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V-Guard Superio Flexible Copper Cable FR PVC Insulated

718 - 12,773

Gloster Multi Core Flexible Copper Cable PVC Insulated

21.72 - 8,605.24 / 1 Metre
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Gloster 1 Core Flexible Copper Cable Triple Layer FRLSH PVC Insulated

7.10 - 69.03 / 1 Metre

Gloster Multi Core Flexible Copper Cable PVC Insulated

21.72 - 8,605.24 / 1 Metre

V-Guard Superio Flexible Copper Cable FR PVC Insulated

718 - 12,773

Buy Top-Quality Flexible Cable

2 core flexible cable wire 3 core flexible cable 4 core flexible cable copper flexible cable flexible cable

Used across various industries, the flexible cable is a crucial element designed to withstand the tight bending radii and physical stress of moving applications. Made of copper, these cables are durable and feature impressive strength and flexibility. Owing to their flexibility, these copper wires can fit any situation and complete various applications without a single hiccup. If you are looking to buy efficient flexible cables, look no further than Ampkart. We carry a huge variety of options for you to choose from.

Why Should You Buy Flexible Cables from Us?

Ampkart is a premier destination to find the widest range of copper wires. For years we have delivered 100% genuine products at affordable flexible cable prices so that you do not have to pinch holes in your pocket. We are loved by many for not one but several reasons.

  • The foremost reason for buying our 3 core flexible cable is our safety measures. We guarantee that every product in our inventory has undergone several safety tests. Continuing tests are done to ensure superb resistance of the 3 core flexible cable’s flexibility and insulation quotients of the insulation material of the cables. Other tests that are done include the Phasing test, Voltage test, and Earth resistance test.
  • Our 4 core flexible cable comes with efficient color coding for ease of use.
  • We guarantee using longer-lasting insulation to preserve the 2 core flexible cable wire materials against environmental threats. You will also find our 2 core flexible cable easy to install and maintain.
  • You will find a wide range of sizing options listed with us that can meet various application-specific needs.

Best Features of Our Flexible Cables:

You can rest assured that you will get only top-quality flexible cables from us. Here are a few of the top qualities of our flexible cable:

  • Every flexible cable is made of copper, the best conductor material. Owing to their manufacturing material, these wires exhibit a high conductivity rate. Not only this but, copper also makes these wires highly bendy due to their malleability.
  • These wires are resistant to heat and thus eliminate overloading issues.
  • Our copper flexible cable is reliable as it fits special electrical equipment parts.
  • Being compact and highly flexible, the wires can fit as close to each other as possible, ensuring space effectiveness.
  • As very few materials are used in manufacturing flexible cable, they are lightweight.
  • Our 4 core flexible cable is designed to be a fire retardant.
  • You will get a wide range of operating temperatures with our copper cables.

Where can You Use Our Copper Wires?

The best part about our copper flexible cable is that it can be used for various purposes. Popularly, a copper cable is used for the following:

  • Temporary wiring
  • Wiring fixtures
  • Connecting portable signs
  • Connecting portable appliances and lamps
  • Wiring hoists and cranes
  • Elevator cables
  • Data processing cables
  • Connecting fixed equipment
  • Preventing vibration or noise

Buy Copper Flexible Cable:

Find your way to Ampkart to buy the best flexible cable. Along with excellent quality products, we also guarantee to provide you with fast delivery, wholesale flexible cable price, and the advantage of claiming GST values. We have been serving the market for years now and have the right expertise to meet various needs seamlessly. Check out our comprehensive range of products soon – you will not return disappointed.