 2 pole mcb box is nothing but breakers where two hot wires are connected by a single neutral wire. In these types of MCBs, both the wires trip if a short circuit on either of the poles’ hot wires takes place. These 2 pole mcb box can be used to serve a single 240-volt circuit, like the central AC’s circuit, or two separate 120-volt circuits.

What is a 4 Pole Mcb Box?

The 4 pole mcb box has 4 wires connections, where the 4th pole is for neutral wire connection so that any of the other three and the neutral will supply current. The neutral pole also has a protective release, just like the phase poles. In a 4 pole mcb box, the advantage is that when one of the poles of the mcb box gets damaged, the neutral voltage provides isolation for better protection.

What are the Advantages of MCB Box:

No matter what variety of mcb box you grab, all of them will come with truckloads of advantages like the following:

  • Be it an mcb box 12 way or 2 way, any variety of MCB can work faster against short circuits, overloading, and under-voltage.
  • MCB boxes like the mcb box 12 way ensure fewer expenses as they are low maintenance and need negligible replacement costs.
  • Our MCB best-sellers like the mcb box 8 way also come at affordable prices. Check out our mcb box 8 way price now!
  • Be it our mcb box 2 way or an 8 way, they are always reusable.
  • Resuming the current supply is easy and hassle-free with MCB boxes.
  • It can easily use a circuit control switch as and when needed.
  • MCB ensures a better interface.
  • MCB provides an immediate indication of the faulty circuit.
  • The mcb board works impressively during earth leakage.
  • The MCB exhibits time delay characteristics during surge current.
  • With MCBs, faulty electrical circuit zones can easily be identified.

Fuse or MCB Box?

There is an age-old debate on which is better – a fuse or an mcb box? While both are best in their respective capacities, 3 phase mcb box or any MCB has a few advantages over a fuse. Here are some of the advantages:

  • MCBs are more sensitive to current than the fuse and thus can detect abnormalities in the current flow and switch off the electrical circuit automatically.
  • Unlike a fuse, the mcb box has a shorter tripping time under moderate over current.
  • Handling MCB is safer than handling fuses.
  • The faulty electrical circuit zones can easily be identified in MCBs as the faulty circuit trips to the off position. But, when it comes to fuses, the entire fuse wire needs to be inspected by opening the fuse grip to identify the fault.
  • Resuming supply in the mcb box is simple – all you have to do is push the MCB’s knob back to its original position. However, the entire fuse wire needs to be replaced to resume supply.
  • Unlike a fuse, an mcb board ensures a better interface with the help of a knob. But, when it comes to a fuse, the handle’s compete will have to be replaced.
  • When it comes to maintenance, fuses need to be replaced entirely in case of faults. But, that is not the case with MCBs as they are low-maintenance and come at affordable costs, just like our popular mcb box 6-way price range.

Shop MCB Box from Us:

Ampkart is your one-stop-shop for all your mcb box needs. Our wide range of products comes at a reasonable mcb box price that can meet the needs of every budget spectrum. We carry a variety of genuine MCB boxes at mcb box price range from the leading brands and manufacturers operating across the country.

  • We guarantee wholesale rates.
  • You will get the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You can claim GST value.
  • We ensure fast delivery.