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Honeywell MK Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

66 - 321

Honeywell MK EVO Modular Plate Cover + Frame White

40 - 236

Honeywell MK EVO Modular Fan Regulator White

202 - 276

Honeywell MK EVO Modular Switch White

31 - 207
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Honeywell MK EVO 2.1A Modular USB Socket 1M White EW586WHI

636 1,116 -63500% off
(750.48 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK EVO 25A Modular MCB 1M White

209 - 482

Honeywell MK EVO 25A Modular Motor Starter Switch 2M White EW217WHI

328 576 43% off
(387.04 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK EVO 6A 1 Way Modular Bell Push Switch White

55 - 87

Honeywell MK EVO LED Modular Foot Light 2M White EW530WHI

269 472 43% off
(317.42 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK EVO Modular False Blank Plate 1M White EW441WHI

17 30 43% off
(20.06 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK EVO Modular Fan Regulator White

202 - 276

Honeywell MK EVO Modular Plate Cover + Frame White

40 - 236

Honeywell MK EVO Modular RJ11 Telephone Socket with Shutter 1M White EW490WHI

63 110 42% off
(74.34 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK EVO Modular RJ45 Computer Socket 1M White

96 - 237

Honeywell MK EVO Modular Socket 2M White

51 - 108

Honeywell MK EVO Modular Switch White

31 - 207

Honeywell MK EVO Modular TV Coaxial Socket 1M White EW451WHI

83 146 43% off
(97.94 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK EVO Red Neon Modular Indicator Light 1M White EW595WHI

78 136 42% off
(92.04 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Modular Concealed GI Metal Boxes

66 - 321

Honeywell MK EVO Power Unit (6/16 Socket + 32A DP Switch) 4M White EW422WHI

422 740 42% off
(497.96 incl. GST)

Honeywell MK Modular Surface PVC Boxes White

85 - 232

Honeywell MK EVO Switches and Sockets

honeywell Evo switches

• True to its name, Honeywell EVO range of switches and sockets give you the best of evolution. Evolving wiring devices at Honeywell strive to offer the best technological solutions as time evolves.

• As technology advances, the EVO range offers the ideal mix of price, quality, and durability and is continuously working on making the best products for the customers that satisfy their needs and requirements, that matches their interior decors and wallpapers.

• It aims at providing the best security, making people trust and be invested in the brand for future investments in electrical fittings.

• This best product-selling brand has managed to create a safe power environment for many people across the globe. The innovative range of modular switches and sockets is a high-value addition to EVO’s electronics.

• It is fairly safer and hassle-free to use equated to other brands of modular MK switches. Fetching customers the pursuit of high-class products is something Honeywell’s EVO has graded well in.

• EVO has taken steps to deliver the best range of home electrical products at your expediency. The modest and artistic designs are what make EVO stand out from the rest.

• The transition to having more advanced lifestyles urges us to maintain better living standards which involve electronics as well. Products that mainly offer functionality to households can’t be ignored.

• Many people try to poise and improve their décor standards and try to generate a better-off appealing air, seeing taste in particulars, furniture and something as meek as electrical goods too.

honeywell mk switches

EVO’s Key Features:

Superior lustrous finish– The main essence of evolution does not mean you leave behind aesthetics. Each inch of the Honeywell EVO Wiring Devices range has a top sleek texture to intensify your home furnishings.

honeywell switches

Glossy Plates– Honeywell EVO wiring device range claims of shiny front plates and a curved body. Such a distinctive system decreases dirt deposition and guarantees time to time cleaning. Smooth designs are a crucial feature of Evolution.

Collarless modular designs– The reason behind Honeywell Evo’s looking visually appealing and superior is its Collarless Modular Design that accurately sets it apart in its division. The brand has gone one step beyond the usual draft of steady switches to craft Honeywell EVO.

Wide rocker designs– Wide Rocker supplements sleekness and offers an improved functioning experience thus giving a suitable interface to the operator.

Tested up to 1 Lakh Operations– A longer life span is definitely guaranteed by upgradation. Honeywell Evo’s superior Stability is not just a statement, it has been evidenced after being tested for up to 1 Lakh Operations.

Shockproof IP20– There lies no perspective in investing in electrical goods if it does not promise safety and security. The range has in-built Shock Proof IP20 in their newly introduced Honeywell Evo Range, to safeguard that the terminals are finger proof and avert shocks.

Security– One good characteristic of the EVO range is that they take security measures extremely seriously. While also averting dust deposition, Honeywell MK EVO comes with shuttered sockets that stop accidental contacts with live parts, not just for the customers, but for everyone who might come in contact with the products.

• ISI Certified– Purchasing into the assurance of improved products depends on selecting advanced electrical goods. Their best standards of superiority have not been overlooked. Honeywell Evo Switches, Sockets, and Fan Speed Controller have ISI certification and are BIS approved.

Simple Installation and modification– The good news is that customers don’t have to worry about the installation process. They have progressed the ordinary system such that with Honeywell Evo’s Front Loading and Removal of Accessories, just removing the accessories and re- installing is all one has to do.

mk honeywell switches

• BIS approved USB charger– Offering suitability to the clients has been a crucial point of Honeywell Evo. Hence they have BIS Approved (IS 13252(Part 1):2010 / IEC60950- 1:2005) 2.1A 1Module USB Charger which gives the customers accessibility to charging your state-of-the-art devices lacking the hassle of an adapter.

• User experience– All the fittings of the Honeywell Evo range have a stable grasp on plugs with constant and unchanging insertion and extraction strength to offer a stellar operator experience. Honeywell believes in hassle-free and simple easy to use processes, and the structure of Honeywell EVO exhibits just that.

Convenience captive screw terminals– With Honeywell’s EVO providing an effortless experience to the users it doesn’t matter who is installing it or using it. Honeywell Evo’s Captive Screw Terminals eases quicker and safer wiring and evades slippage.

mk switches

Few Categories to Explore for Modular Switches

• Modulator indicator switches
• Decorative modular switches
• Modular switch socket combination
• Modular touch switches, etc.

honeywell switches India
Why Should You Prefer These Over Traditional Electronics?

Safe to handle– Modular electronics have acquired a lot of prominences lately because of the better security and reliability for home products that it provides. They are manufactured and processed out of good quality materials. It’s free of shock risks and safe for households with children. This safe-to-operate characteristic and feasibility showcase not just these products but the most simple solutions to serve multiple problems. One of the main reasons why you should prefer modular MK switches is because of their safety.

Graceful designs– Many people like to keep up the elegance of their decor and prefer electric fittings that suit the wallpapers and the interiors of their homes. Designer and glass switch plates are also feasible for those who want to renovate their interiors. Having various kinds of designing, brand new styles, soothing colors, sophisticated and visually appealing touches are what gives them an edge over other electronics.

Easy customization– Matching the user’s needs, modular switches can be very simple and uncomplicated to customize depending on their specifications and interests. They come with a comparatively undemanding and easy setup.

Feasibility– Modular switches offer multiple pin types and save many people difficulties and unnecessary hassle. A chief lookout nowadays is for the connectivity that wall sockets provide.

EVO aims to offer value-appealing executed products with ultra- high security thereby becoming the chief brand in socket production designs.
This globally well-known electrical brand brings the most reliable products with newly presented sleek and stylish designs, fashionable and more secure product series thereby upholding a high ground of style.

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Other Brands to Consider

Apart from EVO Honeywell there are other well know trustworthy brands that are competing in providing the best products.

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