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L&T HRC Fuse Link DIN HN 100kA

3702,042 incl. Tax
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L&T HRC Fuse Link DIN HN 100kA

3702,042 incl. Tax

Siemens HRC fuse Link DIN 120kA 3NA

3592,549 incl. Tax

Buy DIN Type HRC Fuse

hrc fuses din type hrc fuse

If you are looking to buy a quality, durable din type HRC fuse, stop right there. You have come to the right place. We are Ampkart, your one-stop solution for all electrical needs. Every din type fuse stocked with us is made of high heat-resistant material like ceramic and features metal end caps welded by silver conductive element. You can rest assured that with our HRC fuse, your property will have safe electricity consumption. Connect with us if you want to buy the best products at affordable HRC fuse 63 amp price.

Features of Our HRC Fuse:

Ampkart is known for carrying a collection of HRC fuses that feature impressive characteristics like the below-mentioned:

  • The din type HRC fuse has the capacity to facilitate a wide range of purposes and can be used in a huge spectrum of rated currents.
  • The best part is that they can be used at different temperature states and voltage levels as well.
  • These can be used to protect the transformer.
  • Our HRC fuses feature excellent cleaning capacity.
  • These are perfect for short-circuit acts.
  • Every din type fuse has low cut-off characteristics and high-speed operation.
  • HRC fuses feature compact designs.
  • Some fuse models also feature status indicators.

Do you want to take advantage of such alluring features? Check out the budget-friendly HRC fuse 200 amp price.

Advantages of HRC Fuses:

When it comes to HRC fuses, the advantages can be listed as below:

● The din type HRC fuse gives you the advantage of low let-through energy.
● You will get reduced electromagnetic stress.
● Our fuses come at an affordable HRC fuse price.
● It ensures low power loss, along with high breaking capacity.
● Energy saving is one of the primary advantages of HRC fuses.
● No gases are emitted by these fuses after a short circuit.
● These fuses are durable – you do not have to invest money repeatedly.
● They are affordable and have high resistance to aging.

Applications of HRC Fuses:

Not only budget-friendly HRC fuse 250 amp price, but our fuses also come with a wide range of applications across various areas like power supply utilities, industrial installations, switchboards, equipment manufacturers, and control panels. Here are some of the most common application areas of HRC fuses:

● You can use these fuses in radial and ring networks with high selectivity.
● The HRC fuses can be used as backup protection of MCBs, or motor circuits that experience short-term overloads and short-circuits.
● They can be used to prevent short circuits HV switchgear.
● The HRC fuses can be used to protect transformers, motors, automobiles, etc.
● Short circuit protection for switching devices such as circuit-breakers and contactors.
● The din type HRC fuse can also be used in feeder sectionalizing, air &mining, transformers, and gas-insulated switchgear.

Buy Quality HRC Fuses:

Your days of searching for 100% genuine HRC fuses end now. At Ampkart, you will find a variety of fuses at affordable rates. You can rest assured to get fast delivery and manufacturer’s warranty on each product listed with us. The best part is that you can also claim GST when you shop our affordable HRC fuse price range. So, wait no more and check out the most affordable HRCfuse 32 amp price now!