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Legrand Ekinox SPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43

1,297 - 2,430
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L&T Exora SPN DB Box

982 - 2,509

L&T Tripbox SPN DB Box

646 - 1,924

Legrand Ekinox SPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43

1,297 - 2,430

Schneider Acti9 SPN DB Box Metal

1,087 - 2,742

Siemens Betagard SPN DB Box

756 - 2,174

Siemens Sinova SPN DB Box Metal

864 - 2,653

SPN DB: A Smarter Way to Life

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Switchgears have become quintessential for electrical circuits. An 8 way spn db and others help safeguard your gadgets and units and moderate, monitor, and control power distribution. Though there are different types of switchgear, you really cannot turn a blind eye to an spn DB. Ampkart brings to you a new way of life that makes your homes and offices smarter. With the installation of this 6-way spn DB or, spn DB 8 way and more, you will surely bring about a revolution.

On visiting our online store, you will be pleased to find out the glorious brands and their products like the 10 way spn db. It is a matter of immense pleasure to deliver nothing but the best to you. The Legrand 12 way spn db price and all the other items in this range are affordable deals as they run for very long without any setbacks. By saying so, we ensure that whether you buy an spn db 8 way, 4 way, 16 way, etc., you will be making the right choice.

Types of SPN DB

Let us now get you a little familiar with the different types of spn db that we sell. Here, we have discussed only four out of the many from each top brand.

Siemens Betagard 6 Way SPN DB Box Single Door IP20 8GB0106:

This distribution board, just like the 10 way spn db and others from this brand, is made with a white plastic board, switches, wirings, and a cover to give it an aesthetic look.

Schneider Electric Acti9 18 Way SPN DB Box Single Door Metal IP30 A9HSNS18:

A class in itself, Schneider manufactures some of the best distribution boards that come with quality and in quantity. Never will you be disappointed with an 8 way spn mcb db from Schneider because of the sturdy make, quality wiring, and compact size.

L&T Switchgear Exora SPN DB Box:

L&T makes awesome switchgear like 10 way spn db that help you with easy installation and aesthetic presentation. The distribution boards from the company are excellent devices to prevent any short circuits.

Legrand Ekinox 8 Way SPN DB Double Door Metal IP43 5076 11:

Legrand carves a niche for itself by manufacturing the best switchgear boxes. You can purchase the distribution boxes from this brand without even thinking twice about the 12 way spn db price.

Besides these, look at the items from these top brands and check out the price of the 16 way spn db, 12 way spn db price, and others.

Our SPN DB Offerings

We make sure that you get ample options! Moreover, you get to compare all the top 4 way spn db on a single platform. Now, take a look at the several products in this range.


  • L&T Switchgear Tripbox SPN DB Box
  • L&T Switchgear Tripbox 6 way snp db Box Single Door BH106SDB
  • L&T Switchgear Tripbox 8 Way SPN DB Box Single Door BH108SDB


  • Schneider Electric Acti9 6 way snp db Box Double Door Metal IP43 A9HSND06
  • Schneider Electric Acti9 8 way snp db Box Double Door Metal IP43 A9HSND08
  • Schneider Electric Acti9 18 Way SPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43 A9HSND18


  • Legrand Ekinox SPN DB Box Double Door Metal IP43
  • Legrand Ekinox 6 way spn db legrand Double Door Metal IP43 5076 11
  • Legrand Ekinox 4 way spn db Double Door Metal IP43 5076 10


  • Siemens Betagard 4 Way SPN DB Box Double Door IP42 8GB0204RC
  • Siemens Betagard 6 Way SPN DB Box Double Door IP42 8GB0206RC
  • Siemens Betagard 8 way spn db double door IP20 8GB0106

This is not the end! We have cited only a few from the top electronic brands. Do check out the other products before adding them to your cart!

Advantages of SPN DB

The 14 way spn db is making history owing to the multifaceted advantages that it and its likes render. So, why wait? Let us give you a quick glimpse of these merits:

  • The 6 way spn db legrand is highly efficient and does not give in easily.
  • The plastic body prevents it from getting heated even after a long duration of usage.
  • The board comes with a top cover that nicely covers the internal switches and wirings.
  • It is easy to install, but this has to be done by an expert electrician.
  • If you are looking to maintain it, you can just wipe a 14 way spn db clean with a dry cloth.
  • Hide it behind a picture frame or your cabinet, and it will not catch the attention of anyone.
  • The high-quality resistance of the products has made it a top-selling product.
  • The quick availability of the 8 way spn mcb db makes it easier for you to purchase.


When you think of buying an spn db box, think of buying it only from us. If you are wondering why you must use the products that we sell, then we would just be delighted to boost our products a little.

  • Each of the 8 way spn db, 6 way spn db, 16 way spn db, and the rest go through several levels of quality checks when they are made by the brands.
  • When they arrive at our warehouses, we also make it a point to check all the items.
  • On finding a defective piece, we do away with it instantly.
  • We never give you any room for complaints as we are 100% sure about the quality of our products and the legrand 12 way spn db price.
  • Since we give you the lucrative option to choose, select and compare all the distribution boards, including the 16 way spn db, you are getting only what suits your taste the best.
  • With the safest and easiest online modes of payment, you can make a hassle-free and secure transaction.

Take a step ahead and welcome to our world of world-class electronic items. You will be happy to have invested your money in the spn db box and will be delighted to benefit from their super features.