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Legrand Arteor USB Charger 1000mA 1M

1,0411,201 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Telephone socket RJ11 with shutter 1M

160193 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Information socket RJ45 UTP 1M

384673 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor TV Co-Axial socket 1M

167197 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Skirting light with LED 230V 3M

604696 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Socket

233564 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Light dimmer 60 to 400 watts 2M

747863 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Fan Step Regulator 100 Watts

617876 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Bell push 6A 1 Way switch

192306 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Switch

128861 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor 1M Blank Plate

33 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Square Front Cover Plate + Frame White

131802 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Switch – 32 A – DP – 1 way with indicator – 2 module White 5734 12

745 inc. GST
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Legrand Arteor Modular Switches and Sockets


Legrand is a leading producer of many electrical equipments ranging from switches, sockets, lights, cables, panels and the list goes on. All its products are certified and pass various quality tests. Legrand is the global specialist in electrical infrastructure with numerous branches all over the world. This french origin company has acquired many businesses over the years becoming one of the top brands in the industry with its innovative, international quality, and stylish products.



Legrand as an international brand has various ranges of products based on their looks, performance, and innovation.

Ranges including switches and sockets are mentioned below:

  • Myrius – More is on
  • Lyncus – Change is today
  • Mylinc  – A little touch of genius
  • Britzy Switches The no problem 
  • Adorne – the Adorne collection
  • Arteor –  Magic of IoT into your home

Traditional Switches

Traditional switches also known as conventional are the old design switches where the screws and wires can be seen easily. These switches (sockets) are less safe as compared to modern switches which are made of high-quality material, are easy to install, operate, and are long-lasting. Traditional switches were also ignored when it came to interior looks since they were meant to just serve the purpose of the supply of electricity.

Modular Switches

Modular Switches also known as the modern switches are an up-gradation of traditional switches. These do not have visible screws or wires and are easy to install, better quality, give better performance, and are safer than classic switches. These switches are also built to suit your requirements of interior designs and style.

Arteor is a part if project ELIOT (Electricity and Internet of Things) by Legrand. It is developed to dedicate sustainable, connected solutions that are easy to maintain and use, that enhance the importance of communication, is accessible to everybody and customizable to user’s needs, desires, habits, and building a technically intelligent environment.

Radio Arteor

The pace of life today is very fast. Technology has and is advancing rapidly and is at the forefront. Every aspect of life imbibes technology. This increased digitization is also entering our homes and offices making things easy and automated.

Radio Solution

Legrand has launched radio-based solutions for more connected homes. The products communicate via radio ZigBee 3.0 (2.4GHz waveband). This implies that we don’t require any unnecessary extensive cables. This will transform our living spaces, workspace and lives in general.

Features & Benefits

Simple and adaptable

Radio based Arteor is simple, open, and adaptable. This means that they’re engineered and designed in such a manner that makes your living or working space unique and convenient. It also makes the job of those planners who wish to integrate various useful functions. No need for numerous cables.

Easy to install

It also is easy to install and doesn’t require complicated technical knowledge to do so.

Easy to Use

Easy to use, this allows the user to enjoy its functions without much hassle and can make changes easily.

App Control

Easy access and control via smartphone. All the Arteor products can be easily controlled via your smartphone making your life more easy and simple. All the Arteor installations like fans, lights, blinds, or controlling other mechanisms are made easy via this application that can be run on your phone or tablet.

Voice Control

Just like the app control, these Arteor appliances can be controlled through your voice, bringing the futuristic technology home.

Adaptive to Change

With our ever-changing lifestyle and needs, Arteor makes changes easier. One can easily change the position or place or these wireless switches based on the need. For example, if your child is still growing then these switches or devices can be placed at a height they can reach.

Gateway Kit

The Gateway Kit consists of the gateway and master switch.

The gateway connects the system to the home wifi network. This gadget is necessary for the Home + Control app and easy control of various home applications via smartphone or tablet.

A wireless master switch is used to create ZigBee 3.0 (2.4GHz waveband) through which all components within the system communicate and operate. There is no need of complicated cables. The HOME/AWAY feature of the wireless master switch allows you to preset the scenarios.


Presets – Preprogrammed scenarios can be set like Wakeup/Sleep or Home/Away mode.

Blinds/Curtains – Convenient local/remote control of blinds or curtains.

Smart Consumption – Measure instant consumption, daily or monthly consumption, and smart alerts and notifications.

Lights – Convenient control or lights via wired or wireless switches.


Along with highly advanced appliances, Arteor also has a wide range of modular switches inspired by the traditional switches in terms of looks.

Arteor meets customization requirements by offering more ways to combine colors. But as we know technology is shaping our lives extensively so Arteor tries to blend in with the individual environment discretely.

Design Philosophy:

 Clean lines, pared-down looks.

The switches are available in various colors and materials.

Pearl Au
Neutral White
Dark Bronze
Metal Finish   Baraque Finish Decadence
Stainless steel Silver Baraque Cube
Gold Brass Dark Baraque Grey Oak



USB Charger

Modular charging sockets with USB charging port comply with IEC 60950-1 and IS 13252 (part1)

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Can charge any phone