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Muller 3 Phase 4 Pole Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

5,680 - 78,100

L&T Tripper 30A 1 Phase Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

1,272 - 1,272

L&T Exora Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

1,470 - 38,343

Electron Automatic Changeover Switch

779 - 20,400
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Electron Automatic Changeover Switch

779 - 20,400

HPL Manual Changeover Switch Side Handle in Enclosure

1,649 - 31,852

L&T Tripper 30A 1 Phase Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

1,272 - 1,272

L&T Exora Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

1,470 - 38,343

L&T Manual Changeover Switch On Load

4,204 - 21,060

Muller 3 Phase 4 Pole Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

5,680 - 78,100

Siemens Sinova 30A 1 Phase Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

1,735 - 1,848

Delar X-treme 1 Phase Automatic Changeover Switch ACCL

703 - 1,356

Why Buy Change Over Switches?

A changeover switch is basically a transfer switch that switches a load between two sources. These transfers can be done manually or automatically. In the case of a manual, the operator affects the transfer by tripping a switch. Whereas, in automatic changeover switches, they are triggered when they sense one of the poles has lost or gained power. A changeover switch is designed in such a way that it transfers a house or industrial electricity from the commercial power supply to a generator or inverter when any mishap occurs.

The changeover switch comes with different phases for different purposes. For domestic purposes usually, one phase and one neutral phase are taken. For factories or industrial purposes, three phases and one neutral is taken. Since houses require voltage around 220 volts, one phase is enough. For industries, since the voltage is higher around 440 voltage, three phases are required. There are many types of changeover switch but it basically comes down to just two types and that is manual or automatic changeover switch. Other than that, there are:

• Open transition switch

• Closed transition transfer switch (CTTS)

• Soft loading transfer switch (SLTS)

• Static transfer switch (STS)

It may bother you why you may need a changeover switch in your house or even in official places. Well, it is because why sit in the dark when you can enjoy the light and watch TV and do whatever you want? If you do not install a changeover switch or a transfer switch you may face troubles during a power cut. But if you have a changeover switch configuration your electricity will be immediately transferred to your generator or inverter.

This changeover switch or transfer switch is only installed if you have secondary power support that is the generator or the inverter. If not, then there is no use of the changeover switch. Since a lot of mishaps are happening due to electricity like short circuits and overload which leads to massive destruction of your place it is highly suggested to install a changeover switch.

A changeover switch does not only supply electricity when the power is cut off but it also provides safety of the house by earthing and special magnetic copper coil that helps to trips off the switch if there is any kind of voltage issue.

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Features and functions of a changeover switch :

• A changeover switch helps to transfer load immediately if there is a power cut-off.

• A changeover switch prevents any mishaps or destruction.

• A changeover switch has earthing which is a safety measure that ensures no electric shock or MCB trip-offs.

• The changeover switch is easy and more convenient to use made up of a steel enclosure along with the lever on its right side.

• The changeover switch consumes less energy by reducing power loss.

• The changeover switches are more reliable. It does heavy-duty work with relevant equipment.


• If your company requires constant electricity to maintain critical services, then an automatic switch is your best choice, especially if your services represent the financial interests or general safety of others and the company. Some common examples of places that implement automatic switches are hospitals, database centers, jails, fire departments, defense organizations, and police departments.

• Besides the necessity of maintaining a constant electrical supply, an automatic changeover switch allows the most efficient way to change the generator. Instead of switching manually after the lights go out, you can let the changeover happen automatically.

• If your generator is easily accessible then it will not be a problem to switch it on but if it is far away, during the power cut off it may be very inconvenient and very dangerous to do it manually.

• Changeover switches come with earthing configurations. It is a very good safety measure as it does not let flow any electrical shock waves through the switch.


Every electrical appliance behaves in the wrong way after a while, it is very normal. But purchasing something of high quality and value ensures that it will be long-lasting. It is really annoying when an electrical appliance needs to be repaired most often. It adds up on the costing and as well as time. No one wants that so it is always recommended to purchase something of high and good quality for your house or office.

Electric supply and support are the main concerns for any place. Be it a house or an office no one would like a bad servicing appliance that can cause problems. It is better to invest well for once rather than paying for repair and maintenance costs all the time. This saves up a lot.


Purchasing the changeover switches can be done in stores and also online. You can choose anything that suits you. Both of them are the same. All the details will be mentioned online with pictures of all the different kinds of models and parts. Online is beneficial because you can have the ease of buying something sitting at home and also you can review the ratings given on the website by other customers.

You will get the same product if you go to the store in person. There will be no difference in the products. If you wish to purchase high-quality products with assurance and guarantee and know more about the MCB changeover switch price then you can check out our website for such products. You can visit their store in person or just visit them online via their website.

For installation, you can find many helpers because it does not require much hassle at all. It is very easy to work with and since almost everyone is now using changeover switches there will be no problem getting hold of a helper to install it or even to repair it. A store that sells them also helps you find an electrician to install or repair your change-over switch for your house or even office.


There are many brands in the market but the top ones for this product are:


• Switchgear

• Electron

• Legrand

• Socomec