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Flora 5-40A 1 Phase kWh Electric Sub Meter Channel Type

504 850 40% off
(594.72 incl. GST)

L&T kWh Electric Sub Meter LCD Digital

1,420 - 7,176

Digital Electric Meters

digital electric meter

Do you know how to measure the electrical energy you consume daily, weekly, or monthly basis? The best way to do this is by installing an electric meter to measure the units. However, with newer technologies, the digital electric meter has become popular.

In a digital electric meter, you can visibly see the digits or the numbers of kWh of electricity used. It comes in an electric meterbox with bold digits displayed on a small screen. Many argue whether a digital electric meter is accurate or not. However, it is tested by electrical suppliers and shows accuracy.

Our Range of Digital Electric Meters

At Ampkart, you can get hold of a great electric meter box with digital displays. The digital electric meter price is given under the product itself. Besides, our affordable digital electric meter price range allows buyers to purchase the best without spending much. Here is something for you to check out –

  • L&T Switchgear kWh Sub Meter LCD Digital
  • L&T Switchgear 5-30A 1 Phase kWh Sub Meter LCD Digital WM101BC5DLO
  • L&T Switchgear10-60A 1 Phase kWh Sub Meter LCD Display WM101BC7DLO

The digital electric meter price in India is relatively affordable, so that everyone can easily afford one for their properties. In this growing age of technology, ditch your traditional means of measuring electricity and switch to a smart digital electric meter.

Advantages of a Digital Electric Meter

There are several advantages of a digital electric meter box for the home. It is an effective kwh meter to measure accurately the electricity you have consumed in a month. Among some of the benefits of purchasing one is –

  • A digital kwh metershows more accuracy than analog meters.
  • They generally do not show any interpolation or reading errors.
  • With digital meters, parallax errors are reduced. You will see different values with analog meters if the pointer aims at a different angle. A digital electric meter box for homeprevents such errors.
  • The portable size of electric meter box for home is easy to install. In addition, the electric meter price is as affordable as you’d find in a traditional electric meter.
  • Since the numbers are displayed in digital format, it is easier to read the units, unlike analog meters. They have a pointer which may lead us to read inaccurately at times.

Availability of Digital Electric Meters in the Market

The digital electric meter is usually found in all homes and properties today. Besides, the digital electric sub meter price is commonly searched among those looking for electric meters.

With Ampkart, you can find the most suitable digital electric sub meter price, so you can buy the one that fits your budget. We also have a hugeelectric sub meter range, so that you can buy the ideal one.

Buy Digital Electric Meter from Ampkart

If you are searching for the best digital electric meter price in india, here we are with a range of budget-friendly digital electric meters. It is a highly chosen electric sub meter today, much more than the old ones in the market. You can, therefore, visit our site and explore some of the best products we offer to our customers.Our electric meters work effortlessly and effectively. We aim always to provide buyers with a satisfactory experience and always offer quality products, timely delivery, and efficient customer service.