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Schneider Electric Opale Switch White

86474 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale 6A Bell Push White

133190 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale Socket Outlet with Shutter 2M White

145301 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale Fan Regulator White

466520 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale Front Cover Plate + Frame White

78376 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale Red Neon Phase Indicator 1M White X5001

192 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale Blank Plate Off unit 1M White X0001WH

31 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale TV Socket 1M White X4500WH

112 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale RJ45 Data Outlet with shutter 1M White X4045WH

410 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale RJ11 Telephone outlet 1M White X4011WH

119 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale 2 Gang USB Charger 2.1A 2M White X7003WH

1,438 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric Opale 25A Motor Starter Switch 2M White X1186WH

829 inc. GST
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Schneider Electric OPALE Switches

Modular switches are widely used over traditional switches in households. The latest variety of switches available in the market is comparatively more reliable, easy to use and safe. The modern day switches serve multiple purposes. In addition to this, the installation of modern day switches also brings along various advantages:

Elegant Design Safe to Operate Multi Functional
Under various designs, styles and finish modular switches are available. The design is much appealing to fit your interior and make it look classy! These are suitable to be used in home or office places. Switches are created and developed in all the possible designs which people can desire to buy. Those who are building their new homes, offices and other residential areas can look for the designer class of switch offered by Schneider Electric at an affordable price. The major concern while operating switches and that the reason for switching to modular switches is “Safety”. The traditional switches were open to metal screws and exposed to wiring which might have a possibility of causing a probable mishap. Presently, the modular switches are free from such risks as they don’t contain any metal parts on the board. It is ensured by these switches that risk in households and offices is minimized. Also, it is very comfortable with children as the risk is minimized! The design is well crafted by keeping the quality high and not compromising the essential requirements. Moreover, the sockets contain a shutter in them to ensure that children are not hurt accidentally. The name itself suggests that modular switches satisfy multiple purposes such as automation, data transmission and security. The switches can be easily installed in different locations of the building with ease to serve different applications. The main duty however remains the same i.e. to carry heavy duty applications. In addition to these facilities, switches are also flexible and easy to remove thereby making the process comfortable and less hectic for people.

It is of utmost importance that the switches must be bought from a reliable company which has a mark in the industry. One such industry is “Schneider Electric”. It is the leading company in the globe in the domain of power transmission and automation. The company offers a wide range of switches with appealing design and promised quality which can fit to the need of every individual.

 Range includes:

OPALE It is a range of satin finish which is used in domestic installation
NEO It is a standalone controller
ULTI It is a range of dimming controller
ZENcelo It is a range of switches which are built with flat design


The OPALE range is internationally designed keeping in view of the local market and related needs. The range provides flexibility and ease of installation and relief for the customer.


  1. It has a new design with enough space for wiring.
  2. Sockets contain shutters to ensure safety of children.
  3. This shutter design prevents insertion of pin and hence improved safety.
  4. 2 wire holes are present in each terminal.
  5. It has satin finish which makes it look elegant and classy!
  6. Easy to install in home or office work space.
  7. Smooth operation which ensures promised safety and promised quality.

Schneider Electric has cemented itself into a big business around the globe in the domain of automation and Digital Transformation and Energy Management in homes, industries and other residential or non residential areas. It is a company which has dominated over the globe which makes it an international leader in “Power Management”. They offer modern digital solutions and software.

Moreover, “Schneider Electric” has also marked itself in e-commerce for providing service to their customers without any trouble. There are a variety of services that are offered by Schneider Electric through their e-commerce websites  starting from selling Electric switches and sockets such as OPALE, LIVIA, NEO, ZENcelo and other Schneider switches.  

The switches are available in different colors such as grey, black and white. The sheath is also available in different colors such as silver and white for different models. The backside wiring of the switch is done very precisely to ensure that there is no case of an electric shock thereby minimizing any risk associated with it. All these features in the nutshell make the switches and sockets safe, secure, reliable and easy to use for the customer who aims safety to be the first priority of his family!

Along with this, there are a couple of services offered which enhance customer personalization such as through free consultation. The service also offers technical help and guidance in addition. Customers can easily avail this service, they just have to enter their details in the e commerce website under the respective column. List of electricians will be displayed which can guide commercially to the customer and will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused.

The website has an appealing interface that certainly lures customers to buy the range if the customer is looking for a purchase. Through e-commerce the company is also able to understand the needs and demands of the customers viewing the website. This analysis helps Schneider Electric to create and develop the range of switches and sockets and other products as per the need and demand in the market.    


The OPALE range is suitable for use in any residential area or non residential area. It is designed with utmost accuracy and precision keeping in mind that safety is most important.

 All the essentials for electrical fitting are available in a reasonable range that one can easily afford. It has promised security and makes it easy for you and your family to handle. Children are also safe with these switches and sockets and can easily handle them without any trouble. 

Because of all these reasons Schneider Electric is ruling over the hearts of millions. In addition to being stylish in looks, it is Safe and Secure as well. It has very smooth operations and also has hassle free operations.

Click here to buy Schneider’s range of modular switches.

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