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Halogen lamps use a tungsten filament enveloped by a mixture of halogen and an inert gas. Halogens include elements like chlorine, iodine, fluorine etc.


When the lamp is turned on, current flows through the filament increasing the temperature and the tungsten filament begins to glow. The tungsten atoms of the filament evaporate off the filament and chemically reacts with the halogen gas molecules thus producing the light. When the lamp is turned off, the current flow stops and the halogen cools down and the tungsten atoms are deposited on the filament. This entire process is called the Halogen Cycle.

Halogen lamps have various applications. They are used for outdoor lighting, stage lighting, auto-mobiles as well as flood lights. They are also used in projection lamps and mini slide projectors.

Halogen lamps have a lot of advantages.

They are cheap, have a longer time span than traditional light systems, offer a better colour temperature range. They don’t contain any mercury thus making them non hazardous and safe for use. They are also lightweight and small in size. Halogen lamps are also called quartz halogen lamp.

Halogen lamps are available in various shapes and sizes, the most common type being the double ended halogen lamps. These types are of a larger power and are used for lightings in film production sets, yards and other sorts of outdoor lighting. The other type is the single ended halogen lamp.

Halogen lamps are considered to be the advanced version of incandescent lamps and one of the reasons why they are preferred over incandescent lamps is because they light up instantly unlike incandescent lamps which take a few seconds to light up.

Halogen lamps find use not only in outdoor lighting but also in indoor lighting that is for home and commercial lighting purposes.


The reason why halogen lamps are preferred is because of its low energy consumption and affordable prices which makes it suitable for commercial uses. Halogen lamps are also used in different art galleries for showcasing paintings and add a classy vibe to them. Halogen lamps were first invented by Elmer Fridrich and Wiley at General Electric in Ohio in 1955.

Halogen lamps operate at a higher temperature thus giving their light a bluish feel because of the increase in colour temperature. Halogen lamps also offer a better power efficiency since they consume very less power.

In halogen lamps, the bulbs are usually made of quartz because quartz is very strong and has a high melting point, thus reducing the evaporation of the filament and increasing the life span of the lamp. Halogen lamps are also being used in reflectors and are considered a better alternative compared to incandescent lamps.

Halogen lamps offer much more brightness compared to its other alternatives thus making it even more popular. The small size makes Halogen Lamp compatible for all kinds of uses. The halogen present in them prevents the thinning of the filament and increases its average life span.


1. Longevity – Halogen lights lasts longer since they directly are connected to the electricity source and they are advanced incandescent light bulb. If the temperature is high enough this vapour is redeposited on the filament, recycling the tungsten and extending the bulb lifetime.

2. Brightness – Halogen lights are brighter and produce more light per unit electricity when it burns for a long time, which is not present in prevailing incandescent light bulbs.

3. Production & Utility – Halogen bulbs are easy to produce, small, light weight and easy to carry.

4. Service – A typical incandescent light may last up to 1000 hours, while a halogen light can last over 2500 hours. Halogens provide longer service.

5. No warmup – Some of the incandescent lights and bulbs need warming up this is not in the case of Halogen bulbs


1. Halogen lights have both commercial and residential uses. They are used as headlights in automobiles. Halogen floodlights for outdoor lighting system as well as for watercraft are also manufactured for commercial and recreational use.

2. Tungsten-halogen lamps are frequently used as a near-infrared light source in Infrared spectroscopy.

3. Halogen lamps are sometimes used for inspection lights and microscope stage illuminators. Halogen lamps were used for early flat-screen LCD backlighting, but other types of lamps are now used.

4. Halogen lamps are the heating-elements in halogen ovens and ceramic cooktops. Low wattage halogen lamp arrays are widely used by monitor lizard keepers.


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