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L&T Exora VTPN DB Box for MCCB Double Door Metal IP43

9,178 - 18,639
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L&T Exora VTPN DB Box for MCCB Double Door Metal IP43

9,178 - 18,639

L&T Tripbox Plus VTPN DB Box for DY125U MCCB Double Door

8,044 - 13,220

Legrand Ekinox Metal Box Enclosure for DPX3 160 MCCB 5078 01

2,832 5244 45% off
(3,341.76 incl. GST)

Schneider Acti9 VTPN DB Box for MCCB Double Door Metal IP43

8,462 - 21,134

Siemens Betabusplus Vertical Busbar DB Box for MCCB IP42

6,075 - 11,016

L&T Tripper Enclosure Box for MCCB

1,704 - 3,912

Opt for Our MCCB Box

mccb enclosure box mccb boxes mccb box price

Wouldn’t you like it if your electrical wires and meters had a box and were sealed properly? Well, an mccb box is ideal for this. In fact, if you have kids at home, it is highly recommended that you install an mccb enclosure box to prevent the scope of electrocution and or fire.

An mccb electrical box helps prevent fires and electric shocks that are caused by the melting of insulation due to currents in the wiring. It is an extremely protective casing to your electrical wires and meter boxes. Wouldn’t you want to install something so useful at your property?

Our Range of MCCB Boxes

At Ampkart, we provide you with a wide range of mccb boxes that will suit your budget and requirements. Whether it’s mccb 100 amp or any other mccb electrical box, we provide you with products at affordable rates. Here is a list of items we have in store for you –

  • L&T Switchgear Trip box Plus VTPN DB Box for DY125U MCCB Double Door
  • Schneider Electric Acti9 4 Way VTPN DB Box for 100A
  • Seimens Beatbusplus Vertical Busbar DB Box for MCCB
  • L&T Switchgear Tripper Size II Enclosure Box for DY25OUI MCCB

Advantages of an MCCB Box

There are several benefits to getting an mccb enclosure box if you are thinking about getting one. They include the following:

  • An mccb guard will prevent children from touching it. Our mccb 100 amp 4 pole price is quite popular among buyers as it is affordable and also the product is safe to use around children.
  • In terms of temperature tolerance and flame resistance, the mccb enclosure box is very effective.
  • An mccb electrical system offers exceptional ease of installation.
  • Heat and environmental tension are not a problem with the protection box or enclosure like our mccb 400 amp box. You can check out the mccb 400 amp price on our website.
  • In addition to offering resistance and protection, mccb enclosures also add beauty to your mcb switches.
  • Anmccb box price is not very expensive. Such a low mccb box price range allows anyone to buy it.

Availability of MCCB Box

The mccb box isn’t very difficult to find in the market. Today, every household has an mccb box installed to ensure utmost protection. If you wish to find an affordable mccb price, Ampkart can help you find one. We will inform you about the mccb 400 amp price or the mccb 400 amp 4 pole price if you are willing to know one.

Buy MCCB Box from Ampkart

Ampkart can be your one-stop solution for all affordable mccb products. We are here, providing solutions and protection for your electrical wires and meter boxes at affordable mccb price ranges. Any mccb box, you can contact us for details. We have been delivering satisfaction to our customers for several years. We have experience in sending qualitative products with manufacturer’s warranty. Among a few of our services are –

  • 100% satisfactory products and services
  • Hassle-free delivery
  • Discounts and offers you can avail
  • Punctual delivery
  • Variety of brands and products
  • GST value claim
  • Multiple payment options

What else do you need in a company offering such great services? Whether it’s mccb 100 amp 3 pole price or more, we can guide you through everything with ease. Come to us, and we can help you.