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Halogen Light Fittings (2)

RLF 500W Industrial Flood Light Halogen Fitting without Lamp R153

825 inc. GST
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RLF 1000W Industrial Flood Light Halogen Fitting without Lamp R152

1,200 inc. GST
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A halogen lamp, also known as quartz halogen or tungsten halogen lamp, is an incandescent lamp globe made of a tungsten filament fitted into a transparent envelope filled with a mixture of inert gases like iodine and bromine with a slight amount of halogen.


A chemical reaction between halogen and the tungsten filament takes place which causes the evaporated tungsten to resettle on the filament. This sets a halogen cycle in the closed quartz envelope.

The continuous heating of the filament blackens it and saves the quartz glass from dulling and heating. This leads to longer life of the lamp.

The process may seem mechanically similar to the conventional lamps but their smaller sizes offers more usage opportunities.


Halogen-tungsten lamps can be used for both industrial and recreational purposes. Their compact size makes them compatible for uses as smaller as in infrared streptoscopy and as larger as in a desktop lamp.

Some of its uses includes:

1. HEATING: They are used as heating elements in ceramic cooktops and halogen ovens. A combination of two to three halogen lamps can produce enough heat energy to illuminate a closed space and recognized by animals. These heat waves and the light energy produces by the combination is used in monitoring lizards by lizard keepers.

2. GENERAL LIGHTING: Incandescent lamps are used for indoor as well as outdoor lighting. Tubular halogen lamps or flood lamps are used for recreational purposes such as architectural lighting effects, as they are apt to produce to large amount of light from a seemingly smaller source.

3. STAGE LIGHTING: Because of their quality to produce much larger quantity of large from a small source, halogen tungsten lamps are used in theatricals, film and televisions studios as reflector spotlights.

4. PROJECTION: Motion pictures and slide projectors make use of these projection lamps. Their compact size make them portable and hence can be used to make special projections at schools or small offices.


Compact, as they are, halogen lamps are designed in various shapes and sizes keeping in mind the equalizing and cooling processes of the heat generated during their operations due to their sizes. Halogen lamps have been classified on the basis of their shapes and are designated with particular letters forming a code for each classification.

1. ‘T’ classification: ‘T’ stands for Tubular. This ‘T’ is followed by a number which indicates the diameter of the tube measuirng in eighths of an inch. For example, if it reads T4, this means that the particular halogen bulb is a tubular one with a diameter of 4/8th of an inch.

2. ‘MR’ classification: ‘MR’ stands for Multifaceted Reflector, and the designation is followed by a number the diameter of the overall bulb in the same measuring terms as in ‘T’ classification.

3. ‘G’ classification: The ‘G’ here means that the lamp is in bi-pin shape followed by a number indicating the distance between the two pins in milimeters. Sometimes the ‘G’ is accompanied with a ‘Y’. ‘GY’ code means that the thickness of the pins is more than the regular ‘G’ ones.

4. ‘C’ classification: ‘C’ stands for cylindrical. The ‘C’ is followed by a number that indicates the number of coils in the filament. Unlike other classifications, the lenght of any two-ended cylindrical coil is indicated separarely from its code in the measuring terms of eigths of an inch.


They can be disposed off easily without concerning any hazardous consequence as they do not contain mercury and are clearly categorised as non-hazardous in General Electrics.


Halogen fittings are simply the conventional light fitting brackets or casings to hold lights at a height.



They are apt for spotlight bulbs or halogen bulbs.
• Unlike the metal brackets, these are made of aluminium and zinc alloy rendering them durability and easy handling.
• These are light-weight and can be easily mounted at heights.
• They are relatively more economic than LED or metal fittings.
• When mounted at a calculated height and justified to the orifice- reflector proportion, these fittings can hold very high intensity lightings perfectly to illuminate large spaces such as go downs, docks, marts, fields, etc.




Various kinds of lamp fitting solutions are available in the market. Broadly, they are distinguished on the basis of their shapes as ‘caps’ and ‘base’. You must let a qualified electrician select the perfect kind of fitting that will serve all the lighting needs of the area.


Some of the most popular lamp fittings are:

Extensively used in Britain, Bayonet caps are the ‘push and twist’ kind, although there are variations to it. Then there are three pin Bayonet caps with different diametrical measurements, like 22mm, 15mm and 9mm. They can be used for both domestic and industrial purposes. They are apt to hold high intensity mercury lamps, the ones in automobile and machine applications.

The Edison Screw cap type is made to withstand the heat of the lamp and the high wattage. They are used across the scale; from light decorative purposes to industrial applications. They are used as indicator buttons and in candle shaped lamps.

Generally, the fluorescent tube kind is either double pin or monopin. They are used for both domestic and industrial purposes. Different diametric measurements of it are 16mm, 26mm and 38mm.

These are used in halogen adaptors which includes: an adaptive base, a replaceable cap and a decorative cover. These are mostly used for domestic purposes in low voltage applications. The 9mm linear halogen capsule is used in 240 V mains supply. The R7 kind is used in up-lighters and floodlights.


Some of the brands that deal in Halogen lamps are:

• Bosch

• Generic Electrics