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Rated Current (A)

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Breaking Capacity (kA)


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Rated Residual Current (mA)

Armor Type

Conductor Type

Light Colour


Module Width

Horse Power (HP)


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No. of Poles

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No. of Way

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No. of Phases

Unit Size

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Best Sellers in this Category

Siemens Metal Box Enclosure

375415 incl. Tax

4 Pole Busbar Box Copper Heavy Duty

1,80013,900 incl. Tax

L&T Tripbox SPN DB Box

7392,204 incl. Tax

L&T Tripbox TPN DB Box

2,2916,296 incl. Tax
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Schneider Acti9 Metal Box Enclosure

634 incl. Tax

Schneider Acti9 Metal Industrial Plug & Socket DB Box Single Door IP30

1,7273,780 incl. Tax

Schneider Acti9 SPN DB Box Metal

1,2283,098 incl. Tax

Schneider Acti9 TPN DB Box Metal

2,9818,868 incl. Tax

Schneider Acti9 VTPN DB Box for MCB Double Door Metal IP43

8,72714,857 incl. Tax

Schneider Acti9 VTPN DB Box for MCCB Double Door Metal IP43

9,55923,874 incl. Tax